Friday, 29 October 2010

Blame the Dail, not the Berlaymont, for Ireland's economic ills

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It seems that another half-wit Herald Metro letter writer is continuing the great Irish tradition of blaming someone else for all our ills.  

As if in answer to the last Gombeen Nation post, which touched on the growing tendency of some to blame the EU for Ireland’s self-inflicted economic balls-up, a certain Jboy offers his example of the genre.  [Gombeen Nation comments in brackets]


"National debt at record levels and the EU now calls the shots. Some say it’s a great development and they’ll get us back on track. No it’s not. They haven’t solved financial problems in any other member state.       [Maybe Jboy should look up Greece at this point… if not “solving”, at least  they are  
                                                                 preventing the country from dissolving].

Let’s rewind back a couple of years, to when they accused the Irish of failing to understand the Lisbon Treaty after the initial rejection, or to put it more bluntly, the Irish were too stupid to understand it.       [Yes, indeed they were too stupid to understand it. Even gobshite commissioner Charlie McCreevy boasted his ignorance of it. Some sections of the Irish great unwashed voted against an imaginary EU army, others voted against abortion rights, others voted against immigration, and others (the farmers) played hard to get with a “yes” vote because they thought they would get more money by doing so].

…[Rambling bit cut out]… Back to the present, the EU has decided we have to send our Budget off to Brussels for their prior approval.

It seems strange that the Irish fought so hard and for so long for their independence [yaaawn]
then handed it back piece by piece on a silver plate, without a single shot being fired."


 What the hell is it about this place?

We are being shafted unmercifully up the back passage by our own political class in our rotten, failed, entity of a “republic” - yet we have imbeciles like Jboy getting all indignant about the Eurozone’s anxiety to prevent its currency being destroyed by our very own cute gombeen hoors!

Jboy, we are part of the common currency and therefore have obligations and responsibilities. Our banking system is being kept afloat by ECB money.   We might still have to apply for access to the EU Emergency Fund (bond yields reached a record of 7% today, even though we are out of the loop at present) and given the holy mess that previous FF Budgets have wrought on our economy, the EU has every reason to take a healthy interest in the next one.

Oh, and by the year 2013, we will have received €41 billion in net funding from the EU.

So please… find a more deserving target for your indignation.  You need look no further than Kildare Street.

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Anonymous said...

SS EIRE would already be at the bottom if it were not for the ecb, captain SPIV AHEARN didnt see the bergs in the fog of arrogance the little gurrier assh**le bh

Ella said...

"You need look no further than Kildare Street" - many people don't need to look further than their own mirror, as they voted the dishonest gombeens in, in the first place.

It's very Irish not taking responsibility for one's mistakes. "It's not my fault I'm in negative equity the bank loaned me 15-16 multiples of my income". Well you didn't have to borrow because the banks were lending. Typcial of the sort of crap some people spew out.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ BH. Says B-B-Bertie:

"Ah sure it's oney a litttle bit of ice, for feck's sake. Full steam ahead me hearties!!"

@ Ella. And taking a loan for a new car every year because the registration plate had gone out of date!!!

Anonymous said...

Let Erin Remember.
It is time for Ireland to return to the embrace of “Mother England" because Ireland is a Republic in name only.

Recently the Prime Minister, David Cameron stated at the CBI conference that the UK exported more goods to Ireland that to India, China and the Commonwealth.

Ireland is not independent from Britain and it never has been. The Irish Government may govern the people of the land, but it does not own the land. Most of the land and buildings (real estate) in Dublin and major cities and towns are still owned and controlled by the British aristocracy like the Duke of Westminster and The Royal Estates.

Ireland is nothing without Sterling and the United Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Jboy & GM - yin and yang* ;)

*yin & yan is used to describe how polar seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn.

Anonymous said...

I was born in 1926 and experienced the beginnings of the Irish Free State and the aftermath of the Civil War. My father told me that everything became worse for the Irish people after independence.

The new government and the Catholic Church behaved with a new 'carte blanche' dictatorship that was inspired with distorted political and religious zeal. All of which has amounted to nothing. Dublin crime is worse than Manchester.

Ireland is not better off and there has been no advantage to their so called freedom. My parents choose to retain their British citizenship and moved to Armagh. I continued to be a Catholic but at my parents insistence I was not educated at a Catholic school because my parents believed that such institutions were blind to reason and would produce bigotry and hatred. They were right.

I have never experienced religious discrimination in my education, or in my occupation as a teacher. When I visited my relatives in Co Cavan in the 1940’s and 50’s the social conditions were dire with a “hand to mouth” existence. There was virtually nothing for young people to do, so they emigrated to England (the enemy) in tens of thousands. Even then political and religious corruption was ubiquitous, and sadly things have not improved.

Only last week I visited some of my relatives who live near Dublin. My cousins family had owned several Men’s Outfitters shops that had thrived for over 100 years. The shops north of the border are OK , whilst the shops in the Euro area in the south are bankrupted. Everything is gone.

The pensions that I have accrued over the years is five times greater than my cousin who lives just 30 miles away in the Irish Republic.

Perhaps money is not everything, but it certainly helps when people have nothing left. Therefore, sing out the rebel songs and see if that feeds the hungry. Poor old Ireland !!!

H J McCracken (real name)

Adolf Hitler said...

I gave you guys a chance back in the 1930's but no, you'd rather snuggle up to your old mother, Great Britain. The mother that abused you for years. Now look at how things panned out. You are feeling the burn of having your own "gombeen" government and German success is continuing! Not as successful as when it was being run by me though, but pretty good nonetheless! And now you ever-increasingly suckle on the German money teat. If only I loaned you guys money back in the day, we'd all now be speaking German together! And even if we lost the war, you might have decent untolled roads or something. And the poorly planned towns and villages that were destroyed, they'd have been rebuilt correctly. The Allies would have seen to that. But imagine having a "Dublin Wall" dividing the people! Gott und Liebling!

Enjoy the debt. If every Juden was a Euro you guys would have made me look like a petty criminal.

Herr Hitler,
Sao Paulo.

Anonymous said...

What is there to Celebrate?

This time next year it shall have been ninety years since the Irish Treaty and Irish self determination. This should be a cause for celebration, but what is there to celebrate?

Today in Dublin, there are scenes that are reminiscent of the 1930’s Depression, with queues of people in line, waiting for something to eat, whilst the Cayman Islands Banks are filled with the filched money of Irish Politicians (and their families). This flagrant profligacy cannot be allowed to continue.

The Irish people may be foolish, but they are not fools, and they will not put up with this mendacity for much longer.

Dakota said...

Haaallooooo, yes Hallooo, the end of the world is not nigh.I think.....possibly....maybe...yeah anyway....
Hi @Anon 18:06 Just have to say, the Irish people are not fools?... There's 80 BILLION reasons to disagree with you. Its past foolish now, IMO I think fools covers it. Mendacity is "viral" in nature IMO, its an atmosphere in all but name. This same atmosphere exists on both sides of the Dail boundary fence. For example, as Anon @10:53 has said, there was never a real and true republic here. There was and is, a thin veneer over an ever present reality, which relied and relies upon the old enemy, England, (it could be argued this is where the stupidity began, but I feel it's much deeper than that. First it was land, now it's money...It really can be an extremely nasty little island) for affirmation, and is presently in hock to German banks. (Are the roads they paid for, tolled? If so do the German Banks get the money from this funding mechanism? If not, surely they know we are paying tolls on roads that they were gracious enough to lend money for).

The ruling elite which took power from the British Empire is still - and always will be - in power here. Its that way, with the consent of the people. I don't see many looking for a change of the political system? Do you? A system which in effect is based on a one party state. (One party, yep, as surely Labours taxation policies are not convincing anybody??? Hopefully! Do they actually want power? Crikey, come to think of it, maybe they really do?).

It will be the same in 10 years time. Well essentially the same...

Laurence said...

What a breath of fresh air is the post from H J McCracken.
My own father was born in 1926. I wish he had learned to use a computer, particularly as all his children are living here in England, with the NHS and free school books.

Need more testimony like that to be printed. Might make a small dent in the DevilEra propaganda which is fed to kids at school.

Anonymous said...

The Great Paradox

Irish people in general are renowned all over the world for their scholastic ability and their love of learning. They have great loquacity and linguistic ability. Most of the great Irish writers poets and playwrights left Ireland in disgust. Daniel O’Connell and many other prominent people could not abide Irish duplicity, that can now be linked back to the wickedness of the Roman Catholic Church.

Why is it then that most Irish people who are usually benign, affable, good humoured and benevolent repeatedly vote for the same set of lying, thieving, embezzling scoundrels. Many of these politicians are 4th and 5th generation of the same privileged families. Their names keep cropping up year after year.

At the time of partition and the treaty it was clear that the shipyards of Belfast could not be given to the Irish Free State, because Royal Navy ships and Cunard passenger liners were being built there. The shipyards in Belfast were worth billions of pounds by today’s standards. There were also British Empire security considerations.

DeValera and his murderous cronies knew this and that there was no hope of having a united Ireland, mainly for that reason. But he still started the Irish Civil War where some of the best Irishmen were murdered for reasons of power and greed. The people who later became Fianna Fail were responsible for mass murder.

It is the direct descendents of those murderers that govern the Irish people today. This small coterie of unscrupulous rascals still hold on to power and money. They act with virtual impunity.

The question is : Why do the Irish people put up with this?

David Corrigan

Anonymous said...

Thanks HJ (that's a cracker...) McCracken. I love a good laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

To mock a person's name is a "good laugh". I'll bet you are a joy to come home to in an evening.

Dakota said...

@Anon23:17 The laughs on you...H J Mc Cracken tells it like it is. You are demonstrating why it is that way. You are the encapsulation of the unthinking, uncaring, insensitive generation (regardless of your age) which have only added to the underlining problems, which afflicted this sad state from inseption. The real concern for you is, you don't even know it.

Thank you Mr Mc Cracken for your invaluable insights.

The Gombeen Man said...

Hmmmm... I have my doubts about Mr Mc C, Dakota.

Either he's very good for his age - in which case you are right and his moniker should not be disrespected - or we've someone being naughty with their identities... Which is a pity, as that poster has a lot of good things to say in his own right.

I'll say no more given the moderator's code of confidentiality...

However, I have my own Mc Crackenesque recollection, and it concerns my great grandmother who - my own mother said - used to say to her "We were better off under the Crown". My mother was only a kid at the time growing up in Charlotte Street, Dublin, and didn't understand what her granny meant.

Charlotte Street, by the way, was since flattened by Dublin Corporation/City Council. A whole street that disappeared without a trace.

Dakota said...

GM, Mr Mc Cracken may reply to confirm? Nice if he did, as he came across as sincere. Pity. As for your great grand mothers recollections. I believe if that great and good generation saw how this island turned out, in recent years, they'd be disgusted.

As for the destruction of Charlotte Street, GM, I'd say it was part of the inlightened agenda of Dublin Corporation and property speculation in the 1960s and 70s. So many geniuses in Ireland. Imagine it was actively speculated by DeValera to obliterate Merrion Square in the 1930s. Nothing changes, the same mistakes in different guises, are made time after time, on this wonderful island.

Just scroll to Georgian Dublin Today

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gombeen Man
I have been naughty with my identity. It is highly reprehensible to disrespect a person’s name but moreover this this case, I thought that I had made a valid point, and I was a bit aggrieved to have the context of the debate reduced to a witless, pointless and flippant retort.

There is little to laugh about in Ireland at this present time as some people starve and some people have had all their equity sequestered, when a few cunning rascals (politicians) blatantly steal the peoples’ money with impunity.

In the UK, the money that was embezzled by MP’s was miniscule compared to what the Irish TD’s, Senators and their accomplices have stashed away in “off-shore” accounts in foreign banks over the years. If their bank accounts and business dealings was to be scrutinised then the Irish people would learn the truth about the integrity of Irish politics

Most sincerely

HJ McCracken

Anonymous said...

The moderator knows who has said what, about whom, and the moderator is free to withhold any material that he thinks improper.

I do not apologise for using a nom de plume to stimulate an argument that is vital to contemporary Irish politics. Are the people to lie down and starve as they did during the Irish famine whilst their British landlords and the Irish land overseers grew fat.

The Fianna Fail Political party are and have been the political wing of the Vatican where all Irish evil and mendacity (as has been proven with child abuse) has been perpetrated since the inception of the Irish Free State.

Most sincerely

David B McGinnity

Anonymous said...

Family Shennagins

Why doesn’t Fianna Fail change it’s name to The Ahern Party. The amount of nepotism and family shennagins within the Fianna Fail Party would make the Democratic Unionist Party seem benign. The first four TD’s reads:

Mr. Bertie Ahern
Constituency: Dublin Central
Party: Fianna Fáil

Mr. Dermot Ahern
Constituency: Louth
Party: Fianna Fáil

Mr. Michael Ahern
Constituency: Cork East
Party: Fianna Fáil

Mr. Noel Ahern
Constituency: Dublin North-West
Party: Fianna Fáil

What a disgrace!!!

Anonymous said...

No point in dwelling on the past, just uproot the lot

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Anon 21.23. Rip it up and start again? Not a bad idea at all.

@ Dakota. Thanks for that link re Merrion Square. So Dev and Co. were going to demolish Merrion Square as the buildings were "un-national"???? The Irish Taliban, eh? And that's the kind of mentality this state was founded on... The DevilEra as Laurence put it.

@ Mr McCracken etc. I can assure you your comments are always articulate, informative and interesting enough to stand up on their own merit. And you'd think one Ahern would be enough, eh? Four of them...

Anonymous said...

The Irish House of Omerta.
Some readers will remember an Ealing comedy film called “Kind Hearts and Coronets” where one obnoxious D’Ascoyne family had their dirty hands and mucky feet in every aspect of power.

They were the ruling class, and they made no apology for their attitude, because they believed in the heredity system. Although their arrogance was and still is loathsome, at least they were open about their intention and were not hypocrits. They kept money and power for the few, and everyone else would have to do, without.

The integrity of the 1916 rebellion and the IRA struggle prior to partition was to end patronage and privilege to a few selected families, forever. That was the intention, but the reality has turned out to be just like the obnoxious D’Ascoyne family as in the film.

If a TD is caught embezzling money, insider dealing, or money laundering he can feel safe because members of his family is likely to be a senior Garda officer, a senior counsel within the office of Director of Public Prosecutions or the Judge who conducts the trial. No doubt another member of the family, probably an Archbishop would give a character reference about his honesty under oath in court.

The term “family” is very apt in present day Irish politics. I suppose the term “omerta” should apply as well. One of the conditions for acceptance to "the family" was to be a Catholic.
Irish politicians are well qualified for the job.

Very sincerely

David B McGinnity

Dakota said...

Is there a genuine alternative to FF? (Laughable I know) I wonder, would a coalition of FG and Labour solve all ills? Would a Government mainly comprised of Labour TDs change anything? No it would not.
If Labour were voted in mid celtic tiger then there was some chance for a passive centre left "Social Democratic" ROI. If they were voted in now IMO, they could POTENTIALLY wreak havoc. There's to many "stakeholders" now, in Ireland, too many individuals which would, or could, be unfairly put upon by a Labour Government. A Government just looking for nothing more than a different set of victims to pick on.
Look at it this way, if there was no contruction boom in Ireland over the last 14 years, the 14.1% now unemployed, is a rough guide of what the emigration and unemployment figures would have been consistenytly anyway. There is no manufacturing base here(somewhat unique in Western Europe). Where is stimulus growth going to come from.....? Obviously there'll be two economies one ok and one not. Now the question is, have any of the political parties addressed that? Ehhhhh, no. All Labour can come up with so far is taxation policies. FF and FG are not fantastic either....That doesn't bode well...
The real nub of the matter is, two fold: (1) The people don't know what they want (it could be argued they never really did) (2) The celtic tiger debate, of whether or not we should emulate Berlin or Boston is just that, a debate. The rot is too deep to fix, its a combination of an established power base (from the time independence onwards) and too many individuals with too much to loose now, if their was any real change. It almost makes the problem insoluble. Hence IMO there could be no real political and social change, with no change in a constitutional framework and no second republic (not that the latter two were ever on the agenda - this is Ireland afterall). Just the same political elites and you have less money. If the political "elites" were genuine about fixing the problem, they would have formed a national Government by now.

anna said...

Don't despair ...just vote for any party that didn't get in it to make money, To that end i will carry on voting Labour, Greens, Joe Higgins & any decent independents.ANY political sites I was on recently have been beefed up- all parties are expectign March by elections to swifly precipitate Summer General elections. Get registered ( At a political talk yesterday , I heard a polititican from a party I respect say he expects 'the next 5 yrs to see more political change in Ireland than in the previosu 90 yrs'- the REAL rising is about to begin. yes I totally agree with Mr Mc Cracken- I am younger ( just turned 50) but I did well out of living under John Bull's tyranny in Co Armagh. However I do find one of the most depressing things about this state is not jsut the rich scum at the top- they wouldn't get away with so much if it wasn'[t for the very passive peopel at the bottom.

anna said...

In fact at same meeting ( Leviathon) I heard a political lecturer from TCD say people who say things are wrong are frequently not from here. ( I thought That comment should have had rapturous applause- but in fact it was a Bit Muted) She also mentioned some political figures who HAD done some whistle- blowing - and then lost their seats at the next election! She contrasted this with Lowry- who got an Increased vote the next election after his avarice was exposed! Someone who spoke at the meeting said he worked for a major bank, realised there was wrong doing 20 yrs ago- but could do nothing,as he had no support. He said this country needs the whistle blowing legislation the UK got 12 yrs ago. I Also notice there is a HUGE lack of solidarity in this country. I work for a Govt Dept where I am well treated - but twice I asked to be urgently moved due to bullying. The bullies had been in place 20-30 yrs and got away with it as no-one complained- or complaints were ignored. Believe me, I complained ...and got very little support from others who were also bullied- and no support from my own Personnel Dept, who really didn't want to know. It often looks as though everyone is fighting their own corner: when there are bullies/ abusers in this country I am often shocked at the amount of toadying to them that is done even by those not directly affected by them: it's a fear they will be next, and a total lack of solidarity with the victims. People say 'how did the authorities do nothing for 15 years in the Roscommon incest case?' - because everyone is busy passing the buck, and ducking responsibility. How do Government Departments carry on employing bullies who should have been sacked 30 yras ago? SOLIDARITY is what this country needs most of all. Shouldn't we ask our 80,000 Poles to help us set up an O'Solidarity Movement??