Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nearly 200 young people die in "care" of Irish State

Yesterday's Irish Times described how 196  young people died while in the "care" of the State between 2000 and 2010, according to a report by the Independent Child Death Review Group.

112 were said to have died of "non natural" causes; though it  is not clear how the remaining 84 deaths  -  given the age cohort  -  could be described as "natural".  But Ireland is a strange place.  

Given this country's sorry history with regard to the protection of children and young people, we shouldn't be overly surprised.  Remember the industrial schools?  The Magdalene laundries?  Remember the state schools, overwhelmingly run by the Catholic Church, where sexual abuse of children was rampant?

Our rotten  "republic", whose founders were perhaps the most conservative revolutionaries ever,  has failed the majority of its citizens since its sorry foundation...  though most of those citiziens might not be aware of the fact:  cowed, clueless, stupid and unquestioning as they are.

Those whom the state has failed most however, are the the most voiceless, disadvantaged and marginalised.  They have been more or less been left to their own devices since 1922... until, of course, the time comes for the authorities to place them in "care" or in prison.

They constitute a grim reality that Official Ireland, and its many vocal and self-interested lobby groups championing their own various rackets, refuses to recognise.

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Anonymous said...

GM, on the one hand, this sounds like a horror, but, bad as it is, it is almost indescribably better than what we had as recently as 25 years ago, with thousands languishing in "care" (if not being actively tormented) and a constant cohort of around 20,000 citizens confined under the dangerous lunatics act.

The bad news is the social patterns. Traveller infant mortality is over 4 times that of the general population (plus a 5% stillbirths rate, again about 4x as bad) . Also, Traveller life expectancy is 61.7 (M) & 70.1 (F), vs 76.8 (M) & 81.6 (F) for Paddy and Mary.

Open contempt toward the poor, vulnerable, uneducated, and non-conformist continues apace. A true Irish tradition.

One reason why the report seems almost positive is the fact that many of the poorest simply escape care today, like Travellers who have (perhaps wisely) opted out of the Republican Triumph that is Ireland. A lot of deaths due to preventable or treatable disease, accident, and suicide among youth are simply reported as belonging to the general population, where they are diluted.

A more relevant study would have counted mortality according to income, education level, and employment status: my research leads me to suspect that if such a study were done, we would have a real scandal on our hands. By limiting this study to kids in care, which is a mere fraction of what it once was, we essentially censor thousands of vulnerable people who are still being ground beneath the rolling wheels of Ireland Inc. while the rest of us gaze off into the distance whistling to ourselves.


The Gombeen Man said...

They are shocking figures, thomas - in a so-called "modern" western democracy.

What kind of an "eyes-wide-shut", malleable public has this place got? And what kind of "thinkers" and campaigners have we in our fourth estate? None.

Will someone ever step into the role of the sadly missed Mary Raftery? It's not as if there aren't enough real problems that need highlighting here, but the loudest voices are always from the most privileged, self-interested sources - bollocksology like Gaeltacht-lite in Ballymun and so on.

It's some republic alright.

Dakota said...

Yes thomas, if anyone cares to look, at the real Republic of Ireland, then the myths soon fade away quickly. Ireland is a materialistic hole, with as much character as a celebrity chav "personality." If anyone cares to care, just appraise the blaringly obvious, the Republics record on mental health. Largely a taboo to this day, but the reality is, if any vulnerable individual poked their head over the parapet and challenged the established elite and the well connected cutehoors up until the 1970s, (and who's to say it's not going on to this day?) they would be lucky if they weren't sectioned under the Dangerous Lunatics Act. That's the reality, that's the type of country this is! What has been created - and completely of Irish making - is a nation of leery fools (with that stupid Irish look on their mug, that signifies they just nicked the communion wine) that don't know right from wrong anymore. If they did, they wouldn't have the moral fibre to stand up and ask for it to be stopped anyway. A perfect storm for the contemporary elite.

"What kind of an "eyes-wide-shut", malleable public has this place got?" GM it's a KIP and the PEOPLE are probably too far gone. From this GM, I would say it could be surmised, that there can be no fundamental change as the PEOPLE don't, and never did, want it. The MYTH of change in the early part of the nineteenth century was nothing other than an opening of the floodgates to allow the REAL GANGSTERS run the show.

Anonymous said...

You were capable to strike the nail on the head plus spelled out the entire thing with out complication.

The Gombeen Man said...

" The MYTH of change in the early part of the nineteenth century was nothing other than an opening of the floodgates to allow the REAL GANGSTERS run the show"

And they'll be celebrating it big-time in 2016 - the gobshites.

Anonymous said...

You tits are hilarious !! . If you hate Ireland so much ,why don't you grow a pair and move somewhere else like the Utopia that is Britain or the Shankill road where you are most likely from anyway .

The Gombeen Man said...

It's sad thicks like you who have allowed the realities chronicled above to go unchecked... along with industrial schools, Magdalene laundries, and paedophile priests running classrooms.

Too busy tugging your greasy forelocks to your corrupt ruling class.

Like something from Animal Farm.. the Orwell version..

Sheep that you are.

Anonymous said...

Seriously , i came across this hateful blog by accident but it should prove to the 2 or 3 serial posters on this blog that since all the way back in 2007 all you can manage is 3 or 4 comments by the same people . Hardly a ringing endorsement of what you have to say about Ireland and Irish people .Decent news and blogs are read by people in numbers when the "news" is objective and at least try's to hide how impartial they are .This blog on the other hand is overtly anti Irish and i am sure when your not blogging about how evil and corrupt Irish people are your saying evil shite about anyone else who does not come from your tiny myopic goldfish bowl .

The Gombeen Man said...

Ho ho. And you have been putting in your dozy comments in defence of Oirland, even when its authorities abuse children and teenagers in its care. Where do you live, by the way? Do you even know what goes on here?

This blog gets a lot of traffic and pageviews. Not everyone who reads it comments. It also comes up prominently on Google searches which good news for the blog and its readers and bad news for its many detractors who rear up at anyone who dares question orthodox ideas in Ireland.

If it was as "popular" (by your definition) as the The Peoples Republic of Cork, or some such forum of compliant sycophants, I would be very worried indeed.

Now why don't you concentrate on what is going on in your own country of residence?

Anonymous said...

To blog detractors I would say - this blog exists to Bury Gombeens, Not to praise them-and GM man does a good job here- AND it's needed because there is FAR too little real campaigning journalism in Ireland. It's not just Irish people are Complacent- decent people are Woefully lied to about the realities of all that goes wrong here.THEREFORE IT'S NOT SURPRISING THAT WHISTLE BLOWING OFTEN STARTS OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY - eg - Beef tribunal got going after queries from British tax office, original prosecutions on child abuse by Fr Brendan Smyth began in Northern Ireland decent people don't always turn a blind eye- they are simply Lied to .
And as for these deaths of children in care REmember this:
* When HSE were asked originally, they said they Didn't know the figure!!!!
#*And Then it was Originally Estimated as About 20!!!!
* I Tried to find similar stats for another EU nation, still can't find any- but I don't believe it would be as high
* But what do you expect- this country is run by rich crooks- due to money being usually unlawfully creamed off for them, we have a huge and growing vulnerable underclass.
* In fact some of these children weren't from the usual uneducated and vulnerable classes- SOme were just mitching from school - as they had problems there either due to bullying, dyslexia etc- and this corrupt state just didn't bother with support services for busy keeping bankers out of jail and wasting millions on Irish.

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks Anna.

What is it with these gobshites? I do a blog post about an inordinately high mortality rate among young people in the care of the Irish authorities (funded by our taxes) and I get some hick patriot responding with "move somewhere else like the Utopia that is Britain or the Shankill road" where you are most likely from anyway."

Mind boggling.

Dakota said...

I love to laugh GM, thanks! Anon @ 08:40 explain exactly what you mean by the term Irish. If you mean the hologram which is the present swamp, created as it were, by a Gombeen elite, on the cassock leant to it from Rome, then you and 22:11 deserve everything you get. You even have the satisfaction of knowing it's only going to get worse...It's all lost on you either way.

Ah and 22:11, Britian and the Shankhill, funny you mention both geographical areas...I would happily trust most from these before I would trust a materialistic spiv from the South of Ireland. A characteristic now endemic in the Republic. Decency largely mutated about twenty years ago in Republic of Ireland, into a quasi yobbishness which now pervades most of cultural hegemony in sizeable tranches. GM the term you used sums up why and how it can only get worse. The population have "eyes wide shut." Each to his/her own.