Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fianna Fail branch wants national anthem sung in schools

Fianna Fail, the party of shysters and corrupt thieving gobshites that bankrupted the country they profess to love so much, had their national conference a few days ago.  Or weeks ago.  Does it matter?  They are an irrelevance now, belatedly.

One of the motions from some "ogra" or something or other - I think it's Gaelic for "Fianna Fail Youth" - called for the singing of the national anthem in schools every Monday (Irish Examiner, Feb 28th).

That should sort it, alright. 

As an illustration of how far-removed from reality the Irish political class is, it is hard to beat.  That it comes from the upcoming generation who, on this evidence, seem even more stupid and reactionary than the present incumbents/incompetents, makes it all the more depressing. 

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John said...

This just shows how stupid and crass they are. As the wise Samuel Johnson
said 200 years ago:
“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

Interesting, that at the same time they were having their love in at the RDS, in another oart of the same complex, thousands were trying to get jobs in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the youth.

I remember when the current UK foreign secretary was big in the Young Conservatives and they passed a resolution to hang Nelson Mandela (Mandela was in gaol at the time).

Anonymous said...

I am sure they would be happy if only the first line was sung

An Irishman said...

I might be more accepting if it was something like "Ireland's Call", but if people actually knew what they were singing, they would not be so quick to tout Amhran na bhFiann. The fact that this is coming from the Ogra wing of the party makes it all the more disturbing.

An Irishman said...

Excellent article, by the way :)

The Gombeen Man said...

@ John. That's right, it really adds to the irony... people fleeing the place after the mess they made and these idiots talking about such rubbish at their conference. Sammy J had it spot on.

@ Anon. You know, I remember that. They were a right bunch of Monday Club horrors, that lot.

@ Anon 2. Another good reason for ditching "The Soldier's Song".

@ An Irishman. The fact that it comes from the youth wing is, indeed, the scary bit. You made much the same observation in your excellent blog post about Gaeilge and the Shinners, and it's bloody scary.

What a pity the entire "Ogra" organisation aren't emigrating.

Thanks your kind compliment!

BTW folks, sorry about the order of the posts - I had to do a bit of patching as I posted the same blog twice in a hurry out of house this morn... easy enough to do if you are sufficiently incompetent!

I've got the comments all in one place now but the order, as I say, is a bit all over the place. Sorry about that.

Dakota said...

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

Anonymous said...

The Young Conservatives never passed a motion to hang Nelson Mandela. If you can remember, what year was it?

It is a myth, like the ones about the Irish Famine.

John said...

Anon, the Tories including Thatcher regarded Mandela as a "Terrorist", this article by the right wing Mail, explains all

" some Tories undoubtedly shamed themselves by becoming apologists for the Apartheid tyranny, and those who wore 'Hang Nelson Mandela' badges were ignorant, stupid and silly. Even the South African courts (a good deal more independent than Soviet ones of the same era) had spared Nelson Mandela from the death penalty." Peter Hitchens in The Mail on Sunday..2006

Fergus said...

As they sing the national anthem, Kenny and his morans can dance around waving their stars to show us how well they brown nosed the EU,IMF and all the other shysters.

dub said...

"The very existence of the State demands that there be some privileged class vitally
interested in maintaining that existence. & it is precisely the group interests
of that class that are called patriotism."

— Michael Bakunin, Letters on Patriotism, 1869.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Fergus. What would your alternative be to the bailout, Fergus? Is there one, other than going back to the bond markets?

@ Dub. That sounds like a good read. And we are ain a funny place, as Ireland is a land where even the anarchists are patriotic.