Thursday, 1 October 2009

Llamas block M50 at Dublin's Red Cow Interchange

Just a quick check of the calendar before I post this one. No, it’s not April 1st.

Dublin’s traffic problems just get worse, it seems. I was listening to the news when AA Roadwatch reported that the Red Cow interchange on the M50 had been closed due to Lambos blocking it. “What’s this?” I thought, "a long overdue protest by Lamborghini drivers against extortionate road tax and VRT?" But hang on, not even a senior civil servant can afford a Lamborghini in Ireland.

Lammers, then? A gang of Lambretta-riding mod revivalists re-enacting a 60’s battle with the rockers on one of Dublin’s busiest junctions, with scant regard for harried commuters?

No. Not Lammers either - but llamas. It seems that the Red Cow was closed around lunchtime due to a herd of llamas wandering onto the road. As they do. See AA report:

Updated: 01/10/2009 14:08:25
*MAIN TRAFFIC* * All lanes have reopened at the Red Cow Interchange where a herd of 6 loose Llamas have been removed from the road. * The M50 is moving well in both directions. *

Speculation that it was a publicity stunt was denied by the spokesperson of a nearby circus, who claimed the animals escaped when a delivery of diesel led to a gate being left open.

Makes a change from loose horses, I suppose.

Llamas M50 You Tube Video Clip Footage (big thanks to Postmodhermit!)

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Bernd said...

Maybe it was one of those Tibet protests? Was any Llama called Dalai? Richard Gere spotted?


Anonymous said...

to llamas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Llamas block the M50 - Muppets block O'Connell Street!

Anonymous said...

the llamas were one step ahead of those crybaby cabbies

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Bernd & Anons: No they certainly
don't dilly-dalai.

Anonymous said...

"Lammers" lol! heheh.