Saturday, 11 February 2012

Road signage in Ireland... again.

Road signage in Ireland has been covered before on the blog.  You know... signs in Gaelic only, including the internationally loved "Stop" and every other sign in, or pointing to, the Gaeltacht.  Many gullible tourists have spent their two weeks' holiday - and large sums of money to "friendly" rip-off gombeens -  vainly searching for the town of Dingle.

We have a semi-orbital motorway part-way around the capital which informs drivers who enter it only of the directions "north" or "south" - no actual placenames.

We have dual carriageways with lower speed limits than bockety rural regional roads.  We have only a handful of signs informing motorists of junction layouts in advance. 

 It's a mess, but the Irish authorities have never quite grasped the intended function of signage:  to impart information. 

What about this beauty at a right-turn junction (or is it?)  at the Blanchardstown centre? 

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John said...

Donogh O' Malley the when he was Minister for Education and known for his heavy drinking exploits . As part of Irish political folklore, on one occasion O’Malley was reputed to have driven wrong way down O’Connell Street in Dublin. When stopped by the Guards, he was asked did he not see the arrows. The arrows, says our bold Minister, sure I never even saw the fecking Indians.

Dakota said...

They are afraid of invasion GM. Why give the enemy directions? One of the most frustrating and bizarre countries in the western world to drive in. As for back to front speed limits? Just another demonstration of authoritarian fecklessness. The powers that be couldn't give a toss, and they have an inkling that the public will accept anything anyway. No momentum to change anything FOR THE BETTER. Why was there never an Irish Kafka?

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha John. I can just picture it, which is the scary thing.

One of the most frustrating and bizarre Dakota... if the THE most so. No booby prizes for Ireland on that score. And now it looks like we will have a Clondalkin or Ballymun "Gaeltacht", with dwellings reserved for Gaelic speakers. Oh Jasus, it's getting worse.

Anonymous said...

The people who decide these speed limits and sanction the location/wording of signs are a product of our universities. It is the so called educated that make all these decisions. What does this tell us? Do they do it on purpose, maybe they don't give a shit, or are they really that stupid!

This Gaelic discrimination just demonstrates how deluded the Paddies are. TG4 regularly has programme's on about the famine, 150 years ago, but completely ignores the current rape, plunder and desolation happening now. They dare not scrutinize their masters, the source of their livelihoods, utter two faced hypocrites. The paddies are a breed of their own, but shir the whole world loves them, or so they like to think, bunch of deluded muppets.


The Gombeen Man said...

I'm afraid it's true Hobnob. Delusion is what they do best here... Then blame the Brits for everything, even after they have been shafted red raw by "their own"!