Monday, 10 September 2012

German Shepherd put down after acid attack in Donaghmede, Dublin

One of the qualities that is said to separate we humans from the supposedly lower animal kingdom is the ability to empathise.  

Having said that, I had a dog way back when who could pick up on your feelings - and presumably the feelings of others - no problem, but have known humans who do not possess such a capacity.

Evolution is an ongoing process, I suppose.

The picture left, sent by a reader, features a German Shepherd with acid thrown in its face in Donaghmede, north Dublin. The dog was found in agony near a school and had to be put down.

As a fellow blogger sometimes remarks: 'nuff said.

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Young Ireland said...

Despicable. Those responsible need to be held to account.

Bernd said...

I'll be really sarcastic now ... Donaghmede? Where the good people celebrate themselves by holding a really old-fashioned paramilitary funeral? Must have been an Orange shepherd ... in which case it is fully justifiable to do this.

Feckin' eejits ... one and all!

Watching news doesn't do my blood pressure any good ...

Dakota said...

I really don't like to state the obvious but did you hear of any one held to account for the ritual killing of the two seals in Dingel? No, didn't think so.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Anyone that sadistically attacks an animal is not SICK they are EVIL.


I despise this HOLE OF A COUNTRY.

Norn Iron Girl said...

An equally horrific story making the news up here at the moment:
My 8 year old wants to know why someone would do this. I have no answer..... The most frightening part of both stories is that it would seem that we all have someone who would do this living not too far away.

Anonymous said...

Hi GM, I am absolutely shocked and feel sick that someone could be capable of inflicting such horrendous injuries to a dog ( or ANY type of animal), I belive this is now the second case of it's kind this week , last week a Collie ( Cody) was attacked with either barbecue or lighter fluid and was then set alight in Co. Antrim - I have since read that Cody has now been put to sleep as the burns were too bad and the dog was in too much pain to recover leaving the family (inc 2 little boys) in bits. . I am mad about animals and it truly breaks my heart when I read stories like this, I REALLY belive that the laws to animal cruelty in Ireland need to be changed quickly to make thugs like these think twice rather than them getting a light slap on the wrist and a small fine, I ALSO think that a photo of these "people" should be published on the front of EVERY newspaper to show the country who the evil twisted monsters are instead of mollycoddling them just because their 'not right in the head - they NEED to be named and shamed ! ! Animal cruelty is the LOWEST of the lows . . . Brody

The Gombeen Man said...

Well folks, I always think that if someone can do this to an animal - which is scantily protected by the law - they'd do it to one of us if they thought they would get away with it. And yes, that incident in Antrim was equally awful.

Dakota said...

"they'd do it to one of us if they thought they would get away with it" It's called FUTURE SHOCK and it's consequences are right here, right now.

("Society" has become desensitised to violence and the infliction of pain on others. The traditional 'do the right thing' based on moralistic values, has been undermined, is gone. It's dead, right across Western Culture. It has become, to give it it's old fashioned term, "Psychotic" in nature. Ireland as ever, is an accepting petri dish for this change.

Also to note GM: Ireland ALWAYS had an ATROCIOUS RECORD WHEN IT CAME TO ANIMAL WELFARE. It has got worse over the last 5 years or so. I'm convinced now, it's Genetic).

GM just you wait and see the generation to come. Both North and South on this Island. The ground work has been created over the last 20 and 30 years here. The randomness and callousness of the violence in urban and isolated areas of Ireland from the 1990s onwards GM, is merely a symptom.

--------I would happily volunteer to whip the SCUM that did this from one end of Dublin to the other. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT would be the least of their worries. Where in the NAME OF CHRIST, IS THE AUTHORITIES??

The Gombeen Man said...


In the station, eating doughnuts and writing speeding tickets, Dakota.

As for the future, a friend of mine manages an under-12 football team, and one of the opposing side were kicking lumps out of his young lads (mad tackles, jumping up for headers with elbows flying). One of them actually punched the referee and knocked him over. A big lad for an under-12 (if he was), but it happened. Incident is under investigation by the FAI.

The future is not bright, the future is awful.

Anonymous said...

I will acid the guy who did this... give me a name! Taz

Dakota said...

"In the station, eating doughnuts and writing speeding tickets, Dakota." As it took at least 2 HOURS for anyone to show up, shows where we are GM. Numerous calls were made by a passerby to the Gardai. THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE.


The last sentence of the above article is the most telling.

Sadism is alive and well in Ireland.

Ergo, despite the media hype, Ireland is not a civilised nation.

The Gombeen Man said...

Just a thought... the owner must know the dog is missing, have they been in touch with the animal welfare? Have they been interviewed as to how it might have been attacked in this way?

I wonder will we hear more about this, or will it become just another story of Ireland's cruelty to animals, that is forgotten about within the day?

Dakota said...

"I wonder will we hear more about this, or will it become just another story of Ireland's cruelty to animals, that is forgotten about within the day?" Yes without a doubt GM.

The Irish don't give a FIDDLERS about anything which doesn't impinge on their immediate bubble. Believing deluded media pap about how great they are "REALLY," doesn't count!

On their own Animals have no recourse to justice or protection. Makes you "REALLY" love Ireland.