Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blogging and all the rest of it

Gombeen Nation is fortunate with the calibre of its comment writers.  If you look through previous posts you will see that most comments are either well-informed, amusing, clever, on-topic, and - for the most part - those who post them generally are civil to each other, even when there is disagreement.  

The vast majority of published comments add value to the blog, and are a great credit to those who take the trouble to read it and support it.

Most blogs, however, are moderated  -  and it is a necessary evil.   I remember someone once remarked that the idea of moderating comments seemed, to them, a touch "undemocratic". 

When you think about it though, it is not an awful lot different to writing to a newspaper letters page.  Some get printed, some don't, and there is always a subjective element.   A given newspaper might be happier to push a particular line on a particular topic, or a letter writer's opinions might chime more harmoniously with the paper's own editorial tone.

In blogworld, you'll find that you end up going over the same arguments over and over again... sometimes even in the one post.   This blog used to publish all comments.  Then, however, so much blogging time was spent arguing with detractors points that had already been covered that it became necessary to be more selective.  Sisyphus would have had an easier time of it. 

Then there is stuff that is potentially libelous.   I've left some comments unpublished simply because it was not possible to air them - even when it was quite likely they were true - due to a lack of supporting evidence.  Ireland is a litigious place... even for an "anonymous" blogger, so sorry to anyone who posted in that regard.

All the preceding is well and good, and is to be expected.  But what about the serial snipers?  You know, people who hate the blog and all it stands for, yet seem to have a fatal attraction towards it? Bunny boilers, I presume.  

Now, it could be fairly claimed that writing a blog is a pretty sad, solitary, Quixotian activity - and it is.   But how sad is it to be a compulsive reader of a blog you do not like?  Really, you'd be surprised at some of the nasty, spiteful comments that don't see the light of your VDU.   They nearly make a sad old blogger feel vindicated.

But to the rest of you, thanks for your valued input.

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TOPRICE.IE said...

This is realy annoying when you try to comment on some blog and you realy write about your feelings which are connected with article/topic/post and they don't put it on the site, especially it's annoying when you write hundreds of words... ;d

LimerickAnon said...

Ah jeez , schuks Gombeen Man ,Im coming over all warm inside !!Thank you , thank you for continuosly pointing out the ridiculous carry on we put up with in this open air asylum , carry on we have become way too comfortable with and need the likes of your good self to show it for what it is.Athough I dont agree with your every post its always at least a good read and a bit of a chuckle .Keep it coming .

Bernd said...

But how sad is it to be a compulsive reader of a blog you do not like?

Can top that: There is a certain German-Austrian gentlemen that does NOT read the blogs he does not like. So he says. Nonetheless he still finds ample time and opportunity to quote from and comment on the blogs he does not read.

Makes you wonder ...

The Gombeen Man said...

@ LimerickAnon. Thanks - glad you like it. And if we can't agree on everything, at least we can on the important things! BTW - very fond memories of Limerick from my moddy scootering days. There was a good lot from there called the Southern Lions - sound as pounds, the lot of them.

@ Bernd. Hmmm. A bit of a puzzler, alright. Most of mine come from a Finnish Gaeilgoer and an anti-Brit based in Southampton. Makes you wonder, right enough.

And the rest of you are being very modest and shy.

Pony-fan-boy said...

GM - Great post and thx for the insight into your world. btw yours is the only irish blog i read on the great sprawling network that is the internet. just never feel the need to look over any other fences re the situation in my former homeland. In fairness to you i definitely should shout you as many pints as you can sink and for Lady GM, as many vodkas as she can down in an evening by way of recompense for the money saved on all those trips back I might have made just to check if anything had changed. Cheers too to all the contributers, BH,eLLA anna, dbmg,bernd,dakota et al for creating a bright GREEN spot for me each.
day. Keep up the good work agus beir bua. PB

Anonymous said...

yes indeed GM we have the bastards on the run carry on regardless keep up the good work forget about going to the congo irl could be soon free of ff gombeen assholes, free at last thang god almighty almost free at last is this new shower any better time will tell, my friend PH is adament this blog must go on for the good of the universe an sends her regards BH

Anonymous said...

Without Intellect or Sophistication.

I do not really know to use a blog except to reply to topics that are informative, educational and enable some from of reflection and positive change. I find that your blog has done that for me, and that is largely because of the contributors already mentioned. I can only offer praise for your effort and hard work.

I find it is virtually impossible to resist any topic that exposes or embarrasses the mendacity greed and hypocrisy of Roman Catholic Church and the audacious self-indulgence of TD’s

In Monday’s Examiner there was topic about how John Charles McQuaid was powerful enough to order the dismissal the Health Minister Noel Brown in 1951. The Taoiseach John A Costello was summoned by McQuaid and not visa versa, as State protocol required. The Examiner points out that the State was being run by one man: John Charles McQuaid. That is why the Ireland should be declared a secular state (like France) immediately. No F/N religion of any sort should have any political influence. All matters of religious observance should be private and personal for those concerned.

For the “Poor Irish People” little has changed within the ethos of political and church corruption, but there is nothing I can do about that except moan. I do not understand why anyone should spend time dishing out vitriol and venom, but at the same time having nothing positive or constructive to contribute.

On the whole your blog is blessed, there are just a few pig ignorant assholes, without intellect or sophistication and probably without too many working neurones (brain cells). When I write anything controversial, I always submit my name and e-mail address so that my opinion can be challenged if anyone wishes to do so, but for a person to be abusive and ‘sickeningly vile’ and still hide behind the cloak of anonymity is clearly contemptible.


Dakota said...

This illustrious portal to the real world is one of the few bastions of sanity left. Long may it be so.

Ella said...

@GM, it's a great blog and keep it up, the commentators are really the icing on the cake, so a pat to all concerned.

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks Pony Boy, BH, DBMG,Dakota and Ella.

You're all part of our little bit of reality here in Gombeen Nation!


anna said...

This is the only Irish blog site I visit. Why? Because GN and GM man genuinely DO try to do good .Other blog spots go round in circles. A lot of prejudice is often shown too : re immigrants, or even native poor and disadvantaged, N Ireland and of course Much hated of the British.: I trawled through 970 comments on politics.ie on Queen’s visit and was shocked by the atavistic hatred there. This site is almost Prim in the Decorum and Propriety of it’s standards; other sites are just a slag fest.
In fact the more I see of ROI, the more I think one national pastime’ slagging’ is not, as some, believe demonstrating the legendary Irish wit-
more an excuse to demonstrate the Very high level of verbal aggression here- far higher even than NI and something I haven’t seen much in any place outside ROI. When I see blogs on Youtube, UTV, UK papers, etc I don’t see anything like the aggression of Irish political blogs.
Where does it come from? There’s a lack of common purpose here- as in many unequal societies. I think because of this people often only owe solidarity to a tight group of family / friends and really don’t think of the feelings of others ( having said that many many ordinary Irish people are wonderful- this is just my general view of what’s wrong).
I also think aggression comes from the Enormous passivity here ( caused by an education very reliant on rote learning and not thinking for yourself-and a church that taught blind obedience to authority) .This passivity means people never do complain about many things- and anger then breeds. as so many things Are wrong and ordinary people can find no way to get a remedy(EG- I am sure many are frustrated by workplace bullying- but can find no one to help then- or take a stand. And complaining about bad health care??). Also those who have family problems/ been abused in any way etc when younger Will not get enough - or any- help from Psychological services in this country- I have often met people in workplaces with high levels of aggression who would have been told to go off on sick leave till they sorted themselves, decades go, in any other EU country!. In most EU countries troubled teens get necessary help Before entering the work force.
Yet Some other blog sports Allow various aggressive people to ‘slag’ away happily- just an outlet for their aggression- no thought of another’s feelings OR adding anything meaningful to a discussion……
So different to the 18th century salon atmosphere of our Own dear Gombeen Nation…

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha, Anna, "18th century salon atmosphere" indeed (says he adjusting his quilted breakfast dining gown). But yes, we are relatively genteel here.