Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Student survey shows that brats are upbeat

Recession? What recession? According to a survey of students in today’s Irish Times the “good” times have never ended for some of them, and they don’t expect them to either.

The “surprising” findings - as described by the Times - showed that 20% of students expect to be earning over €100,000 by the time they are thirty, while 60% expect to own their own house or apartment. More worryingly, 8% of twenty-something school-goers displayed an inability to learn from mummy and daddy’s mistakes, declaring an ambition to own an investment property by the time they hit the big three-oh.

Who knows, they might well achieve all of that - and maybe more, bless them.

But sure as shit, they won't do it here.

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Lew said...

"But sure as shit, they won't do it here"

That has to be the best quote I've seen in a very long time.

how true though what you say, Kids these days just seem to be oblivious to everything and are only interested in partying and drinking and very little learning!

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, Lew, you are right. A lot of them are just spoilt brats, in my humble and well-considered opinion! Mind you, I'm very conscious here of me being an old fart giving out about the young generation!!! I'll have to watch it.

Ella said...

Hi GM, it's the whole l'oreal effect with the young uns. Because I'm worth it and they truly believe that they are worth it. Lots of employers are just lining up to offer them salaries of EUR 100,000, as you say, sure as shit they won't be doing it here.

pema said...

I agree with the spoilt brats nowadays, absolutely! They don't know how to provide for themselves and take everything for granted. They don't even know how to cook for themselves and consider McDonald's as a restaurant. And they don't have a clou how life or the world works out. They still think that parents and the state will look after them.

But: Didn't we all have dreams at this age, too? Late teens, early twenties? When we thought we could conquer the world no matter what the obstacles and realities?

I then thought I would be a famous writer sitting in a lovely house on a lovely island, consider the next novel and counting the money.
I achieved it: I'm a writer, though not famous rather struggling, I have a lovely house which costs me leg with the monthly mortgage, and all that on a lovely island called Ireland (I once imagined more sunshine and exotic males though).
I consider not the next but the first novel for ages and I'm actually counting the money I owe.

Be careful what you wish for or dream of...

Let's just sit back and see how the young ones fare :-)

Ella said...

Well the ESRI have just announced that 17% of them will be on the dole queue next year. Take your pick as to whom you think is correct.