Saturday, 16 July 2011

Irish public cop the Cloyne Report - so why the Angelus?

It is nice to see that the great Irish public has finally accepted that child abuse by the Catholic Church - and the State that entrusted it [why the past participle?]  with running its schools - is wrong.  No flies on this lot, eh?

And let us not forget the Garda (Irish police force) which ignored complaints - I'm sure they now agree it is wrong too, even having kissed the clergy's ring for so long.  See pic.

We now also have a cross party consensus questioning the role of the Vatican in Irish affairs!  Great.  Took a while - 89 years - but we're there at last. 

One pillar of Dev's Official Ireland finally gone.  It's a start - albeit a very slow one.  Let's count another 89 years for the next.  "A haon... a do... a tri..........."    Now, there's a clue.

And with that awful thought, here's the Angelus. 

Not the official version still aired by Ireland's State broadcaster RTE, mind;  an entity that people of all religions - and none - are compelled to support with a licence fee.

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Anonymous said...

yes indeed GM there has been a whole lot of shagging going on in holy oirland in the last 89yrs. the lads in dog collars doing the most if you get my meaning followed close behind by gombeen jackass ff politicos then you have wanker bankers no wonder the irish population are pleased as punch all that sex in so many forms what a great little democracy, BTW GM glad to see all irish banks passed the stess tests again this summer ISNT IT MARVELLOUS - LOL CHEERIO BH- UP DEV

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes BH, great news for our little isle. The banks passing with seemingly flying colours - just like the last time.

I take it they won't be needing any more of our or the ECB's money so!

I'm off to the next Allsops auction to snap up a few investment properties. At above-market-prices of course, just to demonstate my confidence.

Dakota said...

Problem there GM is the 89 years part. That is abusers had free reign for 89 YEARS. Think about that....just think. What kind of a nation could or would accept this for so long? What kind of a nation would allow sadistic torture of the most innocent, for so long? Ireland obviously.

Now the question I would be asking myself here is, why such abuse went on? A nation with such a (supposed) history. Does hypocrisy come to mind?

Its largely agree among commentators that the systematic (!) abuse which went on in Ireland was far worse than other Catholic country. Remember, that Ireland was the most Catholic of Catholic nations. Almost akin to the fervent Catholicism seen in third world nations today. It must also be remembered, that Catholicism was accepted by the elite of the Irish in the dark ages. (Of course nothing peculiar there. It's just that the Irish elite were and are not the usual elite, they are unique in that they rule (and have ruled) wth universal acceptance without any cohesive and systematic internal opposition. Again resembling a third world entity). It was largely a replacement system of belief which never fully extinguished the pagan past. (One supposes nothing intrinsically wrong with pagan times. It's the conflict which is the problem. A form of heightened hypocrisy right at the heart of a nations psychological makeup). It doesn't take a renowned sleuth to see what the Irish really are.

The Gombeen Man said...

I suppose it all comes down to blind, unquestioning obedience, D? Whatever the icon.

There's a culture of not questioning stuff here. There never would have been an Irish punk movement, for instance, independent of the one across the water.

Where are the young people questioning orthodoxies, as the Sex Pistols and the rest did in the UK way back then?

They are non-existent. They are worse than their parents. Fodder.

anna said...

In the wake of the Cloyne report?
Poll: Should the Papal Nuncio be expelled from Ireland?
The Vatican is yet to respond to the findings of the Cloyne report, which found the Papal state less than co-operative with helping implement child protection guidelines. But should the Government send the Pope's representative here packing?..

Google search the above and have your say - here is a clue on the result? : 7%!!!
- is that for papal Nuncio or against?? click on it- you decide

Anthony said...

Worse yet, they turn punk music into nova bossa (see for an old Undertones song turned into a soporific little number.

Anthony said...

GM, to clarify my comment: it's the song "Teenage Kicks" I was referring to.

Anonymous said...

i think you are on to something substancial there GM keep up the good work BH

Holy Boy said...

The cheek of the pair o' ye, and especially you GM with that durty photo of Maynooth coming to Templemore. Dakota - I'm shocked at you levelling accusations of hypocrisy at our lovely national so I'm going to say a decade for each of ye. Omini Pomimi Ponibus spiritus sanctus Boy

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Anna. 56% "Yes, for good". After the vote from the Gombeen Manor jury.

@ BH. Even Olli Rehn is saying nice things now. I can see the Allsops bids going back to the peak of 2006 at this rate.

@ Anthony. Oh Jasus!!!! (excuse the conditioned terminology). Do you know, that has got to be the most dreadful cover I have ever heard. Pure heresy. I've just done some research and discovered that a French collective called "Nouvelle Vague" is responsible for the abomination.

@ Ponyboy. You are our agent in France at the moment... stop your prayers for a bit and track 'em down, mate. A bit of Old Testament retribution is called for!!!

Ella said...

The catholic church as a cult that seems to brainwash a large segment of the population and as a criminal organization should be bannned. End of.

I'm sick of their excuses and the way they get away doing whatever they see fit, no matter that any morally correct being would view their actions and then inaction as reprehensible.

I'm sure when John O'Neill penned teenage kicks he didn't have nova bosso in mind (eh Anthony thank you for sharing that gem with us!!!), but rather himself and fellow band members, best island of Ireland band EVER. I agree GM, "pure heresy".

The Gombeen Man said...

Ella, let me quote from "Are You Right There, Father Ted?" which features Ted trying to explain away accusations of racism:

I'm not a fascist, I'm a priest. Fascists dress in black and go around telling people what to do, whereas...priests...