Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tramore rubbish collection for early risers only

You’d want to get up very early in the morning to have your bins collected in Tramore, if the following report from the Munster Express is anything to go by.

It seems that a Fianna Fail councillor has put forward a motion compelling the good burghers of said locality to put their bins out at 6am...  and also be responsible for taking them back in should the refuse-collection people not bother to turn up. Local government Irish-style. 

Even in Fingal we've have had nice pet/seagull-proof (though not skanger-proof) wheelie bins for a couple of years now.  As for asking people to rise with the gulls at 6am in order to get their bins out... I doubt that even Dublin City Council would expect that one to work.

Article below.

Tramore Council wants people up at 6am to put out refuse sacks
By Tom Young

A Tramore Town Councillor wants householders to get up early and leave out their recycling bags for collection, rather than doing so the previous night.

Cllr Pat Finnerty wants the County Council to adopt a bye-law prohibiting the bags being left out overnight. And furthermore he wants the bags removed again if the service provider fails to collect them on the appointed day.

Proposing a motion to that effect at the Town Council’s February meeting, he said bags left out through the night were being split open, sometimes by roaming pets, and the contents scattered all over the place. The Council then had to expend valuable resources cleaning up the mess.

Cllr Tom Raine enquired of Cllr Finnerty if he really expected people to get up at 6 am to put out their bags for collection. He said he did.

Cllr Lola O’Sullivan agreed that certain areas were awash with litter too much of the time, a contributory factor being that animals were attracted to waste bags containing food containers which were not properly cleaned for disposal.

Cllr Ann Marie Power accused Cllr Finnerty of wanting to punish people who did the right thing, putting the relevant rubbish out for collection rather than disposing of it illegally. She submitted that the measures he was proposing would lead to a mass exodus of customers from the Council service to private operators. “If that happens we are shagged”, she suggested.

Despite that, however, the motion was passed by a majority vote.

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Bernd said...

Well .. I can see his point, though, as we are talking rubbish bags, not bins. Though it might be an idea to adjust the times of collection?

Out here in the wilds of Ulster we are used to leaving the bin out the night before, as collection is due to start at 6 am. Our contracted company never appears before 11 am Monday, but a competitor actually turns up at 6:30ish am Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I returned to Ireland for a holiday last year and one of the places I visited was Tramore. It was my first visit there since my childhood in the 60s. I could not believe how dirty and tatty the place was. The pavements were covered in dog mess what a pity these councillors don't do something about that.

Lew said...

What happens with the people who work nights and aren't home till after the bin men come?
Will they get arrested/fined or whatever for having to be at work before 6am and putting them out the night before?
or in the early hours of the morning?

Totally unworkable law in reality if anyone fought it
or an other word would be a bl@@dy stupid law!

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Bernd. True... they do seem to be referring to bags alright. Wonder why they're not using the wheelies like in beautiful Blanch?

@ Anon. Never actually been to Tramore, though was treated to a caravan holiday in Courtown as a kid. Just think that episode of Father Ted ("Hell").

@ Lew. Good point... I think you'd have to load all your rubbish into the back of the car and find the most scenic spot in the locality to concentrate their minds. Only joking!!!!!!

Adam said...

nice post ....
and a vital step taken for the street ...