Thursday, 19 March 2009

Barack and Brian - blood brothers.

Our esteemed first minister, Brian Cowen, was recently rubbing shoulders with the great and good at the White House during the Paddy’s Day shenanigans. There was much talk, as usual, of the "special relationship" between the two countries.

But there might be more to the relationship idea than we thought, as Obama joked he might be a distant of cousin of Cowen’s. This was, of course, after determined research on this island uncovered evidence that a great-great-great grandfather of Obama's was born in Biffo Cowen’s home county of Offaly. See: There's no-one as Irish as Barack Obama

Obama, like any politician (principled or not), no doubt had a shrewd eye on the Irish-American vote as he made his little joke. But it is testimony to Brian Cowen that he maintained his dignity during this blatant attempt by the US president to cash in on the Irish leader's high standing as one of the world's truly great statesmen.

But how much research does one really need to confirm their common bloodline? One politician is shrewd and intelligent. Proud of his Offaly roots, he is polished and charismatic, and can string a few coherent sentences together and express his point convincingly and forcefully when need be.

He is resistant to the interests of lobbyists, and is determined fight corruption and hold to account those who brought our economy to crisis. He is a man to make decisive choices in an economic climate in which there are no easy options.

The other is Brian Cowen.

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Locky said...

Black Inspirational Figure From Offaly. Has quite a ring to it, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, we're stuck with lard-arse.

Anonymous said...

when isaw biffo and the pres together i got so puffed up proud and excited i rushed out to have a green beer then wet myself the nice warm feeling lasted about a minute,suddenly i realised this biffo dude was getting a free ride on the backs of the diaspora, best of all he invited everybody to oirland to be ripped off by the best, his gombeen cronys with empty hotels , ooh i almost forgot obama is 1.009556 per cent bogman

Bernd said...

Seriously - loved Barack's spin on the shenanigans: "I am told that I have Irish ancestors ... I am from Chicago." This man has his eye on reality, not on some irrational concept of "the Irish race".