Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Police and Priests

During the very time that the Catholic Church was telling us that divorce was scandalous immorality altogether- and that Irish people should be denied it to save their eternal souls (even those of us who had none) - a considerable number of its clergy were engaged in systematically abusing children throughout the land, and covering up their crimes with the help of gardai, either through collusion or inaction. Which amounts to the same thing, I suppose.

So it came as no real surprise to read the following in last weekend's Sunday Tribune.

Ken Foxe, Public Affairs Correspondent. Sunday Tribune. November 29, 2009
A GARDA who admitted downloading child pornography at Garda Headquarters is still serving with the force more than seven years after first being arrested.

Garda Darach Kennedy, who had a nolle prosequi entered against him on the day his trial was due to begin, is currently the subject of disciplinary proceedings. He continues to serve at a station in Co Meath despite admitting during questioning he had downloaded sexual images of boys as young as eight. The Garda Press Office declined to comment on the matter, and refused to even confirm that Garda Kennedy was still a serving member.

"We do not comment on matters of internal discipline concerning named members of An Garda Siochana," a spokesman said. "We cannot comment on ongoing matters of discipline involving individuals. We are not in a position to confirm whether a person is still serving or not."

In December 2002, Garda Kennedy was interviewed by then Det Insp Dominic Hayes of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation. He was asked whether he had ever accessed the internet to download pornography while on duty at Garda HQ and Garda Kennedy admitted that he had.

An investigation later concluded that Garda Kennedy had been accessing hardcore pornography over the course of three years on a computer in the purchasing support office of Garda HQ, where he worked.

In November 2002, staff at the office noticed the computer was running slow and a technological check discovered material from pornographic sites. Further investigation uncovered thousands of images in the computer's recycle bin as well as written stories involving paedophile activity. A full technical examination then took place.

In April 2003, gardaĆ­ submitted a file to the DPP and a month later Garda Kennedy was served with two summonses under the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act. Two days later, he was suspended from the force. An internal inquiry was also put in place but it was temporarily halted whilst criminal proceedings went ahead.

In February 2005, for reasons that have never been clarified, a nolle prosequi was entered by the state and Garda Kennedy returned to the force. GardaĆ­ immediately reactivated their internal inquiry and it is understood that process is still underway more than four years later.


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Anonymous said...

You have a serious problem in Ireland its quite clear that paedophiles have high position all walks of Irish society.
That's why no action is been taken how can someone like this be a serving police officer.

The Gombeen Man said...

"How?" exactly, Anon. It's incredible.

But this seems to pass for normality here in Ireland. It it was across the water there'd be protests outside his copshop.

Anonymous said...

The national motto of Ireland is "Ah, sure it'll do".