Sunday, 15 August 2010

Tescos Maynooth Stella Artois scandal.

Frivolous Sunday post alert.

What the hell is going on? In any other country the indignant masses would be out on the streets storming the place, but not here.

Despite assurances that prices have dropped 14% in the past year, and despite the fact that the Government has reduced VAT on alcohol, Tescos has seen fit to increase its price for a crate of Stella Artois by 33%.

How can a major supermarket chain justify this increase on such an essential foodstuff, when real costs have actually fallen?   Sounds like blatant profiteering.  Then there’s the fact that Tescos Maynooth petrol and diesel prices are actually higher than the local pump here in Blanch.

What’s that about economies of scale and all the rest?

Maybe it's time for a Lidl diversion.


Dakota said...

I'm not a big drinker but 33 % seems a bit high. But in a way its a good thing, eh, just think it may lessen the number of drunken yobs who might otherwise spend "their money" on alcohol in the Maynooth area. (Every cloud and allll that??) The again I dont think it will it will just mean they will have to pay more. Save your money GM go to Lidl or buy a bottle of Fanta?

The Gombeen Man said...

Lidl it is, D. ;-)

Ponyboy said...

AND in Maynooth too!!!!! - the seat of all that's fair and just and honest and beautiful and of course HOLY in Ireland. To hell with Lidl, to hell with Fanta - I SAY. To hell with the whole bloody outrage. Get out your pitchforks. Form your neighbours into a mob. The PonyExpress jet is currently streaking through Indonesian airspace packed to the hosties quarters with yours truly and a gang of like minded Howard Beales. We'll be there soon and we're mad as hell too so let's all commandeer a streetcar down to Tescos with our battle cry of "STELLA, Stella" and teach these bastards a lesson they'll never forget. I'd have brought kerosene soaked torches for burning the place down but Jaysus have you seen the price of that stuff lately and we might have to make do with just the one pitchfork cos tescos here have they've just banged another couple of dollar on them. Beir bua

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. Its the Brits faultz I tellz yerz...


The Gombeen Man said...

20 tins for a fiver? Where, David??

You'd wonder what planet politicians are on, wouldn't you?

Don't worry PB. You just get here with your band of revolutionaries and we'll get the kerosene and pikes on the way in Lidl.