Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Gran Alacant Advertiser. What a joke!

Well, the sun continues to beat down here, and I must say it´s a refreshing change. But some people never do change, it seems.

Yes, despite all the improvements in Anglo-Irish relations over the years as the bigots on both sides have become more marginalised, it seems that some people are still caught in a time warp.

Witness The Gran Alacant Advertiser, a local pamphlet of the famously insular "ex-pat" community in this part of Spain. Read into that what you will, but let´s just say it´s fair to assume that, in their isolation, they live on a diet of UK Gold (should that be Mould?) and still think that Bernard Manning is the height of comedy vogue.

In its most recent edition, it has a little "joke box". And what´s the joke? None other than two "Oirishmen" who get a blonde to measure a pole (don´t ask). She suggests they take it down, and she measures it as it lies horizontal on the ground. Paddy and Mick (and what else would they be called, of course) complain that she has established the length of the pole, and not the height.

Really funny, eh? Not. It´s hard to imagine the kind of mind that would actually find it so; but it might be supposed that its hilarity would be proportionate to the IQ deficit of anyone laughing.

Oh... on another page of the same rag is the legend: "We are excessable on the internet".

Now that is stupid.

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Anonymous said...

hey thereGM REPORTINGto you from marbella aka gombeen gulch here for a spot of rr and on the look out for gombeen royalty hoping to spot King ALBERT king of all goms, alas i havent even seen anybody in a canary yellow suit ,however i spied a most facinating group sunbathing by a watering hole called guiness, exMCALPINE orwimpey warriors i would guess the dumper or wheel barrow division, as most of them dragged their knucles on the ground asthey walked, would be referred to as culchies by denizens of the capital, many sausage and fried bread savages here from uk shouting and puking allover the place,was going to stop in the auld sod to see how the bankrupt live ,now iam going iceland instead after all the shocking revelations of paedo clerics iam shocked itell youshocked and devastated by this old news cheerio

The Gombeen Man said...

Well at least we have a nice bit of sunshine anyway... I assume it´s pretty similar there as here in Gran Alicant.

Yes, was relaxing quite well until I got the Sindo last weekend and life in Ireland in all its glory was revealed!! And they are talking about a blashemy law!!!

You enjoy your R&R!!!

Anonymous said...

What about the English invent football championship?