Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Can you hear the master race? Fascists get it all wrong... again.

Thanks to F, an anti-fascist reader of the blog (and long-suffering Liverpool fan) based in England, for the following gem.

It’s a bit of a departure, insofar as the topic is not directly concerned with our gombeen little land, but it gives a unique insight into the confused thinking of one the BNP’s leading lights, Bob Bailey, who is the racist party’s organiser for the British Elections.  The British National Party is one that would-be Irish fash look up to longingly (see BNP and Irish racists - more in common than they'd like to admit   and would-be Irish National Party ), so this says it all really.

It seems that Bailey phoned up BBC London in a right lather, having heard that the broadcaster planned to run a report on the BNP expelling gay people from the party.  Now, the fash might well have a reputation for being rabid homophobes - as well as rabid bigots in general -  but it seems the BNP leadership is trying to play down its attitudes to “that type of thing” at the moment.

So Bailey was there shouting the odds at the BBC employee at the other end of the phone “We know you’re running it [the report] and we want a right to reply!” Despite repeated denials from the puzzled Beeb researcher, he continued his accusations.

Eventually the researcher went off to check with colleagues, who were equally bemused. Finally he/she came back to the phone with the answer.  The BBC were doing a report on two gays being expelled from a B&B  -  not the BNP.

So Bob’s hearing is as clear as his thinking, then.

With role models like that, eh?

See full article: Vote no to the BNP

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Anna said...

Wonderful! deserves to be on Shameless.

Anonymous said...

HI GM maybe our lad bob should try his luck in the wee north now that big ian appears to be taking his prozac on a regular basis bh

Anonymous said...

Bob Bailey suffers from a recurring 'foot in mouth' infection. Just a day or so after the bungling call to the BBC complaints department, Bob spouts this rhetoric in 'Council Chambers' to ensure that there is still no doubt that the BNP are still a racist party...

"A meeting in Barking town hall was in uproar when Mr Bailey said: “We don't want any more Nigerian churches in the borough.” The public gallery was packed with members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He said he had visited the premises and told the planning committee meeting last July: “These people eat off the ground.” He added: “We don't want the amount of black children.” "

Anna said...

‘British National Party is one that would-be Irish fash look up to longingly’

- See David Adams in Irish Times 9/4/2010, in an article critical of the Orange order- he notes a member of an English Orange Lodge is standing as a candidate for the BNP in the forthcoming UK general election,
- Yes we can Irish can bring our own special flavour to the BNP, at times when partition of Ireland/ Independence from the UK seems to have brought decades of mistrust, now Cultural Synergies are closer at hand: I favour the creation of a new North/South/Ireland/UK comedy board, with more of these comedy sketches such as that above expanded into a new TV show,: a blend of Father Ted/ Shameless/ Spring time in Paris and any and all TV appearances by SF/ DUP personnel…

The Gombeen Man said...

Sounds like a good idea, Anna. We've been crying out for years for something to equal Father Ted. Maybe Mssrs Lenihan and Mathews might be interested?