Friday, 8 May 2009

Goodbye from Gombeen Man

So, it’s goodbye from Gombeen Man. Running the blog is a pretty time consuming process, and constantly giving out about things can be very wearying. Plus, no matter how much you give out about stuff – it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

So that’s it - for three weeks anyway. I’m off for a little spin through France and down to Spain to recharge the batteries, which are nearly flat from giving out about this year’s nonsense - so far - in Gombeen Nation.

Being a bit of a Luddite at heart, I don’t have one of those new-fangled desktop Internet things, so will be restricted to the local internet café (assuming there is one) maybe once or twice a week.

So, here’s hoping there won’t be anything to complain about for the next three weeks... otherwise it won’t really be a holiday. And believe me, I need one.

Maybe I’ll treat myself to a couple of indulgent “reality style” blogs from my place in the sun? Something about the local architecture or the parched beauty of the landscape, perhaps? Or the charming bouquet of the local wine as I sit necking bottles of it on the terrace? Or maybe I’ll just stick to the beer and vodka cocktails. Anyway, bear with me if things seem uncharacteristically upbeat for the next few weeks.

But while I’m logging on I will check out the news from Ireland, and watch its new economic miracle unfold before the eyes of a jealous world - inspired by David Blochs “can do” e-mails. “Now why didn't we think of that?” all the other countries will be saying to themselves.

You see? Ireland really is the sort of place that you have to get out of now and again.

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Harald75 said...

Enjoy your holiday and recharge your batteries - there will be loads of stuff to write about when you're back I'm sure :-)

Anonymous said...

Jesus GM You frightened the Ponyboy family right and proper there with your talk about hieing yourself hence from the sacred soap box but we all heaved a great big bollocking sigh of relief to hear you're only off to Gaul to recharge your batteries. Now i'm also known in the French speaking parts of Tasmania as Garcon-le-poney and for un bon raison. Do give updates as to your intineraire and don't worry at all about the gobshites in power back at base camp - their purulent flesh will yield all the more easily when you return with sharper claws and keener fangs. have a brill holiday - woo hoo

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holiday, we will miss you but we will wait till you're back.
All the best

Lew said...

Enjoy your holiday
I'm actually going back to Ireland for a weekend in 2 weeks time, first time in 8 years should be fun!

Anonymous said...

hi there GM hope you are enjoying sunny spain of course you know many ex millionares F-FERS etc on the run hang out in spain ,i hope you are not planning to join this elite group of exiles,anyway ihave news that first signs of a boom have appeared in iceland mr block was right but had the wrong adress so go easy on the sangria there is hope

Anonymous said...

Oh come on GM - Haven't you had enough vacance yet. Get back to work for god's sake. Did I mention that I was at school with both Gilmore and the McEvaddies.

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for all your comments!! I´ve just gotten round to finding an internet cafe, such have been the distractions.

Anonymous said...

Stay in France as far as I'm concerned yah fusk head.

The Gombeen Man said...

Oooohh! You´re going to hurt my feelings if you keep speaking like that!