Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bertie’s sympathy for the builders

News of the World sports writer, ex dodgy Taoiseach, and prime architect of the economic mess the country finds itself in, Bertie Ahern, just can’t help himself. The shifty little bollix - who still enjoys immense popularity with large, inherently shifty sections of the Irish public - was spouting forth on the demise of the Galway Tent in the most recent Sunday Times.

Still unrepentant about Fianna Fail’s incestuous links with the Irish developer caste, he painted the famous symbol of Fianna Fail’s clientism as a melting pot of all social classes, out for a day at the races.

It was a “misnomer” (sic) that the tent "was full of big developers". The media, it seems, made an issue of out the “high-flyers” bending the collective FF ear “with the help of Joe Higgins and other looney lefts (sic)” .

It’s nice to know that Bertie hasn’t lost his “common touch” at a time when we are bailing out the banks and buying the developers’ bad loans for more than they are actually worth. He still has his priorities right and feels a deep sympathy for his builder buddies:

“You meet the Baileys at Croke Park every time you go there. You can’t avoid getting a slap on the back going in from them (sic). Most of these guys lost their shirt. I feel sorry for them. You know, they employed 270,000 people in the Irish economy.”

Well Bertie - why don’t you just get out your violin there?

Or should that be your fiddle?

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Anonymous said...

hey ther GM wonderfull to se our little bollix bertie has managed to find a second job its a disgrace that this world class heavyweight leader has to have several jobs just to get by what is the world coming to, the gov of irl should at least act to maintain this great man, i just hope he is not seen in a dole q with his canary yellow suit, as for his builder buds its just heartbreaking iam moved to start afund for the preservation of the noble gentle genious of the bogS .CHEERS

The Gombeen Man said...

I think we should organise a d-d-dig-out for the great man, Mr BH!