Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Ireland Today poll - attitudes towards immigrants not very welcome

"Ireland of the welcomes"

Well, maybe when the prolifigate natives thought they were rich, on the basis of borrowing heavily against their overvalued houses, and were splurging money left-right-and-centre in restaurants and hotels serviced by underpaid workers from other EU states, non-Irish nationals were welcome. Not any more, it seems.

Yesterday’s Irish Times "Ireland Today" poll of 1004 Irish adults found that 72% wanted a reduction in “non-Irish immigrants” living here, with 42% saying they would like “some” to actually leave the State.

Attitudes were starkest in the 18-24 age group, 81% of whom wanted to see immigrant numbers fall (compared with 69% in the 25-44 age group).

Hilariously, 40% of those in the same 18-24 age group say they are “likely to emigrate” within the next five years – seemingly without any trace of irony.

Great. Bye-bye to the Celtic Brats at last - don't let us stop you.


Bernd said...

Great minds thinking likewise indeed ... ;}

Anonymous said...

So your saying that we shouldn't want some people to leave, unless they say they want people to leave, in which case those people who say they want people to leave should leave.

Doesn't that mean you should leave?

Doh! Now that means I should leave also.

The Gombeen Man said...

Jasus... my head's spinning here.

Anonymous said...

hiGM this has the potential to become a horrific horror of horrors story ,sooooh many squashed egos with no cash since the house of cards blew over and fell into the kindergarten,iam now calling on the germans to send money quick in large amounts,or we may see a charismatic leader like KIELY OF limrick don a snappy pair of lederhosen und ein mustach OMG he already has the funny hair we are doomed ,i can see it all now huge rallys in newryburg REV IAN hosting, a bit of dutyfree shopping on the side ledrhosen 50% off at marksnd sparks,could be ugly CELTIC BRATS headed for oz with 3rd level degrees and fancifull notions about who they are a 10hr shift picking fruit and eating shit flies in 45 degrees should put things in perpective for these deluded kindergarten graduates

The Gombeen Man said...

Brilliant, Mr BH. It's a glimpse of the future!

Anonymous said...

IRELAND should re branded asthe land of a thousand apologies and excuses, the evil and corruption is so stagerring they makes the taliban look reasonable

The Gombeen Man said...

Couldn't agree more. What we lack is a population who can think for themselves.

I think.