Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hitler on the Luas?

You can't believe everything you see or read on the web - especially in the blogosphere.  With notable exceptions, of course.   That's why most things on Gombeen Nation that aren't stated merely as opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own, are usually backed up with sources - be they from newspaper, radio, TV, the title of a survey, or whatever. 

Take this picture doing the rounds on the web at the moment, spotted on the sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always interesting atoast2toast site (some good stuff there about the Owen Gaffney v baton-happy gardai trial), which purports to be a shot of a Hitler lookalike taking a jaunt on Dublin's tram network.   It came orignally, I think, from popular Twitterer Twistedlilkitty, who put it up on TwitPic.

So what can we make of it?  Is it real?  Or is it staged, with someone dressing up as the happily expired Führer to do the rounds on the web, as an attachment in every office in-box? 

Or is there someone in Dublin with a decidedly dodgy penchant for dressing up and grooming himself in imitation of the jumped-up little corporal? 

Or is old Adi actually living in dear old Dublin with a plentiful supply of Grecian 2000 in his suburban bathroom cabinet, while Eva grows old gracefully.  Well, as gracefully as the wife of an ex-dictator and genocidist possibly can?

And is it actually the Luas?  If so, is it the Green or the Red line?

If the latter, what are the chances he rues the day he left the bunker?

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention GM, it might be a guy I saw wearing a hitler t-shirt in the orchard pub in rathfarnham a few years ago - as I said on toast it appears that there is no limo for former leaders of the reich, unlike in ireland

The Gombeen Man said...

Rathfarnham? It'll be the Green Line so.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like the LUAS - the seats and upholstery are wrong. Berlin? Paraguay? Eva hasn't aged very well has she.....

Anonymous said...

The devil is in the detail and it does indeed look more like berlin than dublin. The german speaking train nerd in me did a search for 'berlin strassenbahn innen' (berlin tram interior) and I found this video clip complete with funky music.

The Gombeen Man said...

Good research there, Toast. Methinks you are correct.