Friday, 24 April 2009

Bull runs amok in Irish supermarket

Somewhat late, and in a shameless and lazy attempt to get a few extra hits on the blog, here's that You Tube video footage of the bull running through Cummins SuperValu shop in Ballinrobe, last month.

Stand by for predictable wisecracks about "Bullinrobe", "bull in the news", "meaty story", and "fresh and traceable beef".

Hoof had believed such a thing could happen?


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Anonymous said...

A real bullshit story

Anonymous said...

jeeez GM when i first heard this on bloomberg i wasjust waking up and thought they said there was a super bull market in oirland, but when i saw aib shares at less thanthe price of a package of smarties i realised it was just bullshit

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be some cynical effort by Erin Go Broke's Minister for Tourism to redirect Pamplona bound Irish tourists to the West - "sure you can run with them and do the shoppin' at the same time' quipped the Minister's right hand man on RTE's "Where the Jasus to go on your Holliers in these difficult times" program this morning.
Ponyboy Tasmania

Anonymous said...

ihave heard of bulls in a china shop but not in a grocery shop, looks like he didnt stop at the check out either only in oirland you say

The Gombeen Man said...

Some good observations there, folks. But hey, at least this is something we can all laugh at for a change!!!

Harald75 said...

And it's world wide advertisement for Ireland ;-) Same movie was on Austrian and German Television, and I received a number of calls: "Hey, I've seen something about Ireland ..." ;-)
Looks like not only the gouvernment runs Amok these days ;-)