Thursday, 14 June 2012

Seals beheaded at Dingle reserve - says it all

Sometimes, you really do despair for this place and some of the people in it.  

Perhaps a cull of the more brutalised/ignorant of Ireland's population might be unacceptable to many?  A bit right wing?

But maybe it is necessary for the survival of our species? 

The following recent Indo article was sent in by a reader.


Sick vandals mount heads of two seals on Dingle reserve

By Sarah Stack
Thursday June 07 2012
THE heads of two young seals have been mounted and stuck to the sign of a seal sanctuary.
The grim discovery was made by staff at Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary in Co Kerry shortly before 9am this morning.
Ally McMillan, animal manager, said the freshly cut seal heads had been nailed to a piece of wood, which was drilled to the sanctuary's sign.
Red paint, which resembled blood, was used to scrawl the words: "RIP Cull."
"It was sickening," said Ms McMillan.
"I wanted to be sick when I saw them.
"We were very worried because we have two seals here at the moment that are about ready to be released, but it wasn't them."
Gardai in the fishing port town have removed the seal heads and signs as part of their investigation.
It is feared they were targeted by people who want the sanctuary to close and who believe seals are destroying the local fishing waters.
Dingle Bay is also famous for its eco tours and cruises to spot seals, whales and the country's most famous dolphin Fungie.
The two dead common harbour seals are believed to be about six months old.
The alarm the raised by a man from the area passing the site who called the volunteers and said there was something on the sign.
Ms McMillan believes the seals were shot, but added there were no wounds on their heads besides the nails.
She said she is not opposed to the culling of seals when carried out humanly.
"I am from Australia and we cull kangaroos if there are too many, but there's research done first," she added.
"If they did that here and did proper research and counted seals in the Irish waters and found the population too high they could be a humane cull".
"For people just to take it in to their own hands and club or shot a seal is sickening."



Anonymous said...

Well GM, surely this qualifies as a disgrace, but surely also, the sub-humans responsible are mentally disturbed outriders of the sort that every society produces occasionally.

I would see something characteristically Irish in this only if the heads had belonged to undesirable little children :)


The Gombeen Man said...

What's v scary, thomas, is that people like this can be judged sane enough for a gun licence (I think the seals were shot).

Mind you, in the course of my life to date I have personally come across two people who held the very same... both rather unbalanced individuals.

Dakota said...

Oh GM what in the name of God, is it, with individuals on this Island and the vulnerable? With other instances of this type of evil in Co Down? I felt physically ill when I saw this particular article in a Newspaper recently...

I genuinely detest this countries attitude towards most things GM, but Ireland's attitude towards animal welfare, is mind numbing appalling. This instant is beyond anything I could have thought possible, even for this YOB paradise. The dirt involved are faeces in human form. The very dregs of the BOG. They are not sick - in the normal parlance and understanding of the word - they are evil. They are Sadistic and fixated on the vulnerable and seemingly get a perverted thrill from such examples.

If anyone from that part of Kerry happens to read this, and knows who perpetrated this, then also know this, they would happily do it to you, given the chance.

This country GM, now, has NO redeeming qualities whatsoever.

The Gombeen Man said...

"If anyone from that part of Kerry happens to read this, and knows who perpetrated this, then also know this, they would happily do it to you, given the chance."

Agreed. It's only the law that stops them killing people...