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Water fluoridation in Ireland

A good reader and supporter of the blog emailed on the subject of water fluoridation. 

To be honest, I know nothing about the topic [though such circumstances do not stymie your ability to confabulate on other matters - you think] so I would be delighted to have your feedback on the issue.

I do, however, remember the rate at which my childish/teenage teeth were whisked heavenwards by the Tooth Fairy decreased considerably when I discovered the art of brushing them, not consuming too many Spangles, and not putting sugar in hot beverages. 

So, with all that, we present the fabled Gombeen Nation floor to _______ .  


Ireland Is the Most Fluoridated country on Earth - If 98% of EU Rejected it Why do we Persist?

Fluoride has been in Irish water since the 60’s for better teeth- but it causes fluorosis (yellowing, pitting and weakening of teeth) - and more money is spent here on treating that than any benefit gained. Although meant to prevent decay, in reality it only delays it showing. So Irish children have good rates of dental decay at age 5 in EU surveys- but just as high or even higher rates at age 12. Some dentists will say Irish teeth are better since the 60’s – that’s mostly due to better education, hygiene and more people paying for dentistry.

Fluoridation had a suspect start in 1940’s USA - introduced NOT due to agitation by dentists but by the nuclear power/ heavy metal production industries. Fluoride is a by-product and expensive to dispose of. Spotting a tenuous link with dental health these industries lobbied for it to be added, instead to water. But there’s already naturally occurring fluoride in water-a tiny amount is all that’s needed for dental health. Fluoride works topically, not systemically, i.e. if you want you can get all you need from toothpaste. Shockingly when San Francisco stopped fluoridation the thyroid cancer rate went down 400%. (See the major site for USA/worldwide info on this and more).

FEW countries were duped into following the USA - but Ireland wanted a cheap fix for dental health. The Dutch banned fluoridation in their constitution- and other EU countries quickly abandoned it. BUT Ireland hasn’t wakened up to the dangers: shockingly, ROI has 40% more cancers of many types (thyroid, prostrate, pancreatic etc.) Than NI which doesn’t fluoride.

Here's scientist Declan Waugh in an IT letter of June 2012.

“Re article (“Calcium pill raises heart attack risk in women”, IT, May 24th). It suggests calcium in supplement form elevates calcium in blood serum, causing hard deposits on arteries. The substance which most affects calcium levels is fluoride, consumed in fluoridated water, provided to all in Ireland, the only European country with this dangerous policy (though Spain and UK do to less than 10% of population, here it is 80%).

Also, further research, in the Nuclear Medicine Communication Journal (Jan 2012), found fluoride the main factor in calcification of major arteries, including coronary arteries.

There is greater calcification of human arteries and increased risk of coronary disease with increased exposure to fluoride and higher fluoride concentrations in your blood plasma.

Shockingly Ireland has one of the highest incidences of cardiovascular illness in the world And we are the most fluoridated society on the planet (80%).

In 1961, Dr Feltmann’s 14 years research into fluoride (Journal of Dental Medicine) found exposure to it caused increased incidence of gastrointestinal problems, neurological illness , skin disorders and hypothyroidism- all now Widely prevalent among the Irish.

Disturbing HSE statistics show that over 770,000 people in Ireland suffer from neurological illness, the Highest incidence in the World.


Partnership for Change, O’Dohertys Road, Bandon, Co Cork.

A radio interview with Declan Waugh is on the new website ''. Aisling  hopes to get a court case going next year against the Irish Government. She’s already been on radio - the interviews are well worth listening to - get on to her site and show some support as Fluoridation is poison! It’s time we learnt the facts and followed our partners in Europe in providing safe fluoride-free water.

Just A Girl… The Girl Against Fluoride

Fluoride Action Network


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anna said...

EU ambassadors warned 'Irish tap water not safe for baby bottles'
Press release from Robert Pocock
Stop Fluoridation Campaigner
Monday 30th May 2011
DUBLIN -- EU ambassadors in Dublin have been informed that their nationals living in
Ireland should not make up baby bottles with tap water. Following an Open Letter (1) to
the European Commission by leading Dutch paediatrician, Dr Gavin ten Tusscher and
others associated with Amsterdam University and the NGO Ecobaby, EU diplomacies in
Dublin have been alerted to the risks from tap water in Ireland which contains untrialled,
falsified medicinal products (fluorosilicates) that are unsafe for bottle-fed babies. The letter
to EU diplomatic missions from Irish campaigner Robert Pocock is attached (2).
Dr ten Tusscher has written to EU Commissioner John Dalli suggesting that the same
reasoning for a recent directive banning bisphenol A in baby bottles must now be also
applied to tap water containing untrialled and unauthorized fluorosilicates whose active
pharmaceutical ingredients do not meet mandatory manufacturing quality standards.
The recently passed Directive 2011/8/EU banning bisphenol A in baby bottles was
necessary, said EU Commissioner Dalli, since bottle-fed babies are at special risk because
a) baby bottles are their only source of nutrition
b) no official warnings are given to parents about the risks and
c) no product labels advise parents of these risks.
Since exactly similar risks to babies from bisphenol A apply to fluorosilicates in formula
made up with tap water, a similar directive is now necessary to protect vulnerable infants,
argued the Dutch paediatric doctors.
"What these European doctors have done is expose the lax regulations applying to fake
medicinal products in Ireland. Consumers and especially children in the rest of Europe are
protected from these falsified and prohibited medicines but not in Ireland" said Irish Stop
Fluoridation Campaigner, Robert Pocock.
With Commissioner Dalli hailing the bisphenol A ban as a victory for consumer health(3), it
now remains to be seen if he will continue to allow rogue states like Ireland to flout pan-
European measures designed to protect consumers, especially the most vulnerable.
More information on (+353) 086 811 3071
(2) 26th May 2011 Letter to EU Ambassadors in Ireland below (page 2):
For other media comment on this issue please see

The Above got Far more publicity on USA site than in Ireland- have a good look at Fluoridealert- it is Shocking how much
nnedless fluoridation causes terriberl health problems especially in a country like this- as we're No ONE for water Fluoridation in the WORLD and have a health car e systme way doen the Europen league- so our Government is focrign peoplto drink Poisoned water - and then not supportign them when they develop ill health

anna said...

When I moved here from NI, 15 yrs ago I was puzzled as my weight went up, varying between 1/2- 1 stone more. However this mysteriously fell off in 4 months when I went on a career break to NI- and lived there all the time- when I moved back full time it all came back. This made sense when I found I had a thyroid problem 1.5 yrs ago- I now believe that my thyroid Always was running slower from when I arrived here- and it went back to perfect when I briefly went back to NI.However it only became very bad when I was given far too many antibiotics a few years ago in hospital for tonsillitis- and is only back to normal now. I had great health and was a healthy eater so that’s why I didn't Fully develop hypothyroidism in 1997(that only happened in 2005 when a lot of antibiotics wiped put my immune system) - BUT the fluoridated water was no help at all- I’m so sure it contributed that I had been bringing water down from NI for a year. I’m now going to buy a special table top water filter ( look s like a small Tipperary water cooler) for both work and home- and when I buy a new home water filters will be plumbed in everywhere- even the shower. I don’t use fluoride tooth paste either. Read and gnash your (needlessly fluoridated) teeth- I got off lightly when it only contributed to thyroid problem I had (now cured).
It also contributes to IBS- which is Very common here—in face I am shocked at how many young people have it. My 1st flat mate here was from Cavan- she had a thyroid problem and IBS since she was 14.I Never knew any young person with theseproblem before I moved here.
.And doesn’t forget ROI has 40% more cancers of many types than NI which doesn’t fluoride!!!And not forgetting all the needless hear t ill health- how much misery and early death does that cause.
Google search ‘water fluoridation’ and prepare to be horrified. I was looking for a campaign to join- and this Ashling seems to have the energy for it. As law student I am curious about her court case- she’s looking for donations- I intend to give a few quid. We weren’t first in the Olympics - but we're First in the WORLD for Water Fluoridation! Does this deserve a gold medal- or should we be mobbing the Dept Health And Dept Environment. I’m joining campaign for sure.

DB said...


I hope Shane's teeth in your picture won't sway your readers one way or another!

Dakota said...

Extremely interesting. It would not surprise me in the least. If it's there to be messed up, you can bet this bloody country will do so.

With half the elements in the periodic table and lots of moo moo poo poo sloshing around in Irish drinking water, A GOOD IDEA WOULD BE FILTER YOUR WATER. AS you are going to be paying clearly over the odds for it anyway, it might as well be non toxic. The Gooooovernment don't care one way or the other. Once there's enough bodies to fork up then they're happy. FACT.

"Shockingly when San Francisco stopped fluoridation the thyroid cancer rate went down 400%." Now that's progress.

"but Ireland wanted a cheap fix" So whats NEW?

anna said...

from the very informative Irish site
Online Petition:

Contact the Minister for Health today. Ask for water fluoridation to end because of the unreasonable health risk to you and your family.

Department of Health
Hawkins House
Hawkins Street
Dublin 2

Tel: ++ 353 (1) 635 4000
LoCall: ++ 353 1890–200–311
Fax: ++ 353 (1) 635 4001


AND DON'T Forget: Stalin Mussolini And Hitler Fluoridated the water of concentration camps to make in-mates dumbed down and docile(!!!)- now AREN'T Our Ministers in good company.
Why does it continue- despite all the shocking Evidence Against- and Nothing Good for it? ( it's known as an extremely toxic insecticide for one thing) - well somebody makes €30,000,000 Every yr from importing this poison-WHAT could Crumlin hospital do with that money? And just think about all the additional health costs many Irish people have to fork out- as their health is diminished by poisoned water-I'm almost cured- but I spent €2000 a yr on supplements and various doctors alone on getting my thyroid under control. My current doctor Does believe heavy doses of anti bio-tics kicked off my problems- BUT Fluoridated water was also an agent here- AND I have no doubt that if I hadn't abandoned drinking the water over a year ago, that I'd be setting myself up for cancer, bone disease etc. A Constitutional challenge Was mounted in the 70's against Compulsory medication- which Really is Illegal under Constitution's right to Bodily Integrity- but Unfortunately it Failed- though it should have succeeded. However it will be interesting to see how Aisling's new court case goes- MEANTIME- OTHER OBSERVERS SAY IF WE ARE GOING TO BE charged FOR WATER NOW IS THE TIME to SAY'i'M NOT PAYING IF IT'S Poisoned' So the next year I hope will Finally see serious Challenges to the poisoning of people here. It is just Shocking that a country which Doesn't have decent health care- is by poisoning the water still Creating patients than it can't treat .

Dakota said...

"Stalin Mussolini And Hitler Fluoridated the water of concentration camps." Literally nearly choked when I read some accounts on the internet Anna.

Seemingly Sodium Floride is a toxic chemical; which among other things lowers IQ. Oh yes, the parts of the puzzle are all falling into place nicely.

The Gombeen Man said...

That might go some way to explaining things here, alright.

Spartacus said...

Apart from all the problems it causes, does anyone know how the Germans discovered it was so effective on concentration camp inmates? I do! On one occasion as they were invading a town they noted the inhabitants put up virtually no resistance. Everything was analysed to try and discover what the reason might be: the only common denominator was that the local water supply was naturally heavily fluoridated.
Y'see, it acts as a block on the hippocampus, which is like the distributor cap on an engine, except in this case it blocks the flow of emotions. As nature abhors a vacumn, fear takes the place of those inhibited emotions, and so people act out of fear rather than their gut feeling. Its not nicknamed the 'lion tamer' for nothing, as its also fed to lions in circuses to keep them docile.
I reckon thats why Fianna Fail were in power for so long, and why our current political stance has more in common with a lemming over a cliff simultaneously having an anal prolapse than an actual solution to our current woes.

The Gombeen Man said...

Much cause for thought in your comment, Spartacus. Loved the prolapsed Lemming image. We should replace the shamrock with it!

Quinn said...

Oh boy, where to begin.

First of all, fluoridation has been studied extensively for over 70 years. If it was dangerous, we would know about it. The World Health Organisation, for example, wouldn't hail fluoridation as "the most effective public health measure for the prevention of dental decay." (source link:

There's been a lot of talk here about the various links to cancers and lowered IQ. The cancer arguments have been thoroughly debunked, (see here: ) and the latest spate of "fluoride causes lowered IQs!" came from a misreading of table 1 of this study:
No fluoridating nation puts in that high of a fluoride level into water. In Ireland, the fluoride level is between 0.6 ppm (parts per million) and 0.8 ppm.

One final point. If you're a big tea drinker, (six cups or more) you're probably taking more fluoride from tea than you are from water. The tea plant is an absolute leach for fluoride, to the point where heavy tea drinkers could be at risk of overdosing on fluoride. (source link: )

My apologies for responding so late to this post, it's just that I see a lot of poor scientific reporting in the news media, and I try to do what I can every so often to try and correct some of that poor reporting and fearmongering whenever I see it.

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