Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mahon Tribunal: Official Ireland gives its belated, impotent verdict

If neglecting a blog was a criminal offence it would be a case of “guilty as charged, Your Honour”. But it’s been mad lately, what with builders restoring the gaff and the horrors of work and all the rest.

It’s nearly finished now, the gaff, and the “builder” who impressed the most was the plasterer - finishes like snooker table slate.

The man himself turns up every morning bang on the minute and just does his work… it’s more of an art really, seeing him at it. His name is Simon, thankfully, not Paddy.

And speaking of Paddy the Plasterer, what a to-do about the eventual findings of the Mahon Tribunal?

It made many legal types super-rich, even providing exorbitant incomes for them in the downturn. It cost goodness knows how many millions (I’m sure some of you clever readers can say exactly), and it told us that B-B-Bertie was “untruthful” and that Pee Flynn was “corrupt”, as were some councillors.  Other Fianna Failers accepted corrupt payments and abused office.  Brown envelopes abounded in council chambers.

Did we not know that? And does it mean that because B-B-Bertie was not proven corrupt – just “untruthful”  – he will never see the inside of Ireland’s woeful prison system?  The same system he presided over for far too long?

Will the corrupt shyster Pee Flynn, one of whose daughters advised people how to evade tax and went on to be a TD, see the inside of a mangy Mountjoy cell? 

Dream on. This is Ireland after all.

A country full of people who see the behaviour of B-B-Bertie and Flynn, and other members of the rotten political class, as laudable.

They are the self-same shysters who voted for these chancers in their droves, and probably still would if they got the chance.

Rotten.  One of Ireland's core values.

Those of you who sympathise with the sentiments of the blog are just an admirable minority.

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Ella said...

Hi GM,- just reading yesterday's IT now. I'm a very busy lady you see. Anyway... if P Flynn kept £50,000 for his use that was for the FF party, surely the FF party should complain to the Gardai that he has stolen £50,000 from them and get them to act.

The Gombeen Man said...

Well, I think that is the way it would work in most other places, Ella.

John said...

Pee Flynn,a brief history.
Flynn served as European Commissioner from 1993 until 1999
He was reappointed by the Fine Gael government in 1995, he did such a "GREAT" job.
Flynn's second term ended early in September 1999 as the entire commission resigned due to "allegations of malpractice" by the European Parliament.
Now, where is that 100 Euro, I must pay or go to gaol!!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see how much influence costs. For 50,000 you get Bertie to rezone some land, but for 250,000 you get to dine with David Cameron. I tell you lad, were only in the ha'penny place.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ John.

Yes, we should all be upstanding citizens and pay more tax for these shysters to embezzle as they see fit.

@ Serial Anon (Once again, please have the courtesy to use a name).

Ha'penny place my arse. "We" are in a corrupt shithole.

At least Cruddas resigned in the UK, and had to. That is something that is not in the Irish political vernacular, no matter how scandalous the transgression.

Well, not unless there is a 15-year enquiry costing the taxpayer €300 million, in which case B-B-Bertie, for instance, resigns belatedly from his rotten party, under pain of expulsion, and reluctantly at that.

Ha'penny place indeed.

Anonymous said...

With FF it is brown envelopes and a tent at Galway races, whereas in the UK it is wire transfers to Swiss bank accounts and port & cigars at Boodle's - no comparison.

Dakota said...

Almost biblical proportions now GM. The elite designed the system in their own image. Middle income Ireland pay for everything.

Now the system begings another build up of crap for the next tribunal in so many years. The circle begins again all paid for by the downtrodden. FF bred in cheek, Labour and FG are wibbly wobbly hypocrites of the worst ilk. Someone please tell them it's about the economy stupid...and FF to shut the hell up...