Thursday, 12 November 2009

"Deport unemployed foreign nationals" - Limerick Mayor, Kevin Kiely

Mayor of Limerick, Fine Gael’s Kevin Kiely, is NOT a racist. He just wants unemployed foreign nationals deported from our lovely little land, that's all. But he's NOT a racist. Right?

The following is from The Limerick Leader:


THE Mayor of Limerick, Cllr Kevin Kiely, has called for the deportation of EU-nationals who have failed to secure employment since their arrival here.

I'm calling for anybody who is living in the State and who can't afford to pay for themselves to be deported after three months. We are borrowing €400 million per week to maintain our own residents and we can't afford it," the outspoken politician said this Wednesday. "During the good times it was grand but we can't afford the current situation unless the EU is willing to step in and pay for non-nationals," he said.

The president of the Irish-Polish Cultural and Business Association, Pat O'Sullivan, has called on the Mayor to withdraw his comments. "I am shocked, I am taken aback by those comments and it is shocking and dangerous talk," he said. "EU nationals have a legal right to be here and calling for them to be deported shows an extraordinary lack of understanding of our place in Europe and how the world views us as a people," he added.

Mayor Kiely has denied his comments amount to racism. "I'm not racist but it is very simple, we can't continue to borrow €400 million a week and the Government has to pull a halt and say enough is enough unless the EU intervenes and pays some sort of a subvention," he insisted.

Mind you, there are lots of things “we can’t afford” in Ireland - one of which is the sponging, scrounging political class that Kiely is a part of. The class that has been bleeding us dry since the Irish State’s inception. The class that used emigration as a let-off valve up until the false boom, exporting unemployed Irish people to other countries. The class that would be up in arms if the Daily Mail wanted unemployed Irish nationals deported from Britain, Germany or any other EU state.

We can't afford:

FAS. E-voting machines (the buying, the not using, the storage and eventual disposal of same). Public Service unaccountability. Decentralisation. Public works and land purchases that cost multiples of what they should cost. The Irish Language Industry (grants, subsidies, translating unread documents, the Gaeltacht). John O’Donoghue. Overblown legal fees at the tribunals. NAMA. Bank bail-outs. The Senate. The size and number of local councils. The number of TDs we maintain.

Oh… and the Mayor of Limerick. He's the sort of person we can well afford to do without in this country.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ireland ist the real country of unlimitid potentialities or how can explain it that any vaccum head get a job in the goverment.


Harald75 said...


PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE tell me that this is a fake, a (bad) joke, or something.

Otherwise ...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Mayor 100%, what would we get if we went to Poland, a big fat nothing! While I have no problem with people receiving their entitlements if they have paid into the system, keeping them in Ireland is not sustainable, I am one of those who did emigrate to the USA, when I got here I got a job I was here legally, and was not entitled to any hand outs!! If I did loose my job now I would get unemployment for 12 weeks thats it!!! Ireland needs to live in the present not the Famine era, stop feeling sorry for every joker that comes with a sob story and a hand out , enough is enough, I take my hat of to Mayor Kevin Kiely, good on you....

Anonymous said...

Kevin Kiely i applaud you ! its about time someone started talking a bit of sense.
All these do gooders that want him to resign should be shipped out of here as well, this country is on its knee's we need to look after Irish people who are losing their jobs on a daily basis and stop the sinful amount of money being paid out to individuals not interested in working and only interested in milking the system,this applies to long term unemployed irish as well as EU Nationals

The Gombeen Man said...

@ First Anon. I agree with you entirely. Just to clarify though, the sentiments in the "Leader" piece are Kiely's not mine (just in case you picked it up wrong).

@ Second Anon. Some truth there alright.

@ Harald. It's bad Harald, but unfortunately it's not a joke. This guy really said this, and unlike in say, Britain, he is not part of an acknowledged far-right party such as the BNP, but what passes for the Irish mainstream.

@ Last two Anons (and it would be nice if people gave a name, even a made-up one like mine, so we can distinguish one from the other). The problem here is not simply that of people milking the system, it is the fact that this Gombeen is focusing only on "foreign nationals".

He is saying nothing about our underclass of permanent "unemployed" who never lifted a finger to work when we had near full employment even.

Remember too, that Irish people can and DO claim benefit in other EU countries, as is also their right(the US is another thing altogher). I did it myself years ago, when looking for work in London. When I lived there I would not have taken kindly to a British mayor asking for unemployed Irish to be "deported".

But you know what? Many of this generation of Irish might well now have to emigrate for work again. And it might not be a bad thing, in the end.

Anonymous said...

GDAY gm KIELY is a classic iam allright JACKASS politico like too many in irl which explains its wretched history of poverty and emigration ,it looks as though there are no hair dressers left in limerick his hair looks like a piece of rug the dog used for5yrs,what self respecting immigrant wants to live in a cesspoole like limerick certainly not anybody who viewed angelas ashes

The Gombeen Man said...

True Mr BH. Thing is, if he went to a fancy hairdresser in Limerick it would be a waste of time... his fancy bouffant would be ruined as soon as he stepped out of the shop into the incessant rain! I'd say that's another reason Frank got out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Kevin Kiely feels vidicated by Gordon Brown's speech not long after his.

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes... looks like when the politicans make a mess of running their countries, it's find a scapegoat time straight away. But what else can we expect from a slimy opportunist like Brown? Send him back to Scotland, I say!!

sisyphus said...

I'm sure Mr Kiely would be delighted if all the unemployed foreign nationals were deported from Limerick - and were then replaced by an exchange shipment of every one of the Irish nationals who have emigrated in the last three months alone.

The hands that made America said...

The average wage in Slovakia is €704 per month whilst in Ireland a couple who were both unemployed with two children will receive benefits under the Irish social welfare System of €40,000. Why wouldn't they want to come here and do nothing except watch deal or no deal every afternoon on their 42" plasma.

The problem is having a social welfare system that allows you to draw down forever without ever once having put in. This needs to be stopped or the country will crumble with all of us having to become foreigners in anther country by becoming that which we are trying to stop. But, at least we are prepared to work for a living when we travel.

The Gombeen Man said...

My understanding is that people who came to Ireland from other EU states did so to work, which is why the numbers are tapering off now.

To the best of my knowledge the ones sitting on their lardy arses watching daytime TV are invariably our own Irish natives, and they've been doing it for years - generations, even.

Anonymous said...

100 percent behind him... well done!!! speaking the truth :)

The Gombeen Man said...

He's speaking shite, more like - as are you.

John said...

Yeah Gombeen Man-the numbers are tapering off. What planet are you living on? The numbers have never been higher and all foreigners should be cut off from milking our country of every penny it has.

A loophole in Irish welfare rules means that foreign nationals who worked in other EU accession states can move their welfare credits to Ireland. Many migrants from the EU accession states earn more on welfare in Ireland than they do working in their own home countries, and have opted to exploit this loophole. According to official statistics, more than half the foreign nationals on Irish welfare have not paid the required PRSI contribution in Ireland.

Instead of cutting dole payments for people who have paid PRSI, the Irish government should stop all welfare payments to foreign nationals who have not paid the required PRSI contribution in Ireland. In 2004, Bertie Ahern was the only leader in Western Europe to allow immigrants from the new accession states to come to Ireland without any restrictions. If the Irish government had the courage to update our welfare rules in line with those of France, Germany and Spain, Ireland would save €5 billion a year in payments to welfare migrants.

The Gombeen Man said...

Ireland is offcially back to "net migration", John - meaning more people are leaving the country than are arriving here. See the following from last August's Irish Times, based on CSO figures. FEWER FOREIGN NATIONALS SIGN ON

As far as I am aware, the "loophole" you refer to is EU-wide... that is, an Irish person can transfer jobseeker entitlement to Britain or wherever else. I don't think it is specific to here.

On your last point: it wasn't just Ireland that opened its borders to the assession states. The UK and Sweden did so too. Spain, Germany, France et al open them up in 2011.

Ella said...

Hi John, Hi GM, there is no "loophole". I am an Irish citizen and when I migrated to London more than 20 years ago I transferred my unemployment benefit from Dublin to London. I had to give 4 weeks notice to do this. It's standard practice between European Member States. I wasn't alone in doing this, thousands of Irish citizens did the exact same thing. I found a job there within a few weeks. Then, on another note when I cam back here to visit my family at Christmas, Charlie Haughy had the cheek to call me a tourist. I was an economic migrant who went to London in search of work as I was unable to find a job in my home country.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Kiely had the balls to speak his mind.
That's why we elect politicans,supposedly to
speak up for us.I'm sure if we asked every irish person in limerick what they thought,they
would probaly agree with the mayor.The problem
with the irish is we never complain and look where we are today!

The Gombeen Man said...

We're where we are today because Irish people keep voting the same corrupt sleazeball politicians in, election after election. Blame them, not the "foreigners".

Bernard said...

- Ireland might be forced, under such circumstances, as well to take back all Irish natinoals living unemployed outside of Irland
- Ireland received a load of subsidies and benefits from the European Community
- If Kiely and his supporters don't want Europeans in Ireland, they may feel free to make Ireland leaving the European Community - but then they should have to pay back as well all benefits received from this community.

18 December 2009 07:05

The Gombeen Man said...

I completely agree, Bernard. There is far too much support for this moron, from morons.

I think we should deport Mayor Rughead Kiely and those of the spoilt brat generation in Ireland who agree with him (I think it is within this generation in Ireland that most racist attitudes are to be found).

But hang on, they are all going to have to emigrate soon anyway! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What will be with the all Irish propertys in abroad?
You will be deported also, home?
This man is silly.

The Gombeen Man said...

I would call him a lot worse than that, Anon!

Anonymous said...

no need to deport anyone.just cut off benefits the non nationals and asylum seekers are not entitled strictly applying the rules regarding entitlement..and also a strict i.d. process..not the unreliable one thats in place at present.

fair play and honesty