Saturday, 3 October 2009

Kwik-Fit Newry. Highly recommended

Back in PriceWatch mode here, having made the trip to and from Newry yesterday - enticed by a couple of tyres that cost €200 less there than in Fast-Fit, Coolmine, Dublin 15.

What do they say on those programmes? “Highly recommended”? After just 1 hour and 10 minutes, we were greeted by MPH speed limit signs, shortly after which we peeled off for Newry itself.

There was a bit of a tailback into the town (they are building a bypass) but we got to Kwik-Fit on Monaghan Street in no time, where the job was done in half-an-hour with the kind of friendly and efficient service that’s all too rare down here, I’m afraid. So full marks to Eddie and Kwik-Fit Newry.

Then it was off to The Quays to spend part of the saved €200. There’s something nice about that, there really is. Old mods might be interested to hear that Fred Perry tops are €20 cheaper than Debenhams, Dublin. Beer connoiseurs might be tempted by the offer of 8 large (568ml - 1 pint) cans of Stella Artois for €9… you have to get more than eight with that kind of value, of course.

A litre bottle of Sainsburys vodka can be had for €13. Kelkin muesli (made in the Republic) costs £2.79 - as opposed to €4.89 in our local Tescos - which you must buy to kid yourself into thinking you're atoning for your shopping trolley's more decadent contents.

In short, I can’t recommend it highly enough. So don't mind Brian (NAMA) Lenihan accusing you of being “unpatriotic”. There are far worse things after all... like being in Fianna Fail.

No, I’d suggest you take Mary Harney’s and Smokey Robinson’s advice - get yourself up there and “shop around”.


Sven said...

Long auld trip from the Midlands though ! You're lucky in that sense, GM ;-) But then again, been there, done that, and even stayed overnight - and will do it again :-)

The Gombeen Man said...

True, Sven. It's handy enough for me - just a short stretch of M50 to get to the M1. But as you indicate, depending on what you're getting even an overnight stay can pay for itself.

I hadn't been up that way in years, but I think it might be a regular occurence from now on, at least as long as the currencies stay as they are.

John said...

I got tyres there too for half nuttin (Dublin prices)
Last shopper in Dublin put out the lights..