Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Government's "comprehensive review of expenditure"

The Government is asking the public to suggest ideas on where savings can be made in regard to State spending.  Specifically, what practices the great Irish public consider to be "wasteful". 

Given the interest generated by the post "Complaints to Irish Language Commissioner continue, regardless of economic reality" - and it was substantial - perhaps readers might have some suggestions? 

Mind you, when you click the link below there is no dedicated category that deals with the wasteage and bureaucracy surrounding O'Cuiv's Official Languages Act.    The "Eilifint" in the room.

If you choose "Other" -  you can nominate your own.   

 For all the good it might do.


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Anonymous said...

hillarious stuff gm, fire half the tds especially those that speak gaelge, fire half the civil service, close all the bankrupt banks, take away the pensions of berty, albert reynolds biffo all his marys and all political parasites and fucking degenerate senators ,close down the dail circus let all remaining asshole tds walk to work all mercedes gombeen chariots put on ebay, all garda flatfoots work 80 hrs aweek for 200 e , swine flue out breaks prohibited,throw all union clowns in mountjoy along with seanie fritz and his shoe box builders friends .just for starters UP KERRY -BH

Anthony said...

Republic of Ireland, population 4.5 M, 166 TDs

United Kingdom, population 61.8 M, 650 MPs

United States, population 300 M, 435 Members of the House or Representatives.

Enough said about what should be cut.

Ella said...

Hi GM, "For all the good it might do. " That's just it, but I tell you what at least I had a bit of fun with my suggestions, all valid and reasonable, but somewhere like turkeys voting for Christmas...

Dakota said...

GM I nearly fell choked laughing. Why don't they ask for suggestions about the colour of flowers in the car park.

The Gombeen Man said...

Do I detect a little tinge of cynicism from you all????


anna said...

I posted a few comments to the generla email address_ I will think of more later- look we cna out try :

Irish language;
Shocking waste of money: never should have been first language- and Eamon O'Cuivs act should just be repealed. Change constitution to read' English and Irish are languages of the country- English is the main language'. Stop Irish being compulsory after Junior cert- stop it being compulsory for college entry - all this will free time and money to teach useful subjects- more maths, science etc.

Demand catholic church hands over schools immediately to State- they have cost us enough in compensation, paid almost nothing- and should be tree ate like any other bunch of criminals.

Stringent accounting procedures to account for every penny in health service. Slash pay of those at the top.
Demand all catholic hospitals are moved to state control- without payment.

TD's / Dail.
Observe other national parliaments- use their procedures for setting expenses levels.EG
All expenses over 50 euro must have receipts.
Not every expense should be paid either, or if it is paid only an allowance towards cost should be paid- only an allowance towards a cost EG- hair cuts , say 5 cuts a year for men will be paid for - at a cost of 15 euro each.
Women-6 cuts a year will be paid for - at cost of 20 euro a cut- if it is more- you pay the rest! and number of applications will be limited per year.AND certain things like manicures- WON'T be paid for ...
AS for hotels- general rule should be Three star only AND a room rate per night- say 80- TD pays any excess. ....
IF any dearer rooms are bought TD pays up front - they ONLY get reimbursed IF no other cheaper room could be had and they can prove this...you get my drift.
TD / Minister pay should be CUT to that of a HEO in the civil service - that would get rid of chances who get into politics to get rich quick.

Get rid of most of these by amalgamating them with relevant governments departments- and slash pay of those at the top- OH and paid board members