Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fianna Fail gets ha-ha hammered in Irish General Election 2011

What a shame, eh? Fianna Fail finally got the hammering it deserved from the great Irish public. It has, at last, been found out for the collective of corrupt, scheming shysters that it is.

The last I heard, only one FF TD was returned in Dublin – Brian Lenihan on a sympathy vote (he didn’t get any from here, I needn't tell you).  Even now, I have just heard the joyous news that Mary Hanafin has been turfed out of her Dun Laoghaire seat by, wait for it, Richard Boyd Barrett. How sweet is that?

Coughlan’s gone, Conor “Kebab” Lenihan is gone.  Predictably however, 10,715 Cork people gave Micheal Martin their first preferences because he is from Cork, and the good souls of Laois/Offaly voted for Barry Cowen because he is the brother of Brian. And what better recommendation could you get, really?

Too bad the local elections don’t take place until 2014, so Fianna Failures could be flushed out of our council offices as well.  It’s a start, though, and we have to hope that it is not just a temporary blip.  It would be nice to think it spells the beginning of the end of Fianna Fail as a force in this country.

It could happen. This is the first Irish parliament ever to have a strong left opposition, even if the Labour Party forms a coalition with Fine Gael, which it will. Amongst that company, Fianna Fail will not even figure among the dissenting voices of protest, even as the policies it created are forced through by the new Government with (hopefully) the exception of the reduced minimum wage, which Labour and Fine Gael have pledged to reverse. Let’s hope they do.

Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that.

Bye bye  Fianna Fail.

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anna said...

Yes GM man , you can be proud, that you Never Once Said a good thing about them...'Fianna Fail, your part in their donwfall'- take a bow.
Election all but over ( Sunday evening) last the Gombeens are being driven from Ireland...a great day for this country!!
OK I know we are beng rescued by SF and FG ,(as well as Labour), ie, Nationalist Green nutters and another Rich boys party...
but still..... SF is growing up I hope and may get down to really doing things people need rather than complaining about the head of a fellow EU state and our biggest trading partner coming for the 1st time...and FG might take some heed of the wreckage of fF and see that's how gombeen parties end up if they pander to the rich as well.
And hopefully Labour will gain more at next election- they're the Biggest party in the capital. Aging Hippies like myself can also rejoice in election of Ming Flanagan to the Dail ( Thanig ar la- our day has come).He said he was Humbled by all the votes- and would do his best-I can't wait to see it.
Unfortunately there are no Green TDs- but they will be back on local councils , where they always did great work: Irish newspapers esp of Independant group gave the Greens a bad and often slanderous press- this disguised many good achievements in Government such as Ciaran Cuffe's Planning bill of 2010, which will stop bad rezoning, protect ordinary people - and prevent any more property bubbles.
I don't know much about socialist party ( its usually enough for me that they don't support our rich corrupt 1% tho): However Claire Daly of SP, who was elected in Dublin surely deserves her seat, for being locked up for bin tax protests 10 yrs ago- to the great distress of her toddler daughter- and yet not a banker Ever jailed for financial crimes that amount to treason - what a country.
Good luck to 31st Dail,( despite the fact of heavy presence of parties I don't approve of)..
and may the Great Anti Gombeen Revolution Roll On next election.

27 February 2011 15:08

Anonymous said...


We the elected members of the 31st Dail Eireinn do agree that all the people are free to abstain from, or participate in the religious observance of their choice.

We do not give preference to any culture, language, race, ideology, religion, or political philosophy. We will ensure just selection in employment, occupation, profession, and within the curriculum of our educational system.

We do not use the term equality because over time, we have found it is a blanket term, often ill used that is ambiguous and largely indefinable and often with unattainable values.

We do ensure and will ensure justice and fairness to all our people. That means that each person’s situation will be examined objectively at a national, local or if necessary, at a judicial level.

We will ensure that that there will no longer be a political, religious, judicial, academic or commercial elite and that all citizens will pay Income Tax and that all off-shore accounts and tax avoidance accounts will be frozen (without exemption) and the money will be returned to the Irish people.

If necessary, criminal prosecutions for tax evasion will be pursued.

The Taoiseach and the 31st Dail Eireinn


Anonymous said...

ahh yes GM DELIVERANCE how sweet it is ,free at last thank god almighty free at last from the most grotesque ,degenerate parasites on the planet, sadly there is a hardcore of ignorance yet to be eliminated in irl as the ff vote suggests, the next 5 yrs may help dilute this,now if only we could convince ANGIE andSARKI to eat 300billion we could put new batteries in the celtic tiger and dishout a little tiger shit to our european friends once again. UP KERRY, BH . OOOH BTW GM i expect you have the great news my friend PARIS is now 3.75 days pregnant the french are over the moon i believe

Anonymous said...

So there it is then. We are all saved. The party of 'Old Money' and the party of 'Smoked Salmon Socialism' will form a coalition and everything will be hunky dory. LOL

Old wine in new bottles people, old wine in new bottles.

Anonymous said...


"What a shame, eh? Fianna Fail finally got the hammering it deserved from the great Irish public. It has, at last, been found out for the collective of corrupt, scheming shysters that it is."

You wrote 'great Irish'

That must be a first ;)

Anonymous said...

Not be Negative and Cynical
I refuse to be negative and cynical because such sentiments tend to infect the minds of non thinking people.

This is a time for positive thinking and a time to give the new government a chance. There is little they can do (or any government can go) and for several years, because any action that the government takes will be deeply influenced by the attitude of The International Monetary Fund.

I have always loved Ireland, but until now I have never liked it. After fifty years of being away from Ireland, I am going to come back and work for Ireland, because it is worth it. I will not be negative and cynical about the future.

It would help a great if the government did have the courage to sequester the hidden monies of the defeated TD’s so that they do not benefit from their years of embezzlement of the Irish peoples’ money.

A Irish LSE student I know estimated that the amounts stolen by some TD’s over twenty five years when accumulated could be tens of millions of euros, and God knows how much more when back taxes are calculated and realised.

The child abuse criminals have walked away with complete impunity, because of Fianna Fail and the Catholic Bishops. I hope that this new government will have the courage to put the people first and recover the stolen money, and give it back to the people.

As a final act of decency all the TD’s now leaving office should voluntarily forego their severance lump sum of €90,000 and pension, and give it to the poor and needy.


Dakota said...

Yep FF gone, FG in, Labour in, lots of new independents, SF on a par with FF. Oooooh don't you just love Irish politics. Emmmm, first there is no Government, now there's no opposition. Now you see it now you don't.

The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, folks. The damage has been done, hasn't it? Any new government faces an incredibly difficult task. It's still nice to see FF out though. Let's hope it's for good, eh?

Anonymous said...


Redundancy pay-off to Tánaiste Mary Coughlan

This politician will go down in history as one of the most incompetent, inarticulate, facile TD’s ever.

She came on to the BBC Programme “Hardtalk” without notes, or statistical information to support her point of view. This programme is world famous, shown all over the world. She mumbled on as though she had a piece of apple stuck in her teeth.

She appeared on Saturday Night Live and gave free “Prime Time’ advertising to a family friend’s gymnasium without any thought of ethics or professionalism.

Ministers set for ‘Golden Goodbye’
By Juno McEnroe The Examiner

The top pension and redundancy pay-off will go to Tánaiste Mary Coughlan, who is in line for a combined annual ministerial and TD’s pension of some €137,011 — plus a once-off lump-sum payment and a termination package of some €237,792.

Having lost her seat in Donegal South West, she will receive her TD’s pension of €49,932, plus a Tánaiste/Ministerial pension which amounts to €87,079 a year for the rest of her life.

On top of this, the 45-year-old will also get a once-off pension lump sum of €159,873, which is tax free. But she will not be able to claim these amounts until she reaches 50.

In the meantime, though, she will get a termination lump sum of €16,404 tax free, as well as termination payments totalling €61,515 over 12 months.

This is bloody MADNESS, MADNESS, MADNESS, MADNESS because some people in her constituency are (no exaggeration)virtually starving. And she will walk away with it with all this money a smile of guile on her overfed face.

God knows what other money she has accumulated in 25 years and God only knows where it is. I do not often pray, but, Dear Lord on this occasion please reveal to the constitutents of Donegal South West, where she has put the money


David Brendan MCGinnity (seeing fucking red).

Anonymous said...

“Woodward and Bernstein”
I would never incite or give approval to civil disobedience or riotousness, but this matter of TD’s pensions and allowances is different.

Several of these people own second houses and holiday apartments in exotic places and have probably have millions of euros belonging to the Irish people sauntered away for their “rainy day”.

Assuage the Rage of the People of Ireland

Yes, you are entitled to the lump sum and pension that your previous TD’s and Senators have agreed. The law says that is your entitlement. But people who have received redundancy and eviction notices, and cannot afford to buy food and clothing for their family, my think differently about entitlements.

Hopefully TD’s of compassion, sensitivity and integrity will voluntarily forego accepting any of these payments. I might be a very wise move and may go some way to Assuage the Rage of the people of Ireland

There must be a “Woodward and Bernstein” somewhere in Ireland who have the guts to unravel the repugnant conduct of these sordid people. Is investigative journalism dead? This story could be bigger than “Watergate”.Whatever happens, the people of Ireland will not let go, as they become homeless and their children have to toil in other lands.

If anyone knows of a freelance journalist (emphasis on free) with the BALLS (men included) to take on these rapacious, mendacious, psychopathic bastards who have plundered Ireland’s wealth with impunity, please ask them to intervene NOW.