Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fine Gael TD, Michelle Mulherin, in fornication shock

The following quotes are not from Pope Benedict, as you might imagine, but from Mayo Fine Gael TD, Michelle Mulherin.

"The grace of God is so liberating and provides so many options to get the best out of life despite our fallen nature, and we all have that.

Having said that, it is an ideal to aim for. In an ideal world there would be no unwanted pregnancies and no unwanted babies, but we are far from living in an ideal world. An honest and a scriptural view is that things are getting harder for people, so what then for the weak in our society?

Abortion as murder, therefore sin, which is the religious argument, is no more sinful, from a scriptural point of view, than all other sins we don’t legislate against, like greed, hate and fornication. The latter, being fornication, I would say, is probably the single most likely cause of unwanted pregnancies in this country.”

Think about that for a minute. This is Ireland 2012, still a backward dump.   Here we have a politician standing up in our national parliament informing us that abortion is a  "sin" and  "fornication" is "probably" the most likely cause of unwanted pregnancies in the country.  

And what might it be in other countries, Michelle? Kissing? Sharing bathwater? Masturbating? Looking at a boy?

I don't know if Mulherin can get RTE in Mayo.  If she can, she might have seen last night's Late Late Show which featured  three women who were forced to travel abroad for medical terminations when they found the babies they were carrying were missing vital organs, like brains, and were completely unviable outside the womb.

It seems they were expected to endure the painful charade of pregnancy and childbirth to deliver dead, deformed, babies into the world.  Early medical terminations are still not an option in Ireland you see - thanks to the ignorance of people like Mulherin.

Instead the Irish health service directed these already distraught women to Dublin Airport, so they could travel abroad for them.  Real Irish.  As if these women's situations were not traumatic enough. 

Maybe good Christians like Mulherin should desist from casting stones and condemning others -  "informed", as they are, by a doctrine we do not all subscribe to.

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Ella said...

Hi GM, the meaning of fornication is sex outside marriage, and according to our open minded, pc female td from Enda's neck of the woods it's people who fornicate who elect to abort - complete garbage of course as many married women have them too, the 3 ladies on the Late Late last night were all married and had terminations for very cogent reasons and to add to their misery they had to travel to the UK, (which means you have to have disposable money at very short notice, thereby limiting this option for some women). A stressful time and then having to leave the country and your family and friends behind - cheers Michelle, if you don't want an abortion love you don't have to have one, but please give those of us who might need one the choice to do so at home.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of this blog ? .You pass yourself off as an Irishman from "Ireland" with the intent of misleading the reader that you are from Ireland ,yet on this site difficult to find ,you cowardly hide your identity but say you are from Northern Ireland in THE UNITED KINGDOM .So your a sectarian loyalist who takes the time to set up a anti-Irish blog with sectarian undertones dressed up as clever analysis ,how sad is that ?. Whats it like to have all that hate in your heart ? Does it make you feel like a man ?.What are you going to do when the inevitable break up of the UK happens and reunification takes place .Will you go crying to mommy ?. Hateful dinosaurs like you are the reason that north east of Ireland is so screwed up in the first place .

The Gombeen Man said...

Ella. "'s people who fornicate who elect to abort - complete garbage of course as many married women have them too.." True Ella, that is the definition of the archaic term "fornication". What century is yer wan living in?

@ Anon. Oh dear. They are out there. Somewhat off-topic given the substance of the post, but anyway...

One purpose of the blog is to annoy people like you. I am not the only blogger to "cowardly" hide my identity - I think you will find it is quite common. I notice you sign yourself off as "Anon", which is funny.

I am not from Northern Ireland, I am from Dublin. I live in Dublin. My parents, their parents, their parents and their parents were from Dublin.

I put up with all the shit that passes for political discourse in this country every single day. I am paying off the debts of the idiots who made the kip bankrupt by thinking property prices could increase forever.

I put up with the likes of you who can only bang on about the Brits and the 800 years and re-unification, even as you are shafted red-raw by the gombeen political class that took over in 1922.

As for the old chesnut of "unification", Ireland was united before 1922. It never will be again. People like you have seen to that, with your corrosive brand of Dev-inspired cultural nationalism.

And you call me a dinosaur.

John said...

In the x case, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that abortion was lawfull if a woman's life was in danger. The Government of this country has failed in their duty to
introduce legisaltion on this matter for 20 years. The European Court of human rights,in 2010, in reference to the ABC v Ireland case, which wanted to force the governments hand on this issue, the decision of the Grand chamber was to state in clear terms ,that the Irish government was to legislate on this issue and introduce limited abortion as per the x case. The response to this issue, from the government is to set up an "expert" group to "look" into the matter.

Ms Daly's bill was to get action on this issue.This whole subject will rank in Irish history for future generations , along side with the Catholic church's abuse of children by their, priests. As for Mulherin, she is an ignorant fool, reflective of those who elected her. No wonder, we still sit in a mental bog in Ireland.

Dakota said...

"Hateful dinosaurs like you are the reason that north east of Ireland is so screwed up in the first place." Eh I think you'll find it had something to do with a large batch of armalites, a deeply screwed up history and thick yobos that were only pacified by copious amounts of cash.

As for abortion GM, Ms. Mulherin I suppose is correct when she says it's a sin. That's her prerogative, but setting her comments into the wider context, a vital element Irish Catholics always negate is understanding. Abortion in limited circumstances is only proper and humane. Abortion on demand is just another type consumption, which completely discounts the life of an individual that has no voice, I would have thought.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ John. I think much of Irish people's thinking on this issue is still informed by the Catholic Church... even those who feel they have broken from it. The 20 years' procrastination on the fallout of the X-case is shocking. To think they wanted to prevent a rape-victim child from travelling to abort her rapist's progeny is something else.

@ Dakota. Sure D. I don't think abortion should take the place of contraception... something that didn't officially exist in 80's Ireland when I came "of age". But my stance on the subject would be informed by the following 12 Irish women a day travel for abortions Have a read of The Story of Paul and Mandy link too (at the bottom) to see where I'm coming from.

That Late Late Show feature was something else though. Awful, the treatment these women received. And then you have the likes of Mulherin banging (sorry!) on about "fornication", like some right-wing American preacher.

Anonymous said...


Not me, but fair play to your new anon. He has you pegged to a tee. :)

I do enjoy your blog because at the end of the day you are just an unreconstructed blue shirt whinging on about petty and irrelevant gripes.

Take a look at what has been happening in Ireland over the past few years, then take a look at what you choose to blog on. Can you really say you are discussing issues that really matter?

I did not see you post on anything in connection with the recently protests at either FG or Labour conferences - what a surprise NOT.

What is so funny about this post is that she is one of yours - another blueshirt. Priceless.

P.S. I'll do you a deal. I'll use a regular sign off if you allow replies that point out the obvious holes in what you try to pass off as an argument. What is the point of blog if you are not going to discuss?

Mad Max

The Gombeen Man said...

Oh dear, oh dear.

Perhaps you should try living in Ireland if you want to keep abreast of what is happening here.

You're living in Britain, giving out about Britain and the Brits. How pathetically sad is that?

As for your Blueshirt jibes - laughable and archaic.

In case you hadn't noticed, the post is against a Fine Gael TD. I see little difference between FF or FG, except that FG is slightly less corrupt.

As for what I choose write about, I am not answerable to anyone in regard to what is featured. The blog's comments policy is also very clear: "Non-abusive comments that add value to the blog are more likely to be published".

To clarify, I do not have the time nor the inclination to "debate" with every half-wit who insists on making half-baked, stupid arguments on every post I write. I sometimes publish some of the madder ones, such as yours and anon's above, just so people can marvel at what is out there.

I'm glad the blog pisses you off though, as you've been reading it and sniping (anonymously) for years.

It makes it all worthwhile.

Ella said...

Hi GM, LOL here not at yerself but the anonymous/mad max contributors. It's your blog, you write about what you want when you want. you have no paid advertisements, are answerable to nobody but yourself and these are things I love about the blog. As for those who don't like well... don't bother reading it would be my advice.

Keep up the excellent work.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Ella. Thanks for your kind words.

I suppose the worst thing you can do as a blogger is publish comments that are obviously of the trolling variety.

This particular one made the decision to move to the UK, yet spends most of his time slagging off "The Brits", while labouring under the delusion that the Old Sod is some kind of paradise on Earth.

Dealing with a troll is akin to engaging with a mad person, in a way, and only serves to give encouragement.

Some argue that black is white, and if you answer to the contrary they still come back maintaining that it is. They usually have feck all else to do, apparently, and keep coming back making the same non--arguments over and over again.

Think the blogs comments policy has to be a lot stricter in not suffering fools.

Carlos the Jackal said...

Keep the troll like comments coming. They are so wrapped in the philosophy of delusion that they can be entertaining.

Dakota said...

"What is the point of blog if you are not going to discuss?" I don't think discuss is your true intent, petty annoyance, perhaps?

"I did not see you post on anything in connection with the recently protests at either FG or Labour conferences - what a surprise NOT" And I didn't see you make a such a point either. NICE. Where you possibly one of the crowd in the building, listening intently?

GM what's the point, just laugh at such a display of misdirected genius there. Such individuals, are a good example, of why, the Western World and especially Oireland, is so messed up and in continuous gradual decline. They misdirect and miscalculate their aggression towards those that least deserve it. (A form of self consuming pathological envy). In so doing, they let the real culprits off. Frat Boy humour, or another way of looking at it is, Burlesque gone wrong. Why do you think there is no credible and cohesive movement to counter the New Capitalism? They think Accountability is a country in Asia.

What you want to Blog about is your business GM.

Anonymous said...

Gombeen a quick scan on the periscope and no gaelgoris or knuckledragging beetroot faced hurl wielding wolf tone fans in sight . I open the hatch and pop up to scrounge for tinned foodstuffs and check gombeennation . Still not safe out there apparently , back again to the shelter .

limerick anon