Wednesday, 7 October 2009

John O'Donoghue Mastercard - Irish Taxpayer picks up tab

This one came into the Gombeen Nation email yesterday. It's a bit late in another sense too, I suppose, but the gist of it still holds true.

It would be funny if it wasn't true. Sad thing, RTE interviewed some of his constituents yesterday and they felt "the poor man" was "being hounded out of his job". Another stupid fool has a letter in the Metro this morning saying what a great man "The Bull" is... that he "worked hard to get a good job" and that he was "entitled" to his expenses... that we are all just "jealous" because we haven't got a pot to piss in now that there's a recession.

If you are wondering why so many Irish politicians are so corrupt, look no further than the people who vote them in and think it's alright for them to bleed us dry.

As the Dunnes Stores people say (and somehow think it's a selling point): "The difference is we're Irish."

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bigphathar said...

Great post GM: Sadly, the responsibility has to lie with the people who voted him in. He works for us, not the other way around (something that a lot of people seem to have forgotten, not least the 'Sun King' John O'Donoghue...)

We really should tear this country down and start afresh: The way we've been doing things for the last 60 years doesn't make sense.

Lew said...

It gets worse!

"CEANN Comhairle John O'Donoghue will receive a €112,500 'golden parachute' for resigning in the wake of his expenses scandal.

The deposed Speaker of the Dail will be able to claim a salary of €100,000 for serving as a backbench TD. After two years he will be able to also claim an annual ministerial pension of around €25,000 -- rising to €67,000 when he retires from the Dail.

The severance package is designed to compensate Mr O'Donoghue for dropping from a salary of €212,500 as Ceann Comhairle to €100,000 as a TD."

Get Smart said...

Bigphather is spot on just watch the sheep flock to vote for him back in next time. Also don't forget hes a member of the party who instructed the voters to vote YES for jobs, since the vote Aer Lingus and Intel [who paid Euro 400k into the yes vote] have cut 1500 jobs.

Ronan Gallagher said...

You forgot to mention that this card comes with travel insurance. With it you can travel the world in decadent style, sure in the knowledge that you wont have to pay a penny of your own money.
Sign me up!

The Gombeen Man said...

"We really should tear this country down and start afresh: The way we've been doing things for the last 60 years doesn't make sense."

Best suggestion I've heard in some time, Bigphatar.

The likes of O' Donoghue thrive in this country because of the small-minded parochialism displayed by his constituents. The logic being "he's a corrupt shite, but he's one of ours". Patriotism - the last refuge of the unthinking - on the micro scale.

Ireland needs to be saved from its patriots.

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks to Ponyboy for the following spot on John O'Donoghue's website. Have a look at "Goals and Ambitions" to see what a political visonary this man is:

BTW Ponyboy - tried to acknowledge, but emails bouncing back.