Friday, 17 February 2012

Commemorating 1916 - let's admit it was a bad idea

Since independence in 1922, when our gombeen ruling class took over running the country, it has gone rapidly downhill.   Maybe it's time to admit it was all a bad idea after all?

And taking over a biscuit factory and a post office in 1916?  What was that all about?  As parody republican Ding Dong Denny O'Reilly once observed, would it not have made more sense to have taken over a brewery?  At least the following morning the rebels could have awoken with stonking hangovers, and incredulously asked themselves "Oh Jasus, we did wha' ???".

Anyway, glad to see Enda has been politically mature enough to release the following broadcast (sneak preview):

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John said...

Brilliant, just about says it all. cannot wait to see what crap they will really come up with in 2016, to explain the crazy economics of excessive taxing that will have us further in the manure.

The Gombeen Man said...

It is good, isn't it? Is that Peig in the role of censor?

John said...

This one is Peig, GM ...


Good crack..

Anonymous said...

And taking over a biscuit factory and a post office in 1916? What was that all about?

Post office - stop the post = everyone in the country knows about it.

Bolands Bakery - hard to starve them out when they control the bread supply.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ John. Thanks for those links - very good.

@ Anon. The idea of taking over Bolands was crackers.

Frederick said...

The Gombeen Man said:
" The idea of taking over Bolands was crackers."

Well it was The Yeaster Rising. Panned out that a batch of them got milled. (Groan)

Loved the vid!

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha. Doughs plans turned out a bit half-baked in the end, depite all the floury rhetoric.

Dakota said...

All very fine taking over Boland Bakery GM, but why were they still a few sandwiches short of a decent picnic? Anyway shrapnel doesn't add to the flavour it tends to react to the yeast.

John said...

Dev was in charge of Bolands bakery, I alwys suspected that he was bit of a MasterBaker.

Anonymous said...

I'd say we jumped ship at the right time myself. Britian's best days were behind it, with nothing on the horizon but wars, economic decline, and Jarrow Hunger Marches.


The Gombeen Man said...

@ Dakota. Quite a few short, I'd say.

@ John. Always thought the same myself!

@ "Joe".

And where exactly did we jump to, then?

And where are you living yourself?

Tom O' Connor said...

I suppopse I'm the only one who thinks this, but ... How about Ireland joining up again with the United Kingdom? There is devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and there would certainly be room for a self-governing Ireland within the United Kingdom. If the word "Kingdom" doesn't appeal, then it could be the United States of Britain and Ireland.

It would be good for Ireland to have the pound instead of the useless euro.

There. I've said it.

Dakota said...

Yep they weren't all there! LOL...... Most of the Nationalist heroes stayed away and got the Citizens Army to spill the blood. Then to add insult to injury, largely wiped them out of the historical context and basked in the glory of a job never done.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Tom O'Connor. This blog has often said that "independence" was a big mistake, leading to a gombeen class taking over and making a mess of it all.

Sadly, this kind of conclusion would be a minority one here, I think. You only have to say "Cromwell", "Famine" or "The 800 Years" and most Irish are happy to roll over and let our gombeen class shaft them... as they have been doing since 1922.

@ Dakota. Yes, and the emerging Irish ruling class got rid of some troublesome social radicals into the bargain. Result for them, eh?

Dakota said...

GM it was a corruption of the freedom concept. As is the case in many revolutionary (well, social upheaval, in Irelands circumstance) events, capitalist ideals, in one form or other, win out eventually. Is it part of the human condition?

What is somewhat unique in the Irish context, is the complete lack of debate and nonexistent balance to any historical argument on many levels. Ireland's milieu favours an unashamedly overt capitalist rethoric, which favours a history of complete and utter kowtowing to the authority of the ruling elite, while at the same time professing a distain for this same authority. Not healthy. Eh, only 50 years or so ago you could be institutionalised and branded for not toeing the line, in this fine country. Not only Irish timing but Irish hypocrisy.....What's worse is the time for any debate on such matters has been and gone.

The New Calitalist Agenda has subverted any chance of this country ever having any meaningful debate on anything. All that's left is neo-liberal gibberish, an aspiration to be middle class, a quasi-Catholic agenda, atheism, underclass and middleclass (?)escapism (the craic), and a willingness to consume whatever falls off the elites table (including yourself or anyone deemed necessary). Remember the rise of Slavery was synonymous with the rise of capitaism.

Capitalism consumes. The New Capitalism consumes all. But hey Ireland is not the real world, so nothing to worry about. Oh and it's not boring either.......