Sunday, 13 December 2009

Anarchy is virtually dead – we've not evolved enough.

If the Internet is an expression of anarchy – no rules, regulation, policing and whatnot - it just affirms the suspicion that anarchy could never work, simply because we are not evolved enough.
You only have to take a look at some of the sites and blogs to see it: Ignorance, racism, prejudice, myths taken for fact, sickos and worse. Not all sites are as informative, authoritative and respectable as Gombeen Nation and the blogs listed to the left, you know.

Being a bit of a petrolhead, I did a search the other day on the subject of the oversteering tendencies of a particular chassis/engine configuration. It lead me to a sick site that gloated about the death of an 18 year-old girl in the US who had taken her parents' Porsche and crashed it.

Not only did it gloat (LOL was the term employed): it featured pictures of the poor kid’s corpse in situ. The pictures were released by some scumbag from the local police department and put up by another (?) scumbag for the entertainment of scumbags the world over, who enjoy such things. The girl’s family were confronted with these pictures, and the other kids had to be taken out of school in order to avoid being goaded by fellow students about their sister’s death.

Where am I going here? Well, this is not about class, nationality or any of the rest – it’s about how far we have evolved as a species. Some of the comments on these sites shocked and filled me with a sad unease – and that does not happen very often, I can tell you. It seems there are quite a few of our species who, at best, don’t have any ability to emphasise - the very quality that distinguishes us from the other animals.

You’ll see it here too, in other forms. I don’t post all the comments I get on the blog – some are too vile and some are simply too ignorant – and I suppose that’s the nearest you can come to self-regulation on the Internet. I always publish a certain amount of them, of course, but if I published each and every one it would just get too tedious reading the same mindless drivel, that adds no value to the topic under discussion.

The post here about rug-headed Limerick mayor, Kevin Keily calling for the deportation of non-nationals was one example. “Fair play to Mayor Kiely – send them home” was typical, but sometimes in less civilised terminology. Stunningly, I even had such comments from (presumably) Irish people living abroad asking for deportations... some from the States (I wonder were they legal?). But the Irish capacity for hypocrisy and self-deception is legendary. More legendary than Cuchulainn, in fact.

But that’s what you’ll see here is mild. Search out a “contentious” issue on You Tube and read the comments - you’ll be stunned at the level of debate. Put it this way, it’s not the kind of stuff that would get past the letter’s page editor of The Irish Times, The New York Times, Die Welt, or whatever else.

So despite whatever objectionable content we might occasionally come up against, calls for increased state regulation should be resisted - especially given Irelands record of censorship. After all, what’s out there was always out there.

The only difference is we are all aware of it now.

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Peter Slattery said...

As much as I agree with you about the Irish attitudes, I don't think it's an Irish phenomenon. I know some Americans, some French, and some German people with shockingly ignorant attitudes not only to 'foreigners,' but also to their fellow countrymen. We are a failing species!

Bernd said...

Food for thought indeed!

Anonymous said...

With you on the evolution of the species GM. Sometimes it looks like we're nothing more than a worthless virus on the face of a beautiful planet BUT HEY what's with all this depression and long facedness - happy fukn Xmas everyone Ponyboy (oh found out I should be spelling it Poneygarcon now that I'm posting from La Belle France) Keep up the wonderful work GM. It's a real treat to check your blog chaque matin a cote de croissants et baguettes

The Gombeen Man said...

Thanks for the comments folks. And don't forget une grande biere too, PB. But maybe not for breakfast now that I think about it!

Anonymous said...

Sad to say your conclusion that we've not evolved enough rings very true. We often see you rail against religion on the site but I am at a loss as to why so many people reject religion but then quite happily go to mediums and séances and the like. You think, "..finally they have grown up... oh! no they haven’t"

The Gombeen Man said...

Often wondered about that one myself.

albert hall said...

Add not so Great Britain to the list. The Romans encountered them when they first invaded. People covered in woad, and dead animal skins,unable to communicate except in grunts and finger pointing not far removed from the monkeys in a zoo.