Saturday, 17 March 2012

Irate readers, missing emails, technical problems, Paddy's Day, and other annoyances

Some months ago, I noticed Gombeen Nation's lovely header image - the unfab four you see above - became pixellated.   Upon attempting to research the problem, I found that Google Blogger deems it "a known issue".  So that's that, is it? 

It's a bit like buying a car, the wheels of which fall off when you leave the showroom, and being told it is a "known issue" when you go back to the salesperson to complain.

Likewise the followers gadget. This is something within the control panel of Blogger that supposedly allows you to see who has subscribed to your blog. Again, it does not work. It is a "known issue". So that's alright then.

The same with my email.  Or someone else's.  I had a message from a reader who accused me of ignoring emails, and his suggestion for a blog post.  I had done no such thing.  I replied saying I would cover the topic. 

In fact, I answer every email I get.  Maybe not right away as -  believe it or not  -  we bloggers  have work and personal lives too.  Why, or if, the person did not receive my email - whether it was lost in cyberspace, or fell victim to an aggressive spam filter - I do not know.  I am not technical.  It's in my "sent" box.

But that someone might think that this circumstance is down to my  rudeness or indifference is a little bit jarring.  Jarring to the point where you think "why bother?".  This blogging business can be a bit of a head-wrecker at times, between one thing and another, it really can. 

Speaking of jarring:  it's Paddy's Day.   A day when people take to the streets and celebrate their Irishness by blockading towns and cities, getting hammered, attacking and abusing people, rioting, and decorating the footpaths with layers of colourful (preferably green-dyed) vomit.

Yet another annoyance, as if there weren't enough of them.

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Iain said...

The problem with your banner image is that the image itself is 512 pixels wide with a height of 69 pixels but it's being displayed on the top of your pages with a width of 980 pixels and around 135 pixels high so it's getting stretched and thus looks pixelated .

You should be able to solve it by uploading a new banner image of 980 pixels wide.


The Gombeen Man said...

Hiya Iain.

Thanks for that. Tried it though, and no difference I'm afraid.

It seems to be some issue to do with "Blogger"... I've had that banner up, which I did in Photoshop using "save for Web", for a couple of years now, but overnight it went all yukky.

Oh well.

The Gombeen Man said...

Went back into Photoshop Iain, ressaved for web and uploaded. It looks OK now... let's hope it lasts!