Friday, 10 April 2009

Pull the plug on Youth Defence

Good Friday. What’s good about it? Apart from being the one day of the year you can feel vindicated in having a fridge bursting at the hinges with cans of beer. That's my excuse, anyway.

We are supposed to have progressed in Ireland, right? So why do we still have a Christian/Catholic ethos denying us the right of a “drink” on a certain Friday of the year? Why - oh why - do these believers insist on forcing their beliefs on the rest of us? Perhaps it is insecurity?

The same applies to right-wing conservatives Youth Defence (who operate from the same offices as Coir, the anti-EU grouping, see picture left). They have a narrow view informed – such as it is – by their belief in religious superstition. They believe that “life is life” as soon as the sperm makes contact with the egg, after its arduous swim up the vaginal canal. Life!

The irony is that they hijack scientific knowledge to advance their own ignorant doctrine. If it was down to the likes of them, we’d still be living in caves, rubbing sticks together, and just getting beyond the point of worshipping the Sun.

Yesterday, a lecture by Professor Len Doyal, a supporter of euthanasia, was disrupted by the lingering smelly fart of Old Ireland, Youth Defence. Informed by no more than a book that contains the accumulated ignorance of 2000 years – the Bible – they are opposed to the influence of humankind in the business of ending “life”. Be it in the form of a zygote, or a person suffering a painful terminal illness.

How do these people feel they have the authority to deny a rape victim the right to an abortion? How do they feel they have the right to deny a dying person the right to dignity and a pain-reduced exit from this vale of tears that they seem so fond of?

It’s time to pull the plug on them.

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Ella said...

Hi Gm, Happy Easter, I take it then that's not you on the Indo in your jesus gear working up an appetite for your fish supper.

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for that, Ella, and happy Easter to you too. As far as your comments are concerned, you're right - it's backwards we're going!

Anonymous said...

Having only done biology to Inter cert my knowledge may be a bit sketchy but isint a sperm or an unfertilised egg not just as much "life" as you or I.

At the end of the day whatever one thinks of them YD are just as entitled to their world view as anyone else however if they are going to resort to such a crock of an argument to advance it then I really dont think you have much to wrorry about GM.

As for them sharing a building with Coir (who ???) I reckon its their links with some pretty questionable outfits beyond out shores that are more cause for concern.

The Gombeen Man said...

I think the religious define "life" as when the sperm fertilizes the egg, and becomes a zygote. Not that they would know this without the benefit of science... which I find ironic.

But are you saying, Anon, that a sperm is entitled to its human rights as much you or I? I'm afraid I can't quite go along with that.

So that would mean that whenever a Youth Defence member masturbated (which I'd imagine is quite regularly)they would be guilty of mass murder?

Bottom line, these people need to stop foisting their ignorant views on the rest of us. And they need to allow someone dying painfully through terminal cancer the right to a dignified exit from their suffering.

Anonymous said...

"But are you saying, Anon, that a sperm is entitled to its human rights as much you or I? I'm afraid I can't quite go along with that."

Well that would be a bit silly wouldnt it ?

But then again not much sillier than saying that a group of undifferentiated stem cells barely visible to a naked eye without a functioning brain or central nervous stystem IS "entitled to its human rights" ?

The Gombeen Man said...

Well said, that man/woman!