Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Save Ireland and win an iPad

It has been said here before  -  the spirit of Irish entrepreneurship never really developed beyond opening a pub, or stowing a bit of cash in some dodgy offshore account.  Or maybe getting leverage on a few shoebox apartments in 2006, which seemed like such a good idea at the time. 

Maybe what was missing was some kind of  incentive to evoke that "can-do spirit" hitherto so demonstrably absent from our caste of movers and shakers?  The Dublin Region Higher Education Authority Graduate Education Partnership might have the answer.  It is offering a prize of €500 and an iPad2 (16GB) for the PhD student who can come up with a plan to save Ireland. It is called "Future Voices: How Ireland's PhDs will Enable National Recovery".  See below:

"PhD students registered to any of the institutions in the Dublin Region Higher Education Authority Graduate Education Partnership (UCD, TCD, DCU, NUIM, DIT, ITT Dublin) are invited to submit an abstract and poster outlining how their research will influence national recovery.

The research can be in any disciplinary or interdisciplinary area and the PhD student can be in any year of their doctoral education."

If you are a student, and you think the solution to dear old Erin's woes is worth an iPad2, please submit your ideas through the link below:

Save Ireland for an iPad Competition

Big thanks to Fergus for telling us about this one.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a load of auld bollicks to me how about promoting the merrits of an honest days work or just honesty it just might help, anyway GM i must be off you see preparations for another great day for irl the glorious twaflt are in full swing --cheerioBH

john said...

Another example of the Father Ted economics that is going on, so if you get 2 good ideas you get 2 ipads? my wife has to do her P.hd from a UK univerity as their is no funding for Maths here despite all the talk, so that levaes her out of winning.

Dakota said...

Hooray GM, I can see it now, it's all so clear to me...dear OOOIREEELAND will be saved after all, as all the phds will pool all their knowledge together like a cosmic ray gun wear their jocks on the outside and start to make flying noises, and all shall be well after all. Guess what then this new knowledge will be BOTTLED like the bottled OIRISH AIR or old sod of turf from the BOG (TAX FREE) and we will save the world from impending doom.
Yes it's going to happen, as weeee are the greatest people at talking ourselves up and never delivering, this time it will be different though (I heard that somewhere before?). Sure t'is isn't the Irish the most entrepreneurial on the planet? Haven't all the wonderful OIRISH phds got the most sophisticccccccated broadband in the world? Aren't we at the cutting edge of the KKKKKKKNNNOWLEDGE ECONOMY? OOOOIRELAND WILL SAVE THE WORLD.....Just in case GM get the shalalee and generator ready and start stocking up on the tinned stuff.....

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes BH, yes John.

Pure shite, isn't it? You have to laugh at the prize of an iPad (or, indeed two) for rescuing the country from bankruptcy.

Methinks the organisers don't hold out much hope for their little bright sparks' ideas???

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Dakota. Yes, I'm very fortunate in having a very capacious cellar/bunker in the manor, to get me through the dark years ahead ;-)

I might even buy myself an iPad

Anonymous said...

Oneof the Healy-Raes will win this.

Anonymous said...

Anyone smart enough to fix Ireland emigrated at their first opportunity.


anna said...

'Due to foreseen circumstances, we regret to inform you that Ireland is cancelled.'

( above notice spotted in Staff part of a Government building)