Sunday, 25 April 2010

Eamon “The Don” Dunne, Dublin criminal, downs his last pint.

Few will mourn the death of Eamon “The Don” Dunne, who passed away in a predictable manner last Friday at the Fassaugh House, Cabra, when two masked men walked into the pub and shot him eight times in the head. Evidently they weren’t taking any chances.

Today's papers claim that the gangland boss and drugs baron had ordered at least 17 murders since 2005.  Many of the victims were fellow gangland rivals or associates, but also included young apprentice plumber, Anthony Campbell, who was shot dead while fixing a radiator in the house of criminal rival Martin Hyland in 2006.  Another innocent victim was 28-year-old mother-of-two Baibe Saulite, murdered by a hitman provided by Dunne on behalf of her estranged husband. (Sunday Tribune).

It seems “The Don” was involved in several beatings and tortures too, and was a hated figure even among fellow criminals who resented the police attention his unrestrained killing attracted.  A thoroughly despicable character then.

Interestingly, "The Don’s" name came up once before on Gombeen Nation, back in October of last year, when the Evening Herald reported that three plain-clothes gardai based in west Dublin were arrested on suspicion of passing information to the criminal.  The arrests followed an earlier raid on a uniformed garda who was found in possession of a shotgun at this home, allegedly taken from an evidence room at a Garda station.  

The Herald report said that a file had been prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions, yet today’s Sunday Tribune mentions only that “internal Garda enquiries are under way to determine how successful he was at corrupting gardai”.

It is unlikely we have heard the last of Dunne, just yet.

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Laurence said...

Yes but why was this known scumbag, murderer, drug baron and whatever else, free to walk around and go out to the pub or wherever?
The media seem to know all about his crimes, going back years, but are the Gardaí and judiciary so incompetent that this guy was not locked up a long time ago and the key thrown away?

Maybe they are all bent. Or just useless.

Incompetence is the greatest form of corruption.

Ella said...

Hi GM, I was reading this morning that he was abandoned in his hour of need by his "close associates". Most people, you go partying with in a pub are called friends. One eye-witness said: "Nobody even bothered to check whether he was still alive. All of those, who had been regularly seen by his side during the past few years, ran away", as you do.

Anna said...

That is a great quote from Lawrence (where does that come from?) ;
It’s the summation of Irish government policy for 90 yrs:
‘Incompetence is the greatest form of corruption.’
Sometime the last 3 yrs (maybe 2008?) marked a mile stone (tombstone really);
The Bloodiest Yr with the Most Murders in ROI since the 1920’s Civil war:
But there were no shocked concerned statements from the government, and a promise to eradicate violent crime: it didn’t show on their radar.
That poor teenage plumber was only trying to learn a decent trade (unlike a few others his age- his parent must have been proud) when he was gunned down – an innocent witness to a gangland shooting.
The callousness of the criminals in Dublin now is Shocking- there wasn’t the least thought of gunning down this hood when he was sure to be alone- no problems with an innocent teenage witness being taken out as well.
There is shocking contempt by these scum for the lives of ordinary Dubliners- after all Just How many of these killings have taken place in Broad Daylight Inside an Ordinary Neighbourhood pub?? It’s like they want to Prove they are Untouchable.
Ireland had has a new breed of Dangerous, Callous, Assassins – who have taken over from the Ordinary Decent Criminals- and yet our idiot government thinks they will fade way over night.

Anonymous said...

GDAY MR GM a good day for ireland indeed nice precicion work by the hit men, the govt of irl should find those gents give them medals then send them to limerick for a few weeks to clean up , but then the govt wouldnt stand for this kind of effective inexpensive method it would make the garda look foolish BH

Anonymous said...

terrible tragdy

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes Laurence, you have to wonder how this toerag was walking around. Maybe it would have been better for him if he wasn't?

Ella, don't they think it could even have been his own associates who shot him? Such was his popularity.

Anna, the callousness of these crims is something else. Seem like innocent bystanders are just collateral damage as far as they are concerned. I seem to remember there was an innocent guy shot out near Blanch too, not that long ago, in Ongar.

BH, I'd say they are better shots than the coppers anyway.

Anon. Do I detect a touch of irony there???

Anonymous said...

Well said Laurence. Incompetence and a social shortsightedness is a way of life here all inevitably leading to Corruption.

The fundamental problem though GM as I see it, apart from the tragedy of the innocent been caught up in the crossfire, its the type of country the majority of people will end up living in. What right thinking individual would want to live in a city or country, whereby you pay your taxes and take all the crap which is accociated with living here, only to end up with "all, or most," of your civil liberties eroded on a daily basis? For example, just look at the explosion in CC cameras! Not a purely Irish phenomenon and not very recent but nevertheless an Irish reality.

Thats the way its going, Dublin especially, is only heading one way. Its like everthing else in Ireland, most of the "institutions" in whatever section of the economy or society, are simply staring into the abyss and scratching their collective heads. Wondering what to do about the size of the problem in front of them. In effect every citizen is on their own for the forseeable future.

Whatever measures, eventually taken - IF EVER - will have far more impact on the majority, as these yobs can always find a way to cause mayhem. But then again, most people are half asleep here anyway, so if the legislature was to enact fundamental measures they would only encounter minimal opposition from the "people".

SO if the state ever does get around to dealing with these toerags, you can bet, they will take the easiest option available, which is, take away from the majority to punish the minority. Which will mean the strong arm of the state will have far too much power; in effect, to counter a small minority.

Though aside from all that, maybe the problem is far deeper and cant be solved by laws alone? I have to say Dublin is unique among European capitals and by and large other cities per se, in that it has a certain nasty feel about it, a tension you can feel all across the city - most of the time - not in one particular area. Its a weird sense almost indescribable, you dont get it to the same extent in any other city in the U.S. or Europe! Its a very Dublin thing.


Anonymous said...

"I have to say Dublin is unique among European capitals and by and large other cities per se, in that it has a certain nasty feel about it, a tension you can feel all across the city - most of the time - not in one particular area. Its a weird sense almost indescribable, you dont get it to the same extent in any other city in the U.S. or Europe! Its a very Dublin thing.

And yet it has had far less immigration than have citie's/port's such as Liverpool, Glasgow or Bruges.

Capital of Culture me arse........

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Anonymous said...

The answer is obvious. Reform the bail laws. If this is not done, then obviously the situation will eventually get out of control. More innocent people will get caught up and the powers that be will enforce disproportionate laws to catch up.


Michael said...

Scumbags like Eamon Dunne wont be missed , may he rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Eamonn was a Legend and lovely fella. whoever crossed him got what they deserved. Pity he's gone cause he was wiping out the scum very fast. R.I.P

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish