Monday, 24 September 2012

Another tale of casual cruelty and scummery in Ireland

Another day in Gombeen Nation and another tale of casual cruelty and scummery, as you will read soon.

You really have to wonder what kind of a generation is being foisted on us, with stories like the one below being so commonplace that they provoke little outrage or public debate on the nature of our society, and the units that make it up.

What kind of "teenagers" are these, and what kind of parents have they?   What kind of scumbags with what kind of values will they themselves reproduce?   

And reproduce they will, as that is the Irish way.  We are popping out more babies than anywhere else in Europe, and a sizeable proportion of them are rather wretched samples of humanity that the world, never mind Ireland, could well do without.

This might sound a bit right-wing, but how about some kind of compulsory sterilisation programme?  Call it neutering if you will.

 Or at least some kind of demonstration from prospective parents that they can bring their offspring up in a fashion that makes them fit for civil society?  

Thugs feed family cat to dogs in front of children

By Ralph Riegel
Irish Independent, Thursday September 20 2012

A MOTHER of five wept yesterday as she revealed how teenage thugs fed her beloved 17-year-old cat to their dogs.

Kathleen O'Brien sobbed as she said two of her children witnessed the horrific attack that left the family's pet cat Boots mangled and blood-soaked outside their front door.

Mrs O'Brien, who lives at Fairfield Meadows in Fairhill in Cork, said that the savaged cat died minutes after they rushed him to the local vet.

"We had Boots for 17 years -- he was just sitting outside our front door. The next thing, I was in the kitchen and I heard a load of banging on my front door and my windows," she said.

Kathleen emerged to find two of her children deeply distraught -- with Boots lying mangled in a pool of blood.

Kathleen was horrified to learn that Boots been spotted by a group of teens as they walked greyhounds and a large hunting dog.

One of the teens walked over, grabbed the cat and threw it to the dogs to be mauled.

The cat had been savaged before Kathleen's children could intervene. Immediately afterwards, the teens ran off laughing with their dogs.

Kathleen contacted both Gurranabraher gardai and the CSPCA about the incident, amid concerns it might be linked to similar attacks which saw a kitten and a rabbit torn apart by dogs.

Gardai are investigating.


Dakota said...


This type of EVIL CRIME always went on in Ireland, there is just a greater frequency of it now. And in this particular case, the creature involved belonged to a loving family, hence it was acknowledged. What if it didn't? A defenceless Animal today a defenceless Human tomorrow. There is no difference, both feel pain both have emotions.

As with the multitude of other incidents now GM, I do not see any hope for Ireland...Socially it has reared at least two generations now with an overly large Sociopathic element with concurrent parallels in the wider "community." Fear of retribution is not a thought process they can understand.

The randomness and severity of these acts in the Irish context is extremely worring. The mind set involved is the stuff of Horror Movies.

...GM I urge you to read up on the concept of memes. A fascinating mode of thought, and a relatively recent conceptual idea. First proposed by Richard Hawking in the Book The Selfish Gene. Essentially it's concerned with the study of imitation and learned behaviour through ideas.

As you have suggested GM, with the propensity for replication among the Irish any problem can only be compounded in the long run.

Ella said...

Anybody who would do this to an animal would also (in time) do something similar to a human. Trash

Ponyboy said...

Ella and Dakota - absolutely agree.
Selfish Gene is a great book D - I'd highly recommend it too

Geldingboy said...

ps love Fig 1 GM. I'm sure a bit of selective scissorwork could end up making a vas difference ;)

The Gombeen Man said...

Couldn't agree more folks. Where's me scissors???

DB said...

Eugenics is a much maligned science. Its original inspiration stemmed from benevolent motives.

Lims said...

I am happy I found your blog.. it's my thoughts for the last 5 years that are heavily censored in any public conversation. I found out that criticism of Ireland simply is not allowed, and it's so rare I see a critical view on it. I read this story before and I agree completely with the person that said 'if they do it to animals, they will do it to people too'. it is pure evil, it's actually really scary.