Sunday, 17 May 2009

Drink! Feck, it´s dear in Ireland

But we all know that, don´t we. Something to do with our "low tax economy". "Arse!!!", as Father Jack might have said.

This morning in Supervalu Gran Alacante, I spotted a bottle of wine - a good one at that - priced at EUR 1.35. Good, that is, by the Gombeen Man (and Les Battersby) criteria of wine appreciation - the alcohol content - which stood at 13%. Excellent value, I say!

Not that this holiday is descending into a drunken blur, you understand, but it hasn´t escaped my attention that a bottle of vodka can be acquired for the spirit-uplifting price of only EUR 4.09. I must say, I found it hard to resist such a bargain, of course. Then you can get a half-litre can of San Miquel for a competitive 56 Cent.

Funny. I seem to recall that a debate surfaces now and again in Ireland involving Those Who Know What´s Best For Us which goes along the lines that the reason we have so many drink-related social problems is because alcohol is too cheap and readily available. I also seem to remember the vintners, somewhat hypocritically, taking a strong stand against retail outlets selling at prices (and times) that were more competitive than them. They dispense alcohol responsibly, you see.

Given that alcohol is a fraction of the price here that it is at home, isn´t it strange then, that the streets of Spain are not resonating with the cries of drunken ribaldry and awash with streams of alcohol-derived vomit - as is any Irish town during a weekend.

Must be that wonderful culture of ours. But at least it´s one of the less embarrassing aspects.

Now where´s that voddy?

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Anonymous said...

of course GM everything in in ir is expensive but hey its worth it, its a tradition and its oirish thats a good enuf reason, did you encounter any fellow goms on the run from those nasty process servers back home,meantime go easy on the plonk and be alert for the eminent boom in the auld sod enjoy and cheerio

The Gombeen Man said...

No, I haven´t seen any to date. No sign of dodgy Irish solicitors by the name of Lynn either!

Must say, it´s great to have a break.