Friday, 27 August 2010

Commercial vehicle clampdown in Ireland - no escape from Vehicle Rip-off Tax.

There has been much in the news  recently on the Government’s suspected intentions to “clamp down” on people who use commercial vehicles for private and social purposes.

It seems that buyers of such machines may, in future, be required not only to sign a declaration at the local police station that they will use their vehicles for commerical purposes only, but will have to produce a “Revenue registration identity number” to prove their business credentials.  My oh my.  If only our Government was as stringent on all matters tax-related, as J.P. McManus, Dermot Desmond, Bono and the rest could testify.

And why is this, you may ask?   Well, it is because our Government continues to make Irish-based motorists pay more for their vehicles than residents of most other EU states through the continuing application of excise duty, or VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax).

Here is an example of why some people here choose to buy cars with the back seats and windows taken out, in order to lessen the effects of the Irish Government’s anti-EU tax, which is contrary to the spirit of free movement of goods within the European Union.  For the anti-SUVers, I'd add that I've even seen Volkswagen Golfs in Ireland that have undergone the "van" treatment:

Nissan X-Trail, 2-litre diesel, 150 bhp, passenger car.
Price: €40,535. Road tax: €1,050.

Nissan X-Trail, 2-litre diesel, 150 bhp, commercial “van”.
Price: €25,790. Road tax: €288.

And would you blame them? Or should they gladly hand over an extra €14,745 – plus an additional €762 in annual road tax - for our imbecile Government to pump into Anglo Irish Bank, Nama, and all the rest?

In the extensive coverage of this matter the obvious point has not been raised.  Namely, it should not be why commercial vehicles are cheaper in Ireland than private ones.  It should be why Irish residents must pay up to 40% more for their private cars than residents of other EU states.

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Anonymous said...

Poor old Gormley has had an attack of the foot-in- mouth again.


Gammagoblin said...

Top blogging tip! You can hyperlink to blog searches, par exemple: Top Notch VRT Blog Posts :)

The Gombeen Man said...

Yeah, Mick. He can't help it, I think.

Nice one GG. Thanks for that.

Dakota said...

GM thats exactly it, WHY, is Irish vehicle tax(motor tax, whatever it is?) 40 % more expensive? Its just a rip off and been so for along time now. Old story, nothing said, hence a continuous upward trend. The very fact it is, constantly going up, is the remarkable thing about it. Whats this tax for anyway?
Even the proposed electric cars are band A and will have an annual tax of 104 euro (based on CO2 emissions?!).

Ireland is really a fascinating place.

Anonymous said...

I'd nearly say instead of talking about Irish politics and forever bad mouthing, In which I have no problem with, I'd reckon as a nation, we need to come together and revolt against this government. In the end of the day, tis power to the people. Politicians can't handle large crowds, just as I can't handle anymore tax.

Keith said...

Thanks for the 800 euros that I saved. Now, off to the bar I go to flirt with the lady bartender...

Anonymous said...

oh yes we are a nation of clowns the priests fucked half the nation and the government are fucking us full stop ..rebel against bullying