Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rapist Larry Murphy released today.

A young woman was abducted from a Carlow car park by 36 year-old Larry Murphy in February 2000. He punched her and forced her into the boot of his car before driving to a dirt road nine miles away where he raped her.

Murphy then forced the woman back into the boot of the car and drove to an even more isolated spot in the Wicklow Mountains where he again raped her, and was in the process of strangling her when two men hunting foxes arrived on the scene. The rapist fled and the young woman escaped with her life.  Murphy later told gardai "she was lucky".

Murphy was only apprehended because one of the huntsmen recognised him.  He was subsequently found guilty of rape and attempted murder. The woman was too traumatised by her ordeal to even give evidence in court. Murphy’s sentence was 15 years.

That was back in 2001, and Larry Murphy walks free from Arbour Hill prison today, having attained early release for "good behaviour".

During his time in custody, the rapist/attempted murderer refused to take part in any rehabilitation programmes. As a result, there is intense media and public interest around the subject of his early release back into society, and not unreasonable fears that he still poses a danger to women.

Murphy was convicted before the Sex Offenders’ Act of 2001 came into force, so he cannot be made subject to any form of compulsory supervision by the State and any community into which he moves will not officially be made aware of his past.

While this site is hardly a “hang-'em, flog-'em” one, the question has to be asked as to how the perpetrator of such a vile crime can be released back into society without having undergone any kind of rehabilitation?

There is a danger – given the high profile and nature of the case – that when the law is seen to be an ass, some might seek their own kind of justice.

This is in nobody’s interest. Certainly not Larry Murphy’s.

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Ella said...

So Larry gets released for this "good behaviour", I am sure he was on his best of behaviour whilst incarcerated for just over 10 years for a vile crime, but then there were no women in the prison with him.

Rosie said...

Sex offenders cannot be cured, whatever about rehabilitation.
Larry should've been castrated before leaving the prison.

anna said...

Own up to the Real violence that goes as an undercurrent in Irish life...i am sure if you look into his life, you will find he came from a violent background: Likewise the evil thug who raped and killed 17 yr old Manuel Reido in Galway 3 yrs ago- that man had already a manslaughter/murder under his belt And a previous rape And history of violence against his girlfriend.The most alarming thing about Larry Murphy is that our increasingly unequal society will create More Larry Murphy clones: Economist Morgan Kelly already said we are the start of a vast social experiment in showing what happens when the jobs and money for public services vanish - and it can only result in more violent criminals ...after all when educated people in our middle strata find life more and more financially squeezed, just What is going to happen to those in the very bottom strata? Does our Government really care about ensuring that those born to the most violent chaotic families don't turn out the same way themselves? Step forward HSE and enlighten us, as to your success rates - when you finally decide how many children in your care died over the last 10 years. Did a recent poster declare this was a'great little country' or am i still asleep? A great little country is one that Doesn't have a Very Dangerous underclass- that most alarmingly is ONLY INCREASING in number.

Anonymous said...

Just on a point of accuracy the carpark was in Carlow, not Baltinglass. They are 20km apart.


The Gombeen Man said...

My mistake. Thanks for that JC - I've corrected it accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I believe he's thinking of moving into an exclusive southside dublin residence where many of our judiciary live...anyone else hear that rumour?

Anonymous said...

No, but I doubt he can afford that. I don't think he will stay in Ireland and if he does he will probably be dead in 6 months


Dakota said...

This early release malarkey doesn't make any sense. I know I'm stating the obvious but it does show though the deficincies in the "Irish justice system."

The Gombeen Man said...

"Likewise the evil thug who raped and killed 17 yr old Manuel Reido in Galway 3 yrs ago- that man had already a manslaughter/murder under his belt And a previous rape And history of violence against his girlfriend." Anna.

I think that says a lot. When people pass through the justice system, it has a responsibilty too. It should not be just about punishment, it should be about reform. If it fails to do that, what is the point?

And how can you let someone who has shown no remorse nor no desire to rehabilitate back out into society?

Something waiting to happen.

A striking deficiency indeed.

Anonymous said...

he is in bagenalstown

Irish American said...

I am really surprised knowing how the Irish are in Ireland. That people of her family or friends, haven't jacked him up yet! If this was in Boston, and it was to do with an Irish family, all hell would break loose! In Boston, Southie, the Irish really take care of one another, they've had too! I say as an American, and eye for an eye, screw the good time, they let him out earlier, so someone can take care of business earlier! Jack him up! Bring him into the WIcklow area, where he raped and tried to kill that poor young woman, and do the same to him. I believe now...he is the one that killed our American from New York, Annie McCarrick! Jack him up!!!

The Gombeen Man said...

All we know, Irish American, is that Murphy was found guilty of the rape and attempted murder of the woman he abducted from the Carlow car park, as mentioned above.

On that basis alone - and that he never expressed a desire to rehabilitate - he still constitutes a mortal danger to women and should still be banged up as far as I can see.

All that aside, I should imagine there are plenty here who would share your feelings.