Saturday, 20 February 2010

Irish Blog Awards 2010 - Gombeen Nation gets a mention!

Today I heard that Gombeen Nation is on the Irish Blog Awards nomination list for Best Irish Political Blog, 2010. OK, there are another 35 nominees in the mix, but it was nice to be put forward all the same (and it wasn't me - so "thanks" to whoever did!).

To be honest, I’ve no idea how these things work with regard to nominees or winners*, but if any Irish political blog has been at the forefront in bringing the genre to the public (and John O’Donoghue’s) consciousness, it is Gavin’s Blog.  So hats off to the tireless Gavin and his hands-on role in cleaning up Irish politics.

It is a pity that there is no category for “foreign” language blogs such as IrlandInside, which also covers the political, personal, and humour categories – and whose author possibly sees Ireland from a more objective standpoint than many an indigenous blogger. NewsausIrland and IrlandErleben are two other German language blogs I am aware of, and I am sure there are lots more from other non-Irish citizens living in Ireland.

As far as Gombeen Nation goes, it has been great to witness the growth in popularity and support for the blog over the past while. It shows that there is at least some appetite out there to challenge the culture of gombeenism, cute-hoorism, corruption and clientism that is such a major part of Irish life.

*IBA judges 2010, please contact  Gombeen Man at the email address, left, for details of your free (no-obligation) gift.

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Anna said...

Hallo Gombeen man, nice to hear that, keep on blogging in the free world. The voice of indignant Ireland is being heard.
I remember the ’70s when the great ‘Hall’s Pictorial Weekly’’ TV comedy brought down a dodgy coalition, who were up to all kinds, like phone - tapping. They were so ridiculous that Frank Hall hardly needed to write the scripts. It seems 1 disgruntled loser actually said’ I blame HPW for this‘’.
To celebrate being nominated, could I suggest this;
Add viewing figures/ web ‘hit numbers’ to the side of the blog.
I would like to know much us Indignant Irish are being heard.
Also Launch an Award, as certain media do, when they gain some gravitas: E.G. , BT /Irish Times Young Scientists, Meteor Music Awards/ Razzies, Darwin awards etc.. To select suitable candidates start a never ending year long item, at the side of the main blog, entitled ‘How the Government / Public Bodies Wastes your money‘’. So people can add an endless list of shameless blaggers/ completely incompetent wasters.
And then maybe at the end of every year present an Actual Award for Golden Gombeen Blagger/ Waster of the year, maybe a fake plastic medallion 8 inches across rapper style?
Have this jewel posted to the lucky winner- and also a slew of Press releases, to all Irish Media naming the winner, and runners up. With suitable photo shop pics of how they will look, once adorned.
Some suggestions: This was in the press 2 weeks ago.
The National Consumer Agency paid @ 250,000, over 2 yrs, in fees to a PR agency run by ex Fianna Fail personnel. Amazing the NCA can’t do their own PR. Oh the PR agency was suggested by NCA Board member, Celia Larkin.
Here’s one that hasn’t made it into print: Around Spring 2009 ( when we already knew we were broke) Dept of Foreign Affairs attended a top notch UN International Refugees conference in Northern Italy.
The Egyptian delegate referred to the Irish as ‘The Irish battalion’- FOUR of them, EVERY other country sent ONE. And this at a time when refugees would back pedal wildly if they thought they’d glimpsed Ireland on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Australia has just had their first Saint announced by the Pope yesterday. I'll get down on my knees and (if I can remember the Omini Pomini of it all) will say a prayer to her to intercede on your behalf. Seriously though GM - you're a star and I really love the blog site. You deserve the award, hope you get it old chum - PonyBoy

Anonymous said...

congrats GM and more luck to you as they say in the west,as i write iam caught in the horns of a terrible dilema its wimmin you see , as you know i am a hardcore kerry batchelor except for the few times that iwas married,and now i have fallen for two wimmin that i saw on tv,masters of universe barracuda types,first it was MARY PALINon saturday night live it was magic but i could manage it, then it was tanasta SARAGH COUGHLAN i saw on the BBC hardtalk well it was dejavue allover again it was electric with sparks and all,its all too much iam confused bewildered an dont know what to do next i wonder if ELLA might have advise on matters of the auld ticker she seems to be heavy with wisdom,dont laugh GM it could happen to anyone ,as st pats day nears iam sooooh looking forward to seeing BIFFO and his two MARYS at the white house i just hope the BOND MARKETS dont get snitty and cut off credit to IRL before then you know what they are like assholes CHEERS

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to round on one of your Apostles GM but listen up Kerry Batchelor with regards to your endless quest for "Wimmin" THIS PARTICULAR blog is about GM and while I'm sure the whole world sympatises with your sad lack of success in the "In Out In Out" dept with respect to the Wimmin of the world, don't you think it's about time you grew up and realised that you're the problem. If you want to know what I really think (this is my area as a psychologist) post me your email add and I'LL be more than happy to give you a free consultation

Ella said...

Hi GM, Congrats on being on the nomination list for the blog awards. You deserve it. I have to fess up here and say I didn't put you forward, not being well up on these matters, however, next time round, promise. I hope you do well, it's a great little blog you have there, with plenty of regular commentators, like Mr BH, Ponyboy, Anna, Bernd, Harald etc. Keep up the good work.

LOL here Mr BH, (that was you at 03h51?) I'd know your inimitable style anywhere! Your wimmin trouble is routed in getting the names wrong, Saragh with Mary, us wimmin, we don't like to be addressed by the name of a love rival, whilst lying back thinking of Ireland!

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Anna. Thanks! Thanks too for the ideas - they are very good. I can see you're able to turn you hand to PR, no problem. I really like the awards one... I'll have to look into the techie side on the other stuff.

@ Cheers Ponyboy. To be honest, I don't think we've the slightest hope of winning. Think the blog gives out about too many things dear to many Irish bloggers' hearts... they're a pretty converative bunch, for bloggers.

For me it's just nice to know that a very select cadre of you like the blog. At least I know I'm not alone!

Don't worry about Mr Beverly Hills, by the way, he's a good bloke and long-time fan of the blog and often consults me on these matters. Once he had a bit of trouble with that Paris Hilton, for instance. I'm always happy to advise him as best I can!

@ Mr BH. Thanks. On the other matter, I don't know how to advise you on this one, I'm afraid. It's a toughie. Both Mary and Saraargh seem equally incompetent to me, and equally scary in their own different ways. Be careful though - affairs of the heart can be very difficult... and all those sparks and fireworks can play havoc with the stoutest of tickers!

@ Ella. Aw shucks! Thanks. The best thing for me is people like yourself and the others letting me know the blogging isn't in vain. But as I said to Ponyboy, there isn't the slightest hope of winning, or even getting short-listed. But I'm happy to be proven wrong!

Anonymous said...

Sorry BH - had no idea ir was yourself or I'd never have had a go. Cheers and no offence = Ponyboy.

Anonymous said...

HALLO AGAIN G.M glory be to god but iam coming around nicely thanks to yourself and ELLA who spotted my problem of getting names of important wimminn wrong not too terrrible is it,as for this irate snarky physcologist dude on here offering free help that will be a big thanks but no thanks he appears naive about kerry batchelors and their underlying fortitude, it takes more than mumbo jumbo phyco-babble to seperate a kerry chap from his fantasys my paris priest takes care of that dept for a couple PADDYS, anyway GM iam thinking of taking a job for a while to get away from these wiminn on tv and clear out the back corners of my mind CHEERIO

Anonymous said...

Congrats GM. Well deserved!


The Gombeen Man said...

@ Mr BH. Glad to hear you are over that little infatuation. Fortitude or not, you're probably best giving the old gogglebox a miss for a bit. PB's offer was only due to mistaken identity - possibly on account of some of the less welcome (and entertaining) anons we get in here.

You'll have to start signing your posts for us, Mr BH, so there's no confusion.

@ Dakota. Thanks!

Mór Rígan said...

Congrats GM. Also I nicked your graphic for my post of the same topic!

The Gombeen Man said...

You're welcome, Mor. All the best yourself.

The Gombeen Man said...

BTW Mr BH - Speaking of work automatically makes me think of holidays. Marbella again this year?