Sunday, 26 April 2009

Arise ye privileged of Erin

"Arise, ye wretched of the Earth”, goes the old rallying cry of the oppressed. But it’s not so much the wretched as the new landlord class that’s up in arms in Ireland - along with other interest groups such as civil servants, teachers, doctors, consultants and the like.

The Sunday Business Post today carries a report on an uprising of 400 Irish Property Owners Association members in Dublin last week, denouncing the injustice of recent reductions in mortgage interest allowances on their buy-to-lets.

Yes, it seems that the very people who inflated the market to unsustainably high levels through their speculative activity in it are not happy – blaming the Government and bankers “for encouraging people to invest in property to look after their old age”.

It’s been said before on the blog - but how come the most privileged groups in Ireland seem to be the most vocal on the topic of being hard-done-by? Next, we will have Fine Gael stepping in and looking to compensate the poor dears for any negative equity they might have suffered (and maybe trauma too), in a reprise of that party’s offer to compensate the nouveau capitalists who lost out on their Eircom shares some years ago.

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Anonymous said...

these 400 property owners/speculators are the one and same as that excuse of a government we have running our country in the form of family and friends,i personally know of 2 fianna failers who have in excess of 10 invesment properties each and are rubbing their hands at the thought of adding some reposessed houses to their portfolios at the expense of some poor unfortunate bankrupt couples

The Wanderer said...

Let us bring back the good old Land Commission and re-start from scratch.

The Gombeen Man said...

"i personally know of 2 fianna failers who have in excess of 10 invesment properties each"I'm not surprised to hear that Anon. And doesn't our own Mr Cowen have an investment property in Leeds? How pathetic is that? Imagine that finding out you were paying rent to Angela Merkel for instance. Most national leaders would never get involved in something so sordid.

Who knows, Wanderer? All I know is we've replace British landlords with Irish ones. You'd wonder why we bothered.