Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Joe Coleman reveals Immaculate Mary's messages.

This place is getting worse, if that’s possible. According to the Irish Independent, 15,000 half-wits turned up at Knock last weekend in great expectation of a guest appearance by the Virgin Mary. And they weren't disappointed, even if she again disguised herself as the sun breaking through the clouds (See Blessed Virgin / "Our" Lady appears at Knock ).

Better than that though, is clairvoyant Joe Coleman’s claim that Herself turned up in his house in Ballyfermot and left a couple of “secret” messages which he decided to reveal anyway. Take it away Mary:

“I love all my children unconditionally with my immaculuate heart especially all my priests who are not listening to my call. I ask all my children to pray for my priests. Pray. Pray. Pray”.

That’s the first message, and it's a corker alright. Here’s the other bombshell:

“I am the immaculate heart, Mother of all my children, Mother of all God’s children. I am the Immaculate Conception. I am Queen of the heavens. I am Queen of the Earth.”

Sensational stuff, I'm sure you will agree. And it is perfectly clear that only the Virgin Mary could come out with something as illuminating as this. Only she would be privy to such knowledge. Yet there are cynics out there who maintain that Joe Coleman is just plain mad! The fools, the fools!

Despite being a conduit for the Immaculate One, Joe still manages to retain an admirable humility and modesty. Yesterday, he told Joe Duffy’s Liveline that things could have turned nasty down at Knock Shrine, as devotees attempted to touch his visionary hem:

“It was very, very dangerous. People were pulling out of me, tipping off me, throwing their children at me; all they wanted to do was touch me so I would heal them. And I tell them: ‘I don’t heal people, I heal through the Blessed Virgin’. Knock knew this was going to happen and not one priest showed up. They think I’m a crank from Ballyfermot that doesn’t know anything. Well maybe I am a crank to them, but if Our Lady asked me to jump off a mountain tomorrow, I tell you, I’d jump off it”.

Don't do it Joe!!! At least not before you ask Yer Wan for next week’s Lotto numbers the next time she appears in your living room.

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bigphathar said...

I'm not sure exactly why, but this story, along with the story of the stump in Rathkeale is not as disturbing for me as it should be.

Am I just beginning to expect less and less from (some) of the people of Ireland?

They did vote in FF time and again over the last few decades, irrational fantasies are surely not beyond them!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Cracking post lad.

Cheers for the smiles. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joe Coleman makes himself to be equal to Jesus Christ with this statement

"I am the Truth"

Jesus also made this claim....dont be fooled by a false prophet.

David Hayes