Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Huffington Post AOL takeover precedes GN buyout bid

You may be aware that AOL spent $315 million to buy American news website and content aggregating blog, The Huffington Post? Looks like there is money in this here blogging.

I had only finished reading this in one of the Sunday papers when I somewhat optimistically ascended the stairs to check the Gombeen Nation inbox. Lo and behold, there was an offer to buy our beloved blog! I’ll paste part of the message here for your edification:

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your blog .

I represent a firm that purchases entire blogs, that is, the URL as well as the content of the blog. We use these blogs to improve the search engine rankings of our clients.

Our firm requires that the blog has correct English and grammar. It must have original content (not duplicate content from other blogs or websites) as well as having no pornography or other distasteful content. In addition, the blog must be able to be found on Google.

If you are interested in selling your blog(s), please reply with your URL(s) as well as your asking price(s). An actual offer for your blog would happen after a detailed analysis of it that showed that it met all of our criteria.

Below is the typical pricing (in US dollars) based on the PageRank of your blog:

PageRank 1 - from $200. to $300.
PageRank 2 - from $250. to $400.
PageRank 3 - from $340. to $575.
PageRank 4 - from $475. to $700.
PageRank 5 - from $625. to $1,000.

You can contact me at (email address).

Thank you,


Gombeen Nation’s PageRank is 4, so that would make it worth between $475 to $700. Ok, it might be in the ha’penny place compared with Arianna Huffington’s cash coup, but it’s a start, eh?

Not that Gombeen Nation will ever, ever, sell out of course.

At least not for $700.

Now, if AOL was to come knocking…

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Anonymous said...

May I assume we are talking about $475 to $700 million dollars, even that is too low. What bloody cheek! Why no go for a straight $1,000,0000,0000, but you keep editorial control.

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha. Yes, I thought there were a few digits missing alright!

I'll try that one, DB. Sure you never know, eh? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Seeing that the value of Gombeen Nation has been raised, I feel that it is an appropriate time to comment on how valuable I find it.

I hope you do not think it obsequious of me to praise the blog, because I find that it attracts people who have significant and important things to offer.

Sometimes the comments are controversial and occasionally outrageous, and from time to time narrow, hostile and bigoted.

All of this is so important and lends itself to objective thought and reflection, and ‘does paint a picture’ of contemporary Ireland.


However if you think that my comment is ‘a load of old balls’ , then so be it.


The Gombeen Man said...

Not at all, DB. Thank you for your kind comment. I am always glad that some people find the blog of value and, indeed, associate (to differing extents) with its values.

Dakota said...

No noooo I'm surprised you would let the seed of doubt borrow it's way into your sub conscious Mr Gombeen. Where did that late seventies angast go? To sell out to corporate systems would end the true meaning of the blog. Contemporary observation and telling it as it is, in the face of adversary is what it's all about, surely? If its a monetary exercise I'm sure you would not have entered the fray to start with!! Oh my oh my oh my, as for this request for gramatical excellence. Eh, how, can I put this? Emmmm, eh, eh, well it's kind of creepy. Nooooo decist from such a thing. Cant stand becoming tongued tied for no good reason. Long live freedom of expression in a supportive environment! It would deeply concern me if individuals were to be censored (and we all know what that fantabulous concept did for this land, don't we?)if their grammar wasn't up to the mark. No then it would not be Gombeen Nation it would just be another blog or worse. I, as you do Mr Gombeen celebrate diversity. Everybody has an opinion. Of all countries on the planet, Ireland knows to its cost what preventing a healthy debate can do to the nations health. It's at a point where everyone should be allowed to articulate in their own way (once it doesnt break any law, or become personalised, of course!) what is on their mind. To prevent this freedom is to stifle growth. To undermine this by requiring individuals to overly think in such a way which stifles the experience, serves no one. We all love grammar but I for one love observation more, and dear I say it, the truth which comes with it. $700 you say, na, make it 800

anna said...

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- being nominated 2 yrs running, I think you should double your askign price

The Gombeen Man said...

@ Dakota. I love the "good grammar" request: "In addition, the blog must be able to be found on Google"!!!

@ Anna. Ah, that's nice to see. Thanks.

Periodic table boy said...

I've had the Intellectual Property lads in for a brainstorm and then I had a meeting with Fiscal Advisors (no charge to you GM) The Fiscal boys and girls say don't let it go for less than twice as much as you think it's worth and the IP team say only to let it go then once you've snared "Lazarus Gombeen Nation" as your new URL. Take my lead Pb (ha ha that's funny - "take my lead Pb")

The Gombeen Man said...

Ha ha. Very good, my learned PB!

And sound advice too! I think I'll double DB's figure, so.

Anonymous said...

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