Sunday, 6 February 2011

Irish Mail on Sunday mocks Sunday Tribune

Look at the picture on the left, taken at a Dublin 15 newsagent this morning. It’s the Sunday Tribune, right?

The problem there is that the Sunday Tribune is currently in receivership, with staff fearing for their jobs and livelihoods as any potential buyer would have to take on the title’s considerable debts.

If you look closer (second picture) you will see that all is not as it seems.  It is, in fact, the Irish Mail on Sunday masquerading as the Tribune. Note the strapline declaring “THIS PAPER IS A SPECIAL EDITION DESIGNED FOR READERS OF THE SUNDAY TRIBUNE”.

 Well, I have been a reader of the Tribune, on and off, for many years. I was indignant when its management sacked a journo for highlighting the overpriced, unsold, property of a leading estate agent who, incidentally, was a big advertiser with the paper.

It still has some good journalists however, and I started picking it up again after Ken Foxe’s good work on exposing the John O’Donoghue expenses scandal.

Campaigning, quality, papers are few and far between in Ireland, and if the Tribune goes under there will be quite a few pleased politicians, I should imagine.

But how cynical and inconsiderate towards the Tribune’s employees is the Oirish Mail on Sunday? Not to mention boorish.

As far as attracting readers from the Tribune goes (even if only for one day, by deception) the Irish Mail on Sunday has no hope at all.   I, for one, would not cleanse my pert bottom with it, never mind read it.  If any paper should disappear from the news stands, it is that rag.

I hope someone does take over the Tribune, but they would need deep pockets to absorb the debts. The current economic climate is against it too, not to mention the fact that newspapers are an increasingly threatened medium in themselves.  Believe me, I know.

Maybe some kind of new venture, run by existing staff, might offer the best hope of keeping good journalists’ jobs?

And, by extension, help keep our elected representatives in check.

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Kevin said...

Thanks for hightlighting this GM, as you say it is a pretty low act but what can you expect from the Daily Hate Mail. Hopefully the Tribune will return in a few weeks but I wouldnt be too hopeful. Its demise marks another step towards the completion domination of the Irish newspaper market by Oirish editions of UK papers. They have no interest in campaigning journalism, just maximising their profit.

anna said...

Yes GM man I used to work with a little free sheet group, the owner told me 12+ yrs ago that the Tribune was owned by IIN, that it Then made a loss p.a. of 1,000,000 - but IIN held on to it - as keeping it alive stopped the Irish Times from coming out on Sunday.It was a different market then- no blogs, no Sunday Business Post, no Irish edn. of Sunday Times.
Ken Fox also has a book out called 'Snouts in the trough'- no he is not an agriculture correspondent- but a commentator on Irish political life.Surprised?- if you've been here more than 2 days, you shouldn't be.
Blogger Gavin, of Gavin's blog Also brought down J O'D- and was a big player in toppling Willie O'Dea. So keep on blogging in the free world- this country Really needs its quality blogs. I am Deeply aware of how much quality investigative press has gone in this country - and how much this country needs it. I get most of my news from on line Irish Times- but I do try to read Tribune, Sunday Business Post, Village etc when I can.
I find The Examiner a good paper (De Paper- it never really loses it's Cork accent) for fair and balanced comment.But Irish Independent Newspapers- bad for my blood pressure,and thankfully not in great financial health-a paper, like Finnaa fail that the country would be better without.

anna said... important it is to keep our Samizdat hacks hacking away at our Politburo, that I can confirm this blog got 1 nomination for 2011 Best Irish Political Blog awards ( Belfast Europa March 2011)
Anyone wanting to make nominations in other categories:

And hurry: closing date is 9th or 10th Feb @ 6 pm.

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Kevin. Yes, Kevin. The Mail, in particular, is an awful paper anyway. But this is a new low, even for it.

@ Anna. Thanks.

Dakota said...

Very strange this. It just adds to the atmosphere of nonsense, unbelievability and nastiness which seems pervade the atmosphere now. It just seems to be getting more acceptable for childish and purile behaviour here to become the norm. Grown men and women actually thought this was a good move? Real problem here is these "adults," thought the Tribune was down so again they "thought" on some strange level, it would be acceptable to put the boot in. That's the real tragededy, these people actually thought it would be either funny or acceptable to do this. That is where we are now folks..... The quagmire knows no limits.

The Gombeen Man said...

True, D. Unacceptable, puerile, behaviour. And indicative of a lack of empathy with stricken colleagues in the industry.

They should not be so smug at the IMoS. They could be next.

Anonymous said...

The Irish mail, impersonating a newspaper again.

I am delighted the see that the Gombeen Man didn't risk contamination be touching the beast when he captured its image, I would have liked to see proper infection controls put in place by the newsagent and at least a two inch gap left between it and the newspapers.


Dakota said...

Yes empathy, or the lack of it, is the problem. When it goes, and I think it left a little while ago, (left for the coast, etc...) there isn't much left. I said it before here, the economy will recover but this country has serious issues with the meaning of society.
Ah well, I suppose the nonsensical behaviour of the Irish Mail on Sunday, is symbolic of the funny farm in which we now live. What's that saying, oh yeah, never attribute to malice that which can be adequately put down to stupidity. Explains a lot about Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Is trademark infringement not illegal in Ireland then ?