Friday, 29 April 2011

Everybody's Drinkin' by Damo and Ivor. And not a Pioneer in sight.

"Pioneer trail ends as cash dries up" read the headline of yesterday's Metro Herald.  It seems that the Pioneer Total Abstinance Association, an organisation of devout non-drinkers formed by a Jesuit priest in 1898, may have to call time on its continuing existence due to "falling membership and a lack of funding".  

You would have to feel for them, wouldn't you?  If the worst comes to the worst,  they won't even have the option of drowning their sorrows.

Page three of the same Metro Herald carries a story about Everybody's Drinkin', the latest serving from Damo & Ivor, the alter-egos of Andy Quirke of Skanger Me Banger  fame. It seems the ditty has raced to the top of the iTunes chart, displacing the likes of Black Eyed Peas and Snoopy Dog - sorry, Snoop Dog - on the way. 

Drinking or not drinking  -  we just don't do compromise, do we?  


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By Aponytment said...

All the partying in this clip leaves me no choice but to draw your attention to the wedding, even if only to say that I loved every minute of it despite not being a Royalist. Is anyone in Ireland admitting to watching it. My Irish family all remained Stumph to the dozens of annoying "Ooh I'm loving it" txts I insisted on sending them during the show. Big deal it was a waste of taxpayers money but to see the euphoria it generated across that green and pleasant land and further afield would have ensured that it wasn't money that would have been considered better spent on a Eurofighter by any of those partygoers out on their closed off streets for the party of a generation. The Brits do Spectacle really well and I'm all for a break from land mines and Assad and Ghadaffi just for a day or two. Drank too much, Slagged off Eugenie and Beatrice - especially the hat ensemble that made her resemble an octopus/racoon cross. Oh and before I gallop off - C'mon WhoTF were the two nuns sitting next to W&K. Someone must have been watching - fess up.

Ella said...

Hi GM, that Andy Quirke is very good, doubling as Damo and Ivor. I wasn't too gone on it first but it's kinda grown on me.

@ PonyBoy. I had a day off work yesterday and told people it was because I wanted to watch the British Royal Wedding. I was actually believed by some. No I spent the day shopping and galavanting around in the car and can say I didn't see/hear one minute of the British Royal Wedding. I'm sure they are a perfectly nice couple but I am not a royalist and it would'nt matter the nationality, British, Belgian or Irish (had we a royal family).

Anonymous said...

Whatever about the pomp and display of elitism, it's better seeing the money spent on this than however many millions it takes for one wing of a figther jet or some banker's bonus.

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha PB. You made a day of it so... mind you, put a few beers in front of me and a bank holiday off I might have been the same - though I'm not a weddings man (be it yesterday's do, Posh and Becks, or B-B-Berties daughter and some other non-entity from Irish life.

But looking at the news here, there was plenty of interest - a wine party in Sandyford was featured, and a lovely shot of a female watcher with a tear in her eye. Sure it's all just spectacle, and though it's not me, at least it seemed like more fun than the Pope in the Park way back then. Especially if there was a public holiday going.

Yes, Ella... Andy Quirke is quite good - he plays those two characters very well. They are out there, more's the worry!

@ Anon. The bankers... and didn't they think they were Ireland's aristocracy for so long....

Anonymous said...

Went to a wedding party on Friday. great day, lifted the spirits big time, and thankfully it's British taxpayers footing the bill.