Saturday, 9 April 2011

How dare they criticise our litter!

Remember the furore when German Ambassador, Christian Pauls, made some accurate observations about Ireland back in 2007?  

He described it as a "coarse" place where junior ministers were paid more than the German chancellor, where 20% of the population were public servants, where hospital waiting lists were "chaotic" and "would not be tolerated anywhere else".  A country where doctors rejected €200,000 posts as paying "Mickey Mouse" money. 

He was spot on about most things, of course.  Now, one economic implosion later, the natives are slowly, painfully, drawing the same conclusions. Too late, of course. 

You've heard the adage "a prophet is never welcome in his own country"?  Well, there's nothing more likely to raise the hackles of the Irish than an "outsider" telling them a few home truths.  Take an Aussie who wrote to the Metro Herald, Dublin's freesheet, to complain about litter in the city:

"People of Dublin, do you enjoy living in your own filth?  Or do you believe your mammy will come along behind you and pick up your litter?"    Confused Aussie.

Here are a couple of the reasoned responses he/she attracted:

"Confused Aussie,  do you enjoy coming from a stolen land?  I must say though, it's nice to see a confused Aussie for a change instead of the usual narcissistic one (sic)".    Paul.

"Confused Aussie do you really believe people appreciate your rudeness?  Being Australian is no excuse for ignorance.  If you hate Dublin that much, don't let the door hit you on the way out".       Proud Dub.

Such retorts are only too typical of discourse here.  Someone makes a valid point on a subject  -  be it the economy, society, culture, healthcare, or even litter - and they are told to "like it or lump it".

If the attitudes represented by the poorly punctuated missives (which, to me, point to a younger demographic) of Paul and Proud Dub are anything to by, it is no wonder the place is in such a mess... and not just litter-wise.

Sadly, it seems that Ireland is chock-a-bloc full of people who can't think critically on any issue, and hate anybody who can.

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Dakota said...

That's exactly it GM. This is a backward isle. The most upsetting thing is, it has not changed. Institutions may have given way to progress but the mindset is still the same. The old adage about the chicken and egg could have been made to describe Ireland. It's a cultural problem. Why are people surprised? Societal and cultural norms and values are the processes by which every individual lives by 24/7 on this Island. Add into this mix the ferocity of the ever increasing phenomenons of misplaced aggression and mobbing (both becoming as traditional as Liffey water), which are now spilling over into the main stream, and you have a lethal combination. The two replys are a clear demonstration of this. How could an individual such as PROUD DUB retort in such a way??? What the hell is he proud of???
Oh and another trait which he/she splurges forth with, is, leave if you don't like it. That's always the way, here, isn't it, never any mention of improvement is there? I think PROUD DUB is unwittingly, clearly showing why, this country is so comfortable with the ruling hegemony. It's that way because such individuals are the hegemony. The inevitability of it, is so sad.

Anonymous said...

F off Gombbeen man , why dont you take yourself and your begruding, neighsaying blog and move to the Congo , youd have plenty to blog on about there .;-)

Dakota said...

GM, our Anon friend is another demonstration why OIRELAND is up LA LA Creak without a paddle. I genuinely believe it hasn't sunk in yet.

Ella said...

Hi Dakota - I'm not so sure that Anonymous @13h33 is a classic example of what GM is describing, perhaps just a regular taking the piss, note the .;-) (wink & smiley at the end of the statement!

Dakota said...

Yes of course Ella I thought that but nevertheless, still, there lieth the demonstration. As for it not sinking in, wasn't talking about the genius of their articulation, just making the point that the classic OIRELANDER is still waiting for the penny to drop.

Anonymous said...

this is outrageous MR GM auld foriengers criticising our little paradise in the bitter north atlantic does this german dude ever read the oirish times and get facts on irl, speaking of greed and coarsness maybe fritz should read up on the reception jerry got at stalingrad when they tried to gobble up russia, my advice to him is that he should keep sending money to irl so our gombeen politicos and chancers can ride around in merks, as for confused ozzie after 3 or 4 days stuffed in a flying cattle wagon to reach civilision from oz i would be confused too, perhaps he or shela were in naples when the maffia were on strike,i once met an ozzie brain surgeon at LAX airport just arrived he could not understand why americans didnt have an aussie accent, he would not accept that my good friend PARIS HILTON was not a hotel in france what can you say about people like that, unfortunately the world is full of them UP DEV -BH

Anonymous said...

To Clarify Gombeenman, I was anon 13:33and was indeed taking the piss ,apologies for not illustrating the sarcasm clearly enough , an dplease dont up and go to the Congo .

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes D, I wondered about that one myself but concluded - like Ella - Anon 13:33 is a punter with a good sense of humour. Mind you, nothing would surprise me in this place. And yes, the "Proud Dub" appendage is, indeed, puzzling. How can anyone be "proud" of popping out of the womb at a given location? Maybe "Thick Dub" might be more accurate?

Mr BH, great. Give my best regards to PH (the person, not the hotel of course).

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha, Anon 13.38. I'd just published my last comment before seeing yours in the inbox (so yours has come in before it).

Yes, that's what I thought. No - I'm not off to the Congo just yet... but it's becoming more appealing by the day!


Miso said...

Good points all. Perhaps the most interesting was the idea of 20% of population working as public servants. I have deep issues with the civil service at present. They are, apparently, still undergoing 'unprecedented volumes of work' in every department and remain as unable to answer a phone today as ten years ago. The mistakes and errors made by them - necessitating more fruitless phone calls and letters - are frankly astonishing. I can only surmise that the intelligence tests set by (good question, who sets them?!)them for entry actually function in reverse, ie to ensure that anybody with an IQ above that of your average functioning zombie does not end up employed there. Just a thought.

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