Thursday, 3 February 2011

Enda Kenny "drunk" video

You may recall a while back Brian Cowen did an interview on RTE radio during which he sounded the worse for wear?

People often say that Ireland has no effective opposition, and I imagine that whoever produced the video below might well subscribe to that view.

The video, which has been around for weeks but is only reaching Gombeen Nation now, features wonderfully remastered  (we hope) footage of the main opposition party's leader, Enda Kenny, expounding on his cure for Ireland's post-boom hangover.

We can all look forward to the future with confidence.  Hic.

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Anonymous said...

What? Up since yesterday and no comments?

Clearly you have angered your fans with this attack on the dear leader ;)

The Gombeen Man said...

Ah sure you can't please all of "The People"...

I thought it was very funny, I must say.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are quite right this was and still is very funny. It is even more funny and quite prophetic that no on gives "one fiddlers fuck, one way or another" whether Enda Kenny is drunk or sober.

I suspect he would be better drunk, as several Irish politicians have shown themselves to be. How sad it is that politicians have to be politically correct and stay boringly sober. I recall a time when most politicians were pissed out of their brains most of the time.

Better decisions were made because the politicians never understood or interfered because they never knew what was going on. Now we have professional, inarticulate politicians uttering incoherent, interminable nonsense. May I suggest that the politicians just show up, and shut up, and stay drunk.