Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fianna Fail - the anarchists' choice for change through chaos

It is a  long-established fact that Fianna Fail created cash from chaos for builder buddy, investor and banker friends during the boom, but who would have thought that the party of corruption would attract the anarchist vote at the next election?

A big thanks to Ponyboy for sending in the clip below, which features a prospective voter in Sligo, who feels that voting in Fianna Fail is the best way to run the country into the ground, clearing the way for an Anarchist Collective of Ireland to rise from the ashes.


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Gammagoblin said...

Brian Lenihan looks a bit like Robbie Williams in that picture. What was that song Robbie William's had? "I hope I'm old before I die" was it? I wonder if Brian Lenihan has ever sang that. Ah bless him...

The Gombeen Man said...

He does look a bit like Robbie there, now that you mention it GG. The nearest thing FF have to a poster boy.

Ella said...

@GG, omg, Brian really does look like Robbie Williams.
@GM - love the artwork.
that anarchist from Sligo, he should be a politician, full of bullshit with a straight face.

Dakota said...

ooh oh either that individual in the clip was firmly tongue in cheek, or he really is an anarchist. Lets go with he's an anarchist. I have to say I never met an official one on this Island, so this guy should be wrapped in cotton wool. It really is fascinating to hear his views. I'm sure he must find Ireland an extarodinary country!
When you think of it, the concept of anarchy would find a natural home within the ROI. You see the Irish hate authority, especially state authority. It's a deeply anarchic country based around tribal rituals and symbolistic cultural cues. Put simply, the system is organised in such a way that the biggest always wins, to the detriment of the little. That was always the way here. It's ever present on the Island and as deep seated as anything else percieved to be Irish. That's just the way it is.
This malfuncting system inevitably leads to a culture based on concealed chaos, which trives on ritualism and symbolistic overtones. In other words, there is chaos within anarchy, if you will. Even the anarchy is not consistent (the most obvious example can be found on the roads. I would consider Dublin a far more dangerous city to drive in, than say, Mumbai. As the anarchic traffic in the latter city is consistently chaotic. Dublin does't have this trait. It's inconsistent even on this most fundamental and organic level). Hence this leads to unadulturated, passive anarchy which undermines virtually everything (to some extent or other) including governance. So in a sense that individual hit the nail on the head, when he said the state is only half destroyed. I would argue (and I don't subscribe to his point of view) it always was teetering on the edge of the abyss. It was always half destroyed (this is the concealed anarchy) for the betterment of the few.