Wednesday, 16 December 2009

YouGov survey shows the Irish are not happy anymore

Remember all the surveys, not that long ago, finding we were the happiest nation on Earth? That the whole world wanted to live here and that Ireland’s population would be 50 billion by the year 2020? And, accordingly, we’d need tax breaks and shelters in place to build all the apartments required to cater for the coming population explosion? And how there would be a wealthy new Irish landlord class that could sit back and live off the income from their investment properties, funded by the influx of drones, assuming they had bought enough apartments?

Well, all that is no more, it seems. A poll by YouGov featured in today’s Metro now tells us that the Irish are not happy campers at all, with nearly 60% worried about “debt, money and their bank balance” - and negative equity I presume. The corresponding figure in the UK is 48%. Surprisingly, only 28% were worried about “the state of Irish politics”. Maybe that statistic alone says it all.

Another finding, in the land of eternal friendliness and gregariousness, was that loneliness was a big issue – with 17% of 18 to 24-year-olds citing it as a top concern. 32% were worried about health issues: not surprising, as if anything happens to them they will probably find themselves on a hospital trolley in a busy corridor, while the highly paid consultant they need is out playing golf. Ah, it’s a great little land altogether.

First thing to do when you read a survey is find out who commissioned it. If it’s about the demand for houses and the Construction Industry Federation (or Fianna Fail) have paid for it, you need to be sceptical.

If, on the other hand, it was carried out on behalf of the Samaritans – as was this one – it might be worth taking a bit more seriously.

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Peter Slattery said...

Only 28% worried about the state of Irish politics?! If these people are counting their own current situation as their biggest worry, I can understand. But if only 28% actually do worry about politics, then to hell with this country.

The Gombeen Man said...

Good point, Peter.

Love the graphics, by the way. Being doing a bit in Flash myself lately... though Illustrator would be my most familiar territory.

Anonymous said...

This year Google stated ( in an international survey) that 'lonely' is the word Irish people search most often...having a large no of pubs does not a social life many people in your local do you know the surnames of ? or have you been to their homes? but never mind all that...we will hopefully became a wiser nation, I don't think there has ever been so much fury , at the never ending failures of Irish Goverments...and 28% worried about the state of Irish politics is a big improvement on a nation that previously saw little wrong...Anna

Anonymous said...

as i said before GM its beyond me why the GERMANS dont cough up some more cash so the oirish can go back to being celtic tigers all that is needed is cash do they expect the oirish to earn it themselves whatever next,greece,spain portugal,latvia, estonia, hungary,romania bulgaria,etc can all sod off and wait

Anonymous said...

You said "First thing to do when you read a survey is find out who commissioned it" - very true.

You implied Samaritans = Nice people - also very true.

But the conclusion "...loneliness was a big issue – with 17% of 18 to 24-year-olds citing it as a top concern."

Is that their conclusion? because 17% is not particularly big compared to nearly 60% worried about “debt, money and their bank balance”.

I don't mean this in any '...lets not bother sort of way, but I'm surprised it is not higher in this dog-eat-dog world, especially among the angst ridden young folk.

Are the very very nice and good folk at the Samaritans over egging the pudding a little bit?

Anonymous said...

For those of us who find politics interesting and worry about what politicians do, this poll is rather sobering. It reminds us that most people so totally don’t care about these issues even when the politicians are total gits.

Sadam Hussain was a total git and anyone who crossed him knew all about it, but if you are just a plebeian with a humdrum life in some small provincial town who didn’t dabble in these issues then him being there made little or no difference to your life at all.

The vast majority of people all over the world fall into this category of people for whom the question of who is in charge makes no difference to their lives whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Mouseland cartoon

Very funny, but very true.

Anonymous said...

The origin of a lot of our problems is a high level of Mania. Its the reason why so many people were deluded into believing their houses, that keep out the rain, were a clever investment rather than a place to live. Its the reason why we have the sorrow of so many young men who seem to be continually happy suddenly committing suicide for no logical reason and its the reason why so many headbangers "Heard the call " from God to join the priesthood in the 1950s, 60s, 70,s 80s, 90s, 00's and caused so much havoc in our children's lives. We're no so much a nation of "Gombeens" as a nation with a high level of Mania which allows so many unsuitable people to believe that they and they alone are our saviours and seek leadership positions. Look at Bertie in denial of his wrong doing with the builders... look at the tragedy of the Adam's family in Belfast and for once question the right of such people to lead us given their obvious problems.
Irish people- please ask your leaders are they on Lithium or Zyprexa before you go throwing your support behind their (clinically) mad ideas.

How about a few normal people getting a bit of confidence and getting into politics ???

The Gombeen Man said...

Interesting theory there, Anon, and as good as any. One thing's for sure: there some kind of problem here alright.

Anonymous said...

Oh no- Mania and the Irish is a real problem. Gaurantee that Priest down in Kerry who gave Foley the character reference in the rape trial is on Lithium or was at some stage. That poor girl doen't realise she's dealing with lunatics not gombeens.